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Dais - Place for a throne

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  • Dais - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word S

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Dais - Place for a throne Dais - Roasting platform Dais - Roast site Dais - Seat setting Dais - Performance site Dais - Place for a lecture Dais - Stand in ceremony? Dais - Speaker's spot Dais - Place of honor Dais - Place for 39-across Dais - Campaigner's stand Dais - Seat of honor location Dais - Oration station Dais - Lectern platform Dais - Speaker's platform Dais - Oration location Dais - Soapbox, sometimes Dais - Speaker's stand Dais - Speak from it Dais - Roaster's spot Dais - Political platform? Dais - Lecturer's location Dais - Lecturer's platform Dais - Speakerâs stand Dais - Lectern locale Dais - Roast spot Dais - Honored guest's site Dais - Place for roasting Dais - Honored guest's spot Dais - Where an honoree may sit Dais - Honoree spot Dais - You may speak from here Dais - Roast platform Dais - Honoree's spot Dais - Speaker's place Dais - Place to start the roast? Dais - Speaking platform Dais - Banquet platform Dais - It may be a step up Dais - Awards-night platform Dais - Award delivery site Dais - Orator's place Dais - Stand at a banquet Dais - Stand for a speaker Dais - Roast place Dais - Talking point? Dais - Podium site Dais - Honoree's place Dais - Roasting spot? Dais - Talking point Dais - Toaster setting? Dais - Stand for a roast Dais - Banquet area Dais - Platform Dais - Raised platform Dais - Rostrum Dais - Valedictorian's platform Dais - Banquet spot Dais - Speaking spot Dais - Place for a seat of honor Dais - Toastmaster's place Dais - Site for roasting Dais - Speech spot Dais - Banquet stage Dais - Salutatorian's platform Dais - Salutatorian's site Dais - Podium Dais - Head table's place Dais - Emcee's stand Dais - Roast setting Dais - Head table stand Dais - Place for a panel Dais - Elevated platform Dais - Place for a lectern Dais - Stand at an affair Dais - Where to find the guest of honor Dais - Vip table setting Dais - Setting for an inaugural address Dais - Pulpit Dais - Locale for a seat of honor Dais - Spot for a 28 down Dais - V.i.p. locale Dais - Lectern stand Dais - Campaign platform Dais - Orator's booster Dais - Guest of honor's place Dais - Spot for vips Dais - What many audiences face Dais - Place for a speaker Dais - Emcee's spot Dais - Address site Dais - Roasting platform? Dais - Honoree's locale Dais - Honored guests' platform Dais - Speech setting Dais - Lecture hall platform Dais - Setting for a roaster Dais - Speaker's stage Dais - Conference-room platform Dais - Stand at the banquet? Dais - Roast setting? Dais - Lectern's locale Dais - A kind of pulpit Dais - Lecturer's place Dais - Lecture-hall structure Dais - Lectern location Dais - Oration setting Dais - Roast stand Dais - Low platform at end of hall Dais - Raised floor Dais - Lecture platform Dais - Said to be a low platform Dais - A low platform at end of hall Dais - May be said to be on high there Dais - The old man's seat there is a raised one Dais - Stand at the banquet Dais - Stand taken by a debater Dais - Father's captured one talking point Dais - Raised stage Dais - Flower cut in place for the speaker Dais - Flower cut for the platform Dais - Welshman's platform Dais - Platform for the speakers Dais - Speaker's raised platform Dais - Speechifier's spot Dais - Seat of honor locale Dais - Comic-con panel's place Dais - Said in a way for raising profile of seat Dais - Orator's platform Dais - Spot for a lectern Dais - Platform for a lectern Dais - Where roasters may sit Dais - Dignitary's spot Dais - Something raised short of a bloomer Dais - Banquet speaker's spot Dais - Recitation station Dais - Roast locale Dais - Lectern spot Dais - Locale for a speaker and honorees Dais - 20 is said to be wrong Dais - Hall platform Dais - Podium, enough said! Dais - Low platform Dais - Platform for leaders of distinction and invited speakers Dais - Game return of poet Dais - Throne platform Dais - Cut flower for the platform Dais - A welshman's platform Dais - Welshman's device to give some an uplift at conference? Dais - Platform said to appear wobbly Dais - One wearing blue is climbing platform Dais - Plant not reaching its ultimate stage Dais - Welshman's stepping up here? Dais - It could be said to provide support for speaker Dais - Piece of old cloth Dais - Parliament's not wanting liberal to make a stand Dais - Speakers' platform Dais - Girl being short stands on this? Dais - End of underground is without a platform Dais - Said one needs to change platform Dais - Unhappy about one retiring from stage Dais - Welshman's in need of a platform Dais - Stand declared, changing ends Dais - Lady stops short of podium Dais - Welshman beginning to spout from platform Dais - Said (anag.) Dais - Welshman's making a stand Dais - Welshman�s raised floor Dais - It might be said to provide support for speaker Dais - The prosecutor is on the platform Dais - Cut flower for stage Dais - Attorney is making a stand Dais - Raised platform is supporting us lawyer Dais - Diaries now and then providing platform where opinions may be aired Dais - Platform is said to be unstable Dais - This could be said from the platform Dais - Platform reputed to have ends switched Dais - Looking back, not happy over first stage Dais - Stage one in unhappy retirement Dais - Welshman, the earliest on station platform Dais - Guest speaker's spot Dais - Lecturer's spot Dais - Speaker's position revealed in odd selections from diaries Dais - Lectern setting Dais - Stand for the guest of honor Dais - Keynoter's spot Dais - Military parade's reviewing stand Dais - Source of gas, at times Dais - Platform for a speaker Dais - Where honorees may sit Dais - Platform for speeches as delegation arrives in station, initially Dais - Starts directing an interesting story from the stage Dais - Seats-of-honor setup Dais - Speaker's platform at rock and roll hall of fame speech Dais - Speaker's place at rnr hall of fame induction Dais - Stand for 45-down Dais - Platform exists behind attorney Dais - Stand for an orator Dais - Flower girl's brief stand Dais - Banquet hall area Dais - Speaker's podium Dais - Roaster's platform Dais - Platform girl asked to give an answer briefly Dais - Stand at a roast