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Reprisal - Payback

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Reprisal - Payback Reprisal - Counterblow Reprisal - Payback of sorts Reprisal - Eye-for-an-eye act Reprisal - Retaliation Reprisal - Revenge tactic Reprisal - 'eye for an eye' act Reprisal - Act of retaliation Reprisal - What's so real about sir p up here is that it's all tit for tat Reprisal - How 11 down turns around the rip by way of tit for tat Reprisal - Let the laser rip in the form of tit for tat Reprisal - The way to get your own back Reprisal - An act of retaliation Reprisal - Retaliatory action against an enemy Reprisal - Retaliatory action Reprisal - Act of retaliation or vengeance Reprisal - Retaliatory act Reprisal - Voting system is interfering with effective counter-attack Reprisal - Tit for tat Reprisal - Pay back republican approaching irish king in africa with old money Reprisal - 3-down, for example Reprisal - Get real about prsi disaster for a taste of one's own medicine Reprisal - Retaliation for an injury Reprisal - Nato ordered to abandon proletarians out for revenge Reprisal - Retaliatory deed Reprisal - Rare slip potentially produces act of retaliation Reprisal - Retaliation is concerning gangster - putting in jail not on Reprisal - Publicity is part of true revenge Reprisal - Revenge Reprisal - Clipped response about a gentleman mounting comeback Reprisal - Pawn above king is captured by genuine act of retaliation Reprisal - Pair is trapped by proper revenge attack Reprisal - Publicity is cementing genuine comeback Reprisal - Not on for jail to be engulfed by serious act of revenge Reprisal - Parries swinging left, hitting back Reprisal - Unusually rare slip can result in retaliation Reprisal - Rare slip in play results in retaliation Reprisal - Pearl, wronged, turned the master in to get satisfaction Reprisal - Formula sir percival kept back for revenge Reprisal - Vengeance Reprisal - Retaliatory action causing material and title be returned to nearly all Reprisal - Rare slip may produce an aggressive response Reprisal - As tit for tat, pearl turned the master in Reprisal - Unorthodoxly parries with left, hitting back Reprisal - Rook is taken after pawn in substantial counterattack Reprisal - Repairs carried out before the end of april in revenge Reprisal - Retribution for pair is set in concrete Reprisal - Light's thrown on irish priest mounting revenge Reprisal - Priest is blocking genuine vindictive behaviour Reprisal - Pawn and knight taken up in genuine act of revenge Reprisal - Rent out laser printer in revenge Reprisal - Act of revenge Reprisal - Act of vengeance Reprisal - Payback of a sort Reprisal - Rent out laser printer - it will give someone a taste of their own medicine Reprisal - Counter-attack putting queen in peril as ordered Reprisal - Counterattack Reprisal - Voting system is set in genuine retaliation Reprisal - Agent rails frantically as an act of retaliation