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Shogun - Japanese leader of old

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Shogun - Japanese leader of old Shogun - Bygone military leader Shogun - James clavell novel Shogun - Japanese equivalent of "general" Shogun - Ancient japanese commander Shogun - James clavell best seller Shogun - Japanese governor Shogun - Leader in feudal japan Shogun - An exhibition weapon from japan, by the sound of it Shogun - Being from japan, has to declare his weapon Shogun - What a grand way to display one's weapon in japan Shogun - Just for fighting display for service with 21 across? Shogun - By the sound of it, display the weapon from japan Shogun - Hereditary japanese army commander Shogun - Army commander in feudal japan Shogun - Old japanese military ruler Shogun - No gush from this japanese army commander Shogun - Sounds as if he had such 6 down, just for show Shogun - So hung about with old japanese army commander Shogun - Hereditary commander of feudal japanese army Shogun - Heredity commander of japanese army Shogun - Hereditary army commander in feudal japan Shogun - Perhaps a japanese weapon on display, perhaps Shogun - By the sound of it, display the weapon for the japanese boss Shogun - Governor's to turn back and avoid going round Shogun - Japanese military dictator Shogun - Japanese military ruler Shogun - Former military governor of japan Shogun - Former japanese military ruler Shogun - Foreign c-in-c portrayed as pig in tabloid Shogun - Japanese commander removes end of pellet from firearm Shogun - Sort of wedding that wasted time for military dictator Shogun - Governor's arm cut in the middle Shogun - A question concerning its breeding gave bassanio a hint Shogun - Commander almost injured by firearm Shogun - Japanese ruler finds a recipe for pork crackling? Shogun - Japanese commander nearly fired weapon Shogun - Turn back in military order for c-in-c Shogun - Commander's order to troops to stop retreat? Shogun - Feudal japanese leader Shogun - Almost fired weapon as military commander Shogun - Japanese commander gets control in a day Shogun - Display firearm, say, to clavell's governor Shogun - Commander's weapon on display, say Shogun - Japanese head for which paper bags entirely appropriate! Shogun - Japanese commander Shogun - Japanese military governor Shogun - Novel by james clavell Shogun - Turn back inside to avoid contact with ruler Shogun - Old eastern commander sending ball of flame round corner Shogun - Japanese ruler Shogun - Japanese military commander Shogun - Japanese overlord Shogun - Japanese leader of yore Shogun - Old-time japanese governor Shogun - Clavell novel of feudal japan Shogun - Hereditary military governor in japan Shogun - Quiet retreat, possibly, in front of a french military ruler Shogun - James clavell book set in japan Shogun - Fireball rounding corner finds old dictator Shogun - Hereditary military dictator of japan until 1868 Shogun - Military commander to reveal, we hear, weapon Shogun - Japanese ruler removing central element of firearm Shogun - Sort of wedding disheartened old japanese commander Shogun - Commander half-revealed weapon Shogun - Military commander giving short demonstration with weapon