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Retreats - Getaways

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  • Retreats - Letter on R
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  • 3 - st. word T
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  • 5 - st. word E
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Retreats - Getaways Retreats - Quiet spots Retreats - Hideaways Retreats - Turns tail Retreats - Safe havens Retreats - Draws back Retreats - Private places Retreats - Places of privacy Retreats - Goes back and stands another round of drinks (8) Retreats - What the backer does is not give you an advance Retreats - How one gets back about the celebrations Retreats - Places that afford peace and quiet Retreats - Goes back, like defeated army Retreats - Of army, falls back before enemy attack Retreats - One is not forward if one stands another round of drinks, it seems Retreats - There's no advance on them ere there gets to have a start to make them Retreats - 35 across comes back for them all alone Retreats - Goes back and stands another round, it seems Retreats - Ere one starts to go back Retreats - Goes back and stands a round again Retreats - The ra gets back in the street Retreats - Goes back to see what doctor does on repeat visit, maybe Retreats - Follows a military order Retreats - Withdraws to get head right at station over what to do for lunch and final meals Retreats - Camp david and others Retreats - Refuges Retreats - Recedes Retreats - Regiment stands - but not its ground Retreats - Backs away Retreats - Decides it was a mistake to have become engaged? Retreats - Refuses to take any further action Retreats - Pull-outs of interest to readers of war publications Retreats - Withdrawals from the refuges Retreats - Backs down Retreats - What a defeated army does about entertainments? Retreats - Pulls back soldiers' special surprises Retreats - Gives ground Retreats - Gives ground away for unusual rare test