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Wait - Take orders, in a way

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  • Wait - Letter on W
  • 1 - st. word W
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word I
  • 4 - st. word T

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Wait - "be patient!" Wait - "but ___, there's more!" Wait - "cool your jets" Wait - "don't go so fast!" Wait - "don't go yet!" Wait - "hold it!" Wait - "hold on a second" Wait - "hold on!" Wait - "hold up!" Wait - "hold your horses!" Wait - "hold your horses" Wait - "hurry up and ___" Wait - "just a sec!" Wait - "let me catch up!" Wait - "stop right there!" Wait - "__, there's more!" Wait - 'bear with me' Wait - 'but ___, there's more!' Wait - 'don't go yet!' Wait - 'hold on!' Wait - 'hold it!' Wait - 'hold on a sec!' Wait - 'hold on!' Wait - 'hold up a sec!' Wait - 'hold up!' Wait - 'hold your horses!' Wait - 'hurry up and ___' Wait - 'just a moment!' Wait - 'you're going too fast for me!' Wait - (and 25) 20 1 in 11s don't quite emulate beckett characters Wait - Archbishop's envoy reported delay Wait - Attend Wait - Be deferred Wait - Be on standby Wait - Be patient Wait - Be stalled in a line Wait - Bide one's time Wait - Bide one's time, and a word that may precede the answers to starred clues Wait - Checkout line complaint Wait - Cool one's heels Wait - Cool your heels Wait - Dally Wait - Defer acting Wait - Delay Wait - Delay action Wait - Display one's patience Wait - Don't go Wait - Don't go, serve! Wait - Emergency room annoyance Wait - Emergency room concern Wait - Expect Wait - Hang around Wait - Hang around (for) Wait - Hang out Wait - Hold back ace, put in joker Wait - Hold it! Wait - Hold on Wait - Hold on for singers leaving waitressing Wait - Hold on to bias in speech Wait - Hold on! Wait - Hold on, or hold off Wait - Hold up Wait - Hold your horses! Wait - Intelligence required to get round a delay Wait - Linger behind Wait - Linger, delay Wait - Mark time Wait - Not yet 58-down Wait - Period of delay Wait - Provide service for heavy object, we hear Wait - Put on the back burner and give someone dinner Wait - Queue annoyance Wait - Remain in expectation Wait - Remain in line Wait - Remain on hold Wait - Reservations can help avoid one Wait - Restaurant annoyance Wait - Restraining order Wait - See 13 Wait - See 33-down Wait - See 68-across Wait - Serve at table Wait - Serve entrees, for example Wait - Serve in a diner Wait - Serve on tables Wait - Serve tables Wait - Showing sense about a delay Wait - Sit tight Wait - Stand by Wait - Stand in line Wait - Stand in line, say Wait - Stay Wait - Stay on hold Wait - Stay on western island Wait - Steve winwood lyric "i will ___ for it" Wait - Sven, acclaimed euro dj and techno producer Wait - Take no action Wait - Take orders, in a way Wait - Take orders, say Wait - Take table orders Wait - Tarry Wait - To hang around is a burden, we hear Wait - Twiddle one's thumbs Wait - Web user's woe Wait - What a raised index finger might mean Wait - What a vertical palm may mean Wait - What an out-turned palm may mean Wait - What an outturned palm may mean Wait - What early arrivals often have to do Wait - What early birds often have to do Wait - What people in a line do Wait - What some lie in Wait - What super early birds often have to do Wait - What to do in a long line Wait - White lion hit for the patient? Wait - With gravity said "don't go" Wait - Word on a street-crossing sign Wait - Word repeated before 'don't tell me!' Wait - Word said twice before 'don't tell me!' Wait - Word yelled at a moving bus Wait - Work at a diner Wait - Work at a diner, e.g Wait - Work in a restaurant