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Icon - It's clicked on a computer Icon - Computer image Icon - Screen symbol Icon - What a model might become Icon - Menu symbol Icon - Computer signpost Icon - Representation Icon - Windows picture Icon - Aol logo, e.g Icon - Pc picture Icon - Garbage pail, maybe Icon - Religious image Icon - Religious figure Icon - Object of esteem Icon - Cathedral display Icon - Click-on item Icon - Trash can on a desktop, e.g Icon - James dean or marilyn monroe Icon - Mao, for one Icon - Picture on a monitor Icon - Pc pictograph Icon - Trash bin, e.g Icon - Mouse target Icon - Stand-in for a file Icon - Briefcase or recycling bin, e.g Icon - Orthodox church feature Icon - Image on a monitor Icon - Click site Icon - Sacred image Icon - Screen image Icon - Pc screen symbol Icon - Visual symbol Icon - Symbol Icon - Universally known figure Icon - Image Icon - Computer-screen symbol Icon - On-screen image Icon - Desktop symbol Icon - Image to click on Icon - Trash can, perhaps Icon - Religious artifact Icon - Desktop image Icon - Desktop marker Icon - Garbage pail on some desktops, e.g Icon - Mouse's target, often Icon - Bit of windows dressing? Icon - Screen pic Icon - Something to click Icon - Desktop picture Icon - Revered image Icon - Pictograph Icon - It may be seen in a window Icon - Holy painting Icon - Cathedral relic Icon - Graphic symbol Icon - Revered picture Icon - James dean, e.g Icon - Desktop trash can, for one Icon - It might look like a folder Icon - Computer symbol Icon - Enduring symbol Icon - It's seen in windows Icon - Computer screen image Icon - Garbage can, on a pc Icon - Trash can, e.g., on a computer Icon - Sacred picture Icon - Personal computer prompt Icon - Arrow target, perhaps Icon - Mouse's target Icon - It may open windows Icon - Computer character Icon - Cursor target Icon - Arrow target, sometimes Icon - Fanzine figure Icon - Desktop feature Icon - Something to click on Icon - Pointer's target Icon - Emblem Icon - Windows box? Icon - Pc screen image Icon - Program opener Icon - Smiley face, e.g Icon - Something a computer user may click Icon - Cynosure Icon - Clickable symbol Icon - Figure known worldwide Icon - Representative symbol Icon - High-tech image Icon - One found on a computer screen or movie screen Icon - Desktop graphic Icon - What the mouse might stop on Icon - Picture on a pc Icon - Aol's mailbox, e.g Icon - Desktop object Icon - Church treasure Icon - It's activated by clicking Icon - Elvis or madonna Icon - Holy image Icon - Idolized figure Icon - Clickable picture Icon - Sect symbol Icon - "e" with a ring around it, e.g Icon - Computer-screen image Icon - Revered one Icon - Pictorial presentation Icon - Much-respected person Icon - Graphics image Icon - Megastar Icon - Clicked-on item Icon - Colorful butterfly, e.g Icon - Bogart was one Icon - Symbol to click on Icon - U2's bono, e.g Icon - Click it and get with the program Icon - Screen figure Icon - Cbs's eye, e.g Icon - Clickable image Icon - Pic to click Icon - Desktop emblem Icon - Sidney poitier, e.g Icon - Computer-screen picture Icon - Clickable screen symbol Icon - One on a pedestal Icon - Important symbol Icon - Bob hope, for one Icon - Object of veneration Icon - Coin anagram Icon - Computer screen symbol Icon - Desktop trash can, e.g Icon - David or victoria beckham, e.g Icon - Tiny trash can, e.g Icon - Superstar Icon - A program usually has one Icon - Valentino, for one Icon - Church figure Icon - Picture on a desktop Icon - Desktop folder, e.g Icon - Apple target Icon - Recognizable sort Icon - "my computer," e.g Icon - Cultural figure Icon - User-friendly picture Icon - Graphic image Icon - Revered symbol Icon - My computer, e.g Icon - Computer figure Icon - It may be dragged and dropped Icon - Clickable desktop graphic Icon - Nader, for one Icon - Clicker's picture Icon - Symbolic graphic Icon - 'global ___' (aspiration for lebron james) Icon - Elvis, e.g Icon - Computer pic Icon - Small logo, often Icon - Blue "w," e.g Icon - James dean, for one Icon - Desktop thing Icon - Clicked pic Icon - Recycle bin, for one Icon - Pc desktop feature Icon - Screen graphic Icon - Pic you can click Icon - Computer screen on a computer screen Icon - Clickable pc image Icon - Well-known symbol Icon - Desktop figure Icon - Touch-screen image Icon - Pointer target, sometimes Icon - Picture that can be dragged Icon - Che guevara, e.g Icon - Computer command symbol Icon - Revered religious image Icon - Windows image Icon - Jackie o, e.g Icon - Clickable pic Icon - Screen picture Icon - Scissors, for 'cut,' on a pc Icon - Subject of adoration Icon - Religious symbol Icon - Only thing between you and an open window? Icon - It's often double-clicked Icon - Macintosh's apple, e.g Icon - Symbol made of pixels Icon - Saint's picture Icon - File drawer on screen, e.g Icon - Software graphic Icon - Two eighth notes, for itunes, e.g Icon - Clickable desktop image Icon - Revered figure Icon - Cultural symbol Icon - Frequently clicked image Icon - Folder, e.g Icon - Che guevara or lady gaga Icon - Desktop item Icon - Computer picture Icon - Computer screen picture Icon - File stand-in Icon - Paragon Icon - Pc symbol Icon - Object of reverence Icon - Object of worship Icon - Picture in pixels Icon - Pc pic Icon - Pedestal occupant Icon - Fanzine topic Icon - Clickable figure Icon - Object of devotion Icon - Worshipped one Icon - Picture on a laptop Icon - Holy relic Icon - Windows opener Icon - Just picture how 6 down it is when i study like this Icon - Religious or other representation Icon - Sounds as if the toad got around the waterhole and made it dry like this Icon - That could be how i study byzantine art Icon - The sort of an image one may study Icon - Give this image a rub to be able to cross it Icon - Painting in greek orthodox church Icon - Russian religious image Icon - Sacred painting of greek orthodox church Icon - Small image on computer screen Icon - Religious or computer symbol Icon - Image, picture Icon - 'symbol, religious or computer (4)' Icon - Religious image or computer symbol Icon - Firm inside in the image Icon - Representative symbol, may be on computer screen Icon - Holy image or symbol on computer screen Icon - Representative symbol or religious painting Icon - Sacred painting or representitive figure Icon - Symbol on computer screen or sacred picture Icon - A religious painting or representative figure Icon - Religious painting in greek orthodox church Icon - A representative or sacred picture Icon - Image or representation Icon - Symbol on computer screen Icon - An image or statue Icon - Symbol, image Icon - Sacred painting or representative figure Icon - Sacred image or picture Icon - Mac image Icon - Religious painting Icon - Sacred image or figure Icon - Image or figure venerated as sacred Icon - Religious painting of greek origin Icon - Symbol on a computer screen Icon - Sacred picture or computer screen symbol Icon - Computer graphic symbol Icon - Painting or person regarded as sacred Icon - Clickable item Icon - Representative figure as on computer screen Icon - A sacred painting or mosiac Icon - Religious painting or symbol on computer screen Icon - Image or computer symbol Icon - A representative figure or sacred painting Icon - Representation, religious say Icon - Religious picture Icon - Religious or other image Icon - Image or statue, or symbol on computer screen Icon - Is that how i study my image? Icon - App representation Icon - Uncle sam, for one Icon - Tiny paper clip, e.g Icon - Venerated one Icon - Smartphone-screen image Icon - A user clicks on it Icon - Picture on a pda Icon - One opposing a folder maybe? Icon - Computer symbol and religious image Icon - Blue w for word, e.g Icon - Word from the greek for "image" Icon - Clickable computer image Icon - Trash can or file folder, e.g Icon - Window picture Icon - Windows symbol Icon - Representation of one small party Icon - One has to look carefully at a picture Icon - Representation in holding company Icon - One girl's painted image Icon - Picture held firm in frame Icon - One to study a good figure Icon - Revered figure in holding company Icon - I admire this person's current scam Icon - An image of swindler admitting his crime? Icon - The first person to study a work of art Icon - One-trick artist's creation Icon - Picture or symbol on screen Icon - Figure of christ in eastern churches Icon - Image - sex symbol Icon - Image of a religious figure Icon - Cultural or computing symbol Icon - Image - statue Icon - Venerated picture Icon - Symbol activated by mouse Icon - Image on wood or screen Icon - Picture on computer screen Icon - Image on computer screen representing facility Icon - Famous and admired person Icon - Symbolic person or image Icon - Religious (or computing) picture Icon - Revered person or symbol Icon - Religious picture on a wooden panel Icon - Coin (anag) Icon - Venerated person (or thing) Icon - Apple figure? Icon - Venerated image Icon - Universally known symbol Icon - Folder, commonly Icon - File folder, e.g Icon - Worshiped one Icon - Pop ___ Icon - Fraudster admits crime to important representative Icon - Judy garland, to some gay men Icon - Macintosh screen symbol Icon - John lennon, e.g Icon - Awe-inspiring figure Icon - Gateway arch, for st. louis, e.g Icon - Little desktop graphic Icon - App symbol Icon - Mouse user's selection Icon - Pc image Icon - Apple figure Icon - A browser has one Icon - "pop" favorite Icon - Thing between you and an open window? Icon - Religious art company in ulster retrospective Icon - Boatman employs misdirection - it's widely admired Icon - Graphical user interface feature Icon - Business cracking in image Icon - Someone uncritically admired Icon - Clicked image Icon - One with a huge fanbase Icon - It's between you and an open window? Icon - Pc prompt Icon - Windows item Icon - Clickable item found in the seven longest across answers Icon - Toolbar symbol Icon - Monitor picture Icon - Seattle's space needle or st. louis's gateway arch Icon - :-), for one Icon - App identifier Icon - Computer's trash can, e.g Icon - Double-clicked thing Icon - Cultural legend Icon - Picture on a screen Icon - Holy likeness Icon - Idolized image Icon - Jackie o, to many Icon - Double-clicked symbol Icon - Little picture Icon - Example of symbolism one has to study in shakespeare Icon - Computer symbol one has to read carefully Icon - Saint's image Icon - I study an item on the menu Icon - Plastic - one used to some extent in manufacture of statue Icon - Adult butterfly Icon - One firm, northern, becomes an object of admiration Icon - Incomplete graphic, one that's found on computer screen Icon - Spriteõs single trick Icon - I read something on computer screen Icon - A good figure for one to scrutinise Icon - Will wilko coin it by being one? Icon - I vote against representative figure Icon - Representation from officer invited into home Icon - Idol in the mould of beckham, perhaps Icon - Devotional painting Icon - Sports hero who may appear on a coin Icon - Flip a coin for this form of idol! Icon - I study famous personality Icon - Current tory sex symbol? Icon - Current tory symbol Icon - You shouldn't trust me as a hero! Icon - But you pro superstar? Icon - Swindler's brief confession found on desktop Icon - Admired person in charge forward Icon - Religious work i pore over Icon - Piece of music once representing a saint? Icon - Venerable figure's admission of being trickster? Icon - Devotional painting on a screen? Icon - Religious work the speaker does Icon - Admired figure admitting deception? Icon - Representation on wooden panel of saint Icon - Symbol on screen Icon - Symbol of noble once, one sent to the front? Icon - It's partly symbolic only in the eastern church Icon - Smiley, perhaps, a person uncritically admired Icon - App stand-in Icon - One half of the beacon appears on screen Icon - Screen appearance Icon - Very important person Icon - On-screen trash can, e.g Icon - Picture of an envelope, e.g Icon - One half of falcon travel's on screen Icon - Embodiment of a trait Icon - Current tory image Icon - A good likeness Icon - I study a computer graphic Icon - In the picture, the crook's confession Icon - One argument against a symbol of worship Icon - One set against artistic work Icon - Symbol of organization kept at home Icon - One argument against 2 Icon - Opening image - christ or nativity Icon - One opposing artificial aid to worship? Icon - I study an image Icon - Outside a house, in the picture Icon - One to scrutinise a good figure Icon - Symbol from fashionable company adopted Icon - Picture villain following triad's central character Icon - Trickster's admission is good for image Icon - Firm invested in fashionable film star? Icon - I do religious painting Icon - Something revered Icon - Image of swindler admitting his crime? Icon - Trickster admitting his image? Icon - Religious work i do Icon - Single prisoner's object of veneration Icon - Graphic symbol of swindler's confession? Icon - Representation of christ venerated in the eastern church Icon - Swindler's confession that may be seen on computer Icon - I fool someone admired Icon - Toss coin for a picture Icon - Picture one needs to study Icon - Perfect example Icon - Common clickable Icon - One of many on the 'ghent altarpiece' Icon - Picture of forged coin Icon - Toolbar graphic Icon - Revered star Icon - Something on computer screen the writer scans Icon - Computer "button" Icon - Compass for the web browser safari, e.g Icon - Image to click Icon - Celebrity in charge of negotiating tips Icon - Graphic representation of lost coin Icon - Ipad screen feature Icon - I study a religious picture Icon - Thing to click Icon - Ideal representative Icon - Taskbar component Icon - Silhouette of a bird, for twitter Icon - Clickable pixels Icon - Much-respected figure Icon - A mouse may be drawn to it Icon - Beloved celebrity Icon - Program-launching symbol Icon - Tappable image Icon - Twitter's bird, e.g Icon - As someone to revere, you shouldn't trust me? Icon - Program-launching picture Icon - Toolbar image Icon - Dropbox's blue box, for one Icon - Pic that clicks Icon - Where a mouse may pause Icon - Desktop pic Icon - Ipad symbol Icon - Clickable item on a monitor Icon - Figure of veneration in entertaining company Icon - Desktop graphic symbol Icon - Widely admired one Icon - Target of a tiny arrow Icon - Biopic subject, often Icon - Venerable figure Icon - It's a bomb for minesweeper Icon - Darling, i'm a fraudster! Icon - Gear for app settings, e.g Icon - Symbol on an iphone Icon - Gear for settings, e.g Icon - Dined watching netflix, say Icon - Safari's is a compass Icon - Clicker's target Icon - Screen image or screen idol Icon - Celebrity in charge of newspaper's headings Icon - Something to mouse over Icon - Idol Icon - App image Icon - International criminal is object of worship Icon - Recycle bin, on a pc Icon - Iphone graphic Icon - Legend Icon - Legendary sensation Icon - Legendary hitmaker Icon - Household name Icon - Legendary guitarist Icon - Tapped image Icon - The image of holy russia Icon - Devotional image Icon - Click target Icon - Single small business needing new image Icon - Little desktop image Icon - Devotional image (c, not k) Icon - Clicked-on graphic Icon - Clickable pc item Icon - Tapped symbol Icon - Trash bin on a computer screen, e.g Icon - Symbolic image Icon - Celebrity is charged over possession of cocaine Icon - Ipad screen item Icon - Image on an android Icon - Clickable desktop symbol Icon - Work of art and one fake Icon - Ipad screen symbol Icon - Smartphone symbol Icon - On-screen symbol Icon - Picture to click Icon - Island prisoner becomes object of veneration Icon - On-screen feature suggesting that apple's ripping you off? Icon - Smartphone image Icon - Phone on an iphone, e.g Icon - Clickable computer symbol Icon - Symbol representing an app Icon - Desktop sight Icon - Picture on a computer screen Icon - Image; celebrity Icon - Tapped smartphone image Icon - Symbol for an app Icon - 33-down, in rock 'n' roll history Icon - Smartphone screen image Icon - Android screen image Icon - Computer program symbol Icon - I study eastern art Icon - Toolbar feature Icon - St. patrick, for the irish Icon - Click it Icon - Safari's compass, for example Icon - Devotional painting of a holy figure Icon - Folder, maybe Icon - Superstar, i party! Icon - Blue 'w' for microsoft word, e.g Icon - Smartphone art Icon - Smartphone art Icon - Trashcan on a desktop Icon - Trashcan on a desktop