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Allergic - Kind of reaction

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Allergic - Breaking out, maybe Allergic - Kind of reaction Allergic - Sneezy? Allergic - Sneezy Allergic - Sensitive, as to poison ivy Allergic - All sensitive to work, i see Allergic - Having unfavourable reaction to foods or plants Allergic - Hypersensitive to something Allergic - Having an abnormal reaction to something Allergic - Having unfavourable reaction as to certain foods, pollen etc Allergic - Vulnerable or sensitive to, perhaps pollen Allergic - Having unfavourable reaction to, say pollen Allergic - Being so one may react rashly with unusually ill grace Allergic - Hypersensitive Allergic - Everybody in hospital with little cigarette returns with terrible reaction Allergic - Physically intolerant Allergic - Hypersensitive (to substance) Allergic - Recalling changes, rejecting the new and reacting badly Allergic - Having damaging immune response (to substance) Allergic - Hypersensitive (to certain substances) Allergic - Reacting (to certain substances) Allergic - Hypersensitive (to a substance) Allergic - Grill ace butcher? that'll have something to do with the reaction! Allergic - Medically sensitive to Allergic - Very sensitive Allergic - Abnormally sensitive girl alec upset Allergic - Everyone sent to work unit? i start to cower, having an aversion Allergic - Grace ill prepared for this reaction Allergic - Abnormally sensitive to certain foods Allergic - Grace ill? could be hypersensitive Allergic - Soldier who's on the phone while cycling reacting strongly Allergic - That'll have something to do with the reaction to grill ace criminal Allergic - Reacting badly (to something) Allergic - Reacting (med.) Allergic - Reacting badly to a display of ill grace Allergic - Reacting sensitively as some work -- in charge, after all Allergic - Having an adverse reaction (to something) Allergic - Sensitive work unit kept under wraps by everyone in charge