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Lever - Jimmy

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Lever - Always supporting liberal -- anything that can be used to gain an advantage Lever - Archimedean machine Lever - Archimedean world mover Lever - Archimedean world-mover Lever - Bar at the polling place? Lever - Bar for lifting Lever - Bar for prising something Lever - Bar gifted to strip clubs Lever - Bar offering litres always Lever - Bar operating machinery Lever - Bar or handle Lever - Bar pivoted about a fulcrum Lever - Bar providing rave up Lever - Bar turning on a fulcrum Lever - Bar used as a pry Lever - Bar with fulcrum Lever - Bottle opener, essentially Lever - Brake pedal, e.g Lever - Bright, topless bar Lever - Carnival-ride activator Lever - Control of leading character in soap Lever - Crank puts both hands around girl Lever - Crowbar Lever - Crowbar, basically Lever - Crowbar, e.g Lever - Crowbar, essentially Lever - Crowbar, for example Lever - Emergency brake control Lever - Exert pressure as centrist first lady? Lever - Handle one going for hearing Lever - Heavy bar woman clasped in both hands Lever - It may be used to obtain a purchase Lever - It may pry Lever - It's about a fulcrum Lever - Jemmy Lever - Jimmy Lever - Jimmy, e.g Lever - Jimmy, essentially Lever - Joystick, e.g Lever - Kind of bar for prising or lifting Lever - Lathering option Lever - Lifting bar pivoted on a fulcrum Lever - Lifting device to revel in Lever - Machine operator gives up merrymaking Lever - Machine operator knowing cap must be removed Lever - Machine part Lever - Make merry around bar Lever - Means of exerting force Lever - Mettre plus haut Lever - Mobiliser Lever - Money always gives one purchasing power Lever - Obsolescent vote finalizer Lever - One-armed bandit's arm Lever - Operating bar Lever - Operating handle Lever - Part of a voting machine Lever - Piano key, essentially Lever - Piano keyboard component Lever - Pivot bar Lever - Pivoted bar Lever - Pivoting bar Lever - Pivoting bar, handle Lever - Prise Lever - Prise using bar Lever - Prising bar Lever - Prize Lever - Prize - money always Lever - Pry and delight in coming up with Lever - Pry bar Lever - Pryer's need Lever - Prying bar Lever - Prying bar, e.g Lever - Prying need Lever - Prying tool Lever - Purchase a feast on returning Lever - Purchase from bar giving rise to celebration Lever - Revel (anag.) Lever - Revel in lifting bar Lever - Revel in moving bar Lever - Revel with prising tool Lever - Rigid bar pivoted about a fulcrum Lever - Rod gets to enjoy the party, rolling over Lever - Seesaw, e.g Lever - Seesaw, essentially Lever - Simple machine Lever - Simple tool Lever - Slot machine arm, e.g Lever - Stagger back carrying volume in bar Lever - Subject for archimedes Lever - Thing pulled in an old voting booth Lever - This may be pivotal advice expressed by cockney agony aunt? Lever - Told one to quit the bar Lever - Turn to party to exert force, in a way Lever - Vote finalizer Lever - Voting booth feature Lever - Voting machine part Lever - Voting machine part, perhaps Lever - Voting-booth device Lever - Weight lifter Lever - Wild revel in the bar Lever - Would a pound always get the prize with it, by the sound of it Lever - Wrench, essentially Lever - ___ 2000 (soap brand)