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Tenant - Landlord's need

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Tenant - Leaseholder Tenant - Cross worker needs to provide references to landlord Tenant - One pays rent Tenant - Provides rent for associate of absentee landlord perhaps Tenant - Rental-agency client Tenant - One renting property Tenant - Occupier of rented property Tenant - Officer's no place for one in his flat? Tenant - Property renter Tenant - One may have to deal with a letter Tenant - Miss dell with leftist king? 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Tenant - Rent strike participant Tenant - Flat need? Tenant - One given 12 by a letter? Tenant - Studio renter Tenant - Lucy, to ethel Tenant - Occupier, one in temporary accommodation Tenant - Lucy ricardo, to ethel mertz Tenant - One renting a property Tenant - Studio occupant Tenant - Shelter without an occupant Tenant - Characters in overwritten anthology on the landlord's books Tenant - Resident football team missing one six-footer Tenant - Super charge Tenant - Foolish contestant ignoring cost for occupier Tenant - Renting occupant Tenant - Partisan