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Soap - Controversial 70's-80's sitcom

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Soap - Ivory, e.g Soap - Bribe money, in slang Soap - Halloween prankster's supply Soap - Detergent Soap - Afternoon fare Soap - Controversial 70's-80's sitcom Soap - It's sold in bars Soap - 'general hospital,' e.g Soap - Bubble source Soap - 'one life to live,' e.g Soap - Hotel freebie Soap - It's bought in bars Soap - Bar in a kitchen Soap - It may be a cake or bar Soap - Love story? Soap - Bar from the locker room Soap - It may be in a bar Soap - It's bought by the bar Soap - See 120-across Soap - You can get this in bars Soap - Ivory or coast, e.g Soap - Bathday cake Soap - Cake made for a shower Soap - It's seen in bars Soap - Bubble material Soap - Word with bubble or opera Soap - Cake composition Soap - "all my children," e.g Soap - It's found in bars Soap - Stuff in a bar Soap - Dove, e.g Soap - The end of each of 20- and 56-across and 11- and 29-down is a popular one Soap - Early billy crystal tv show Soap - Daytime show Soap - Wet bar? Soap - Daytime tv fare Soap - Ivory or coast Soap - Afternoon tv fare Soap - Bribery money, in slang Soap - Opera genre? Soap - Bathday cake? Soap - Hotel giveaway Soap - It comes out in the wash Soap - With 12-down, never-ending saga Soap - It might be stuck to a dish Soap - Dial in the bathroom Soap - Kind of opera Soap - Daytime entertainment Soap - Ongoing drama Soap - Hand cleaner Soap - Cleansing bar Soap - It comes in cakes Soap - Daytime drama Soap - "passions," for one Soap - It comes in cakes or bars Soap - Shower bar Soap - Inedible cake Soap - 2006 samuel l. jackson movie, initials-wise Soap - Bar in the shower Soap - Halloween prankster's aid Soap - Dial or tone, e.g Soap - Never-ending story? Soap - Bar material Soap - It sometimes comes in cakes Soap - Type of opera Soap - Wash-up need Soap - Kind of dish Soap - Serial drama on tv Soap - Cleansing agent Soap - Suds maker Soap - Bar found at the end of this puzzle's seven longest answers Soap - Cleaning need Soap - Bar in the bathroom Soap - 'the o.c.,' essentially Soap - 'general hospital,' for one Soap - Daytime story Soap - Tv series with billy crystal Soap - Daily tearjerker Soap - Cake by the sink Soap - Afternoon diversion Soap - Hand-washing need Soap - Dove, for one Soap - Bar product Soap - Daytime tv offering Soap - Ivory trade Soap - Serial for lunch? Soap - Stuff in a bar? Soap - 'guiding light,' e.g. (r.i.p.) Soap - Afternoon show Soap - Suds source Soap - "all my children", for one Soap - Laundromat buy Soap - Bath cake Soap - Something sought at sinks Soap - Lathered stuff Soap - This puzzle's theme Soap - Bar from the kitchen? Soap - Daytime diversion Soap - Continuing daytime drama Soap - Curser's mouthwash? Soap - Wet bar, maybe Soap - Bar in a dish Soap - Afternoon "opera" Soap - You can get this in bars? Soap - Daytime tv drama Soap - It may be found in a dish Soap - Washroom supply Soap - It comes in bars Soap - Some flakes Soap - Bar in a bathroom Soap - Addition to the 33-across Soap - You'll find it in bars Soap - Scullery supply Soap - Bath bar Soap - Bath-day cake Soap - Bath need Soap - Shower need Soap - 'passions,' e.g Soap - Daytime tv entry Soap - Afternoon telecast Soap - Afternoon tv offering Soap - Cleanser Soap - Laundry need Soap - Ivory or dial Soap - Lather (up) Soap - Ivory or zest Soap - Dial or lava Soap - Zest, e.g Soap - Cake in a tub? Soap - It's not in 29 across that one finds this opera Soap - A washer for a southern pensioner Soap - Cleansing agent Soap - . . . . opera, sentimentalised radio or tv series Soap - Cleaning agent Soap - Father is back about nothing in the wash Soap - A cleansing sort of tv serial Soap - If soft, it's used to flatter Soap - Tv series of cleansing sort Soap - Cleansing tv serial drama Soap - Tub bar Soap - You can buy bars of it Soap - Thus father is up for this sort of opera Soap - Bathtub cake Soap - Source of suds Soap - Soft __ Soap - Sanitizer alternative Soap - Bather's need Soap - Bar that shrinks Soap - Hand-cleaning bar Soap - Caress, e.g Soap - Wet bar Soap - Tv programme available in bars Soap - Tv show, which may be difficult to grasp? Soap - Cleaner - tv programme Soap - Popular tv programme (which cleans?) Soap - Cleaning substance - melodramatic tv or radio series Soap - Cleaner - long-running tv show Soap - Washing aid Soap - Sudsy tv show? Soap - Slippery bar Soap - Opera starter? Soap - Lather producer Soap - ___ dish Soap - Dove or ivory Soap - __ dish Soap - Laundry supply Soap - Bar near a sink Soap - Dove bar? Soap - 'days,' for one Soap - Fatty acid product Soap - Wet bar, often Soap - Bar in a hotel Soap - 'days of our lives,' for one Soap - Tv programme - sudsy bar Soap - Supply hidden in the first two letters of the long answers' words Soap - It's needed for a good bath Soap - Source of sink suds Soap - It has detergent properties Soap - Bar in a shower stall Soap - Word with opera or dish Soap - Afternoon drama Soap - Cake for a shower Soap - Bathday present? Soap - "general hospital," e.g Soap - Something sold in bars Soap - Bath tablet Soap - Tv programme made in a bar? Soap - Second person no longer working in tv drama Soap - Washing substance Soap - Tv programme; cleanser Soap - Foolish person drinking nothing in the bar? Soap - Carbolic, perhaps Soap - Day-to-day tv series Soap - Cleaner type of tv programme Soap - Substance for washing Soap - Tv programme; wash Soap - Tv show set in a bar? Soap - Bathroom item Soap - Fool drinks in old bar in bath? Soap - Cleaning substance Soap - Fool eats a cake? Soap - Serialised drama Soap - Tip from generous old citizen for cleaner in bar? Soap - Dish contents Soap - Pre-watershed programme, cleaner Soap - It's found in cakes Soap - Bath the setting for this opera? Soap - Fool getting a round in a bar Soap - Son and senior citizen in tv series Soap - Tv programme concession involves one Soap - Tv series? one may get into a lather Soap - 6 therefore beginning to apply pressure Soap - Sucker taking in old tv serial Soap - Type of opera that evokes flattery Soap - Joe --, raf rhyming slang for dope Soap - What some flakes are made of Soap - 'the young and the restless,' e.g Soap - It's slippery when wet Soap - It may be in a dish by the sink Soap - Body wash, e.g Soap - Bathroom bar Soap - Thus a soft cleaning material Soap - Pre-watershed programme is cleaner Soap - Daytime tv, often Soap - Cake found in a dish Soap - Ivory in a dish Soap - Shower bar? Soap - Caress in the bathroom Soap - Bar in a bathtub Soap - Chambermaid's supply Soap - Dial or tone Soap - Tv serial, perhaps Soap - Coast, e.g Soap - Cake in a shower Soap - Lifebuoy or lava Soap - Dial or dove Soap - Shower item Soap - Caress in the shower Soap - Lava, for one Soap - "general hospital" e.g Soap - Cake often seen in a dish Soap - Cleanser; tv programme Soap - Old bob, oldie in a tv series Soap - Cleansing cake Soap - Clean "this is how we party" band? Soap - What jack wagner starred in Soap - Bather's bar Soap - Dial in a shower Soap - 'all my children,' e.g Soap - Bar from the shower room Soap - Dial in a shower stall Soap - What may be dispensed from a dispenser Soap - Common cleansing agent Soap - Ivory in the tub Soap - What many bars contain Soap - It's often picked up in bars Soap - Dishwasher need Soap - __ opera (daytime tv drama) Soap - Dial, e.g Soap - Cake for cleaning Soap - Household item whose manufacture employs 42-across Soap - Cusser's mouthwash, once Soap - Christmas shows up heartless cleaner Soap - Common cleaner Soap - __ bubbles Soap - 'dallas' was one Soap - "dallas" was one Soap - Locker room dispenser filler Soap - Cusser's mouthwash of old Soap - Bar in a locker room Soap - 6 foot of cantankerous pensioner Soap - Cake near a sink Soap - Slippery type that's a part of the meso-appendix Soap - Cleansing substance