Line - Come-on

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  • Line - Letter on L
  • 1 - st. word L
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word N
  • 4 - st. word E

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Line - 'you come here often?' e.g Line - Route Line - Come-on Line - Betting odds Line - Pickup shtick? Line - Field of work Line - Queue Line - Help from a lifeguard Line - Unemployment office sight Line - Playboy's come-on Line - Checkout nuisance Line - Salesman's stock Line - Singles bar icebreaker Line - An actor may trip over one Line - "come here often?" e.g Line - "what's your sign?" is one Line - It may be overheard in a bar Line - Heard in the bar scene, perhaps Line - Trade Line - "what's your sign?" for one Line - Finish finish? Line - Hard-to-swallow verbiage Line - Unit of stage script Line - Waiter's place Line - Bit of dialogue Line - Hawser Line - Fishing need Line - Script snippet Line - Word with stream or head Line - Part of a poem Line - Retail grouping Line - 'come here often?,' e.g Line - Word with dance or drive Line - Word before dance or drive Line - Field of business Line - One-dimensional figure Line - Pick-up lure Line - Prompter's whisper Line - Script unit Line - Quick note Line - It may be drawn in the sand Line - Bus route Line - Conga formation Line - Ancestry Line - Forgetful actor's request Line - 'do you come here often?,' e.g Line - Area of expertise Line - Impatient person's dread Line - Sort of dance Line - Group of waiters? Line - Contour Line - Point connector Line - Pickup schtick Line - 'don't i know you from somewhere?,' e.g Line - Impatient person's annoyance Line - "come here often?" is one Line - Word with party or dedicated Line - Confused actor's request Line - Checkout headache Line - Down the __ (eventually) Line - After hard or head Line - It's guaranteed at the apple store? Line - One is "come here often?" Line - Bank annoyance Line - Rehearsal request Line - Dots connector Line - Bit of poetry Line - Place to stand and wait Line - Row Line - Propositional phrase? Line - Quarterback's protection Line - Something to draw or toe Line - "what's my ___?" (old game show) Line - End of the __ (last stop) Line - Play excerpt Line - Play bit Line - A straight one is the shortest distance between two points Line - See 7-down Line - Occupation Line - Poem unit Line - See 61-across Line - Indication of a hit show Line - Bank holdup? Line - Spiel Line - Pickup shtick Line - Sign of a hit show Line - "come here often?" say Line - String Line - Toe the __ (obey) Line - Sentence in a film script Line - Word that can follow the starts of 17-, 27-, 44- and 59-across Line - Something to wait in Line - Drop a __ to (write) Line - Airport delay? Line - Box office formation Line - It might initiate a pickup Line - Pen stroke Line - Policy Line - Stock of goods for sale Line - Company's wares Line - Prompt delivery Line - It's one-dimensional Line - Place to wait Line - Pickup facilitator? Line - "don't i know you from somewhere?" e.g Line - Box-office backup Line - Phone __ Line - Y-axis, for one Line - It is often dropped Line - Insulate Line - It can be a cue, or follow one Line - Singles bar delivery Line - Something written in script? Line - Queue, and word that can follow both words in the answers to starred clues Line - Amusement park annoyance Line - Pickup trick Line - Toe the ___ (be obedient) Line - Couture collection Line - One of five in a limerick Line - Ticket window sight Line - Checkout-counter backup Line - It might be flubbed Line - Related business products Line - Couplet part Line - Bus system Line - Toe the __ (behave oneself) Line - Troop formation Line - Checkout annoyance Line - Group of bus routes Line - People waiting Line - 'come here often?', e.g Line - Subway route Line - Word with "party" or "dedicated" Line - Credit or agate follower Line - Word with punch or party Line - Toe the __ (be obedient) Line - Row of waiters Line - Pencil mark Line - Shortest distance between two points Line - Y = 3x + 5 representation, e.g Line - Small part of a movie script Line - Limerick part Line - Box-office sight Line - Script segment Line - Script bit Line - Occupa-tion Line - Profession Line - See 84-across Line - Bar or pie alternative Line - Party __ Line - Does 'e get nothing back from those ships? Line - You'll need to get a ruling for this Line - How a bow might get drawn like this into a knot Line - The north needs n for this to be drawn Line - That may be drawn to the end of 35 across Line - Railroad track Line - A length without breadth or thickness Line - Bit of scripting Line - Word with straight or crooked Line - Post office annoyance Line - How 'e gets nothing drawn up Line - Nothing to start back for a ruling Line - One may draw it and say the sound of salt Line - The east gets nothing back for this for the railway Line - One may draw this in the inside of the french Line - "walk the ___" (2005 biopic) Line - Pickup facilitator Line - Fragment of dialogue Line - Short note Line - One result of a gas shortage Line - Fishing gear Line - Stroke a crocodile? Line - See 21 Line - See 8 Line - Putting point in tale of formulaic steps by 25 Line - See 3 Line - Stock occupation Line - Wrinkle in a short note Line - See 6 Line - Policy - file Line - Railway track Line - Wrinkle Line - Formation of one beside another Line - Box office sight, often Line - "a chorus ___" Line - Parallel, e.g Line - Reel nylon Line - It may be broken on the road Line - They're used to restart play when dismissive cry interrupts actor's words Line - Lay it on the ___ Line - Limerick fifth Line - Forgetful actor's word Line - __ of work Line - Pedigree Line - Very short note Line - Long narrow mark Line - Bit of a poem Line - Extra desire? Line - Arrange in a row Line - Salesman's wares Line - Cruise company Line - Actor's delivery Line - Pickup initiator Line - Poetry unit Line - Oft-flubbed thing Line - See 53-across Line - Bit of dialog Line - It's written in script? Line - See 102-across Line - Bunch of waiters Line - Word that can follow each part of the answers to the six starred clues Line - Box office sight Line - Gestalt Line - Group waiting to pay Line - Tote board info Line - It's often long at disneyland Line - Dialogue unit Line - Actress andersson Line - Word with "punch" or "ticket" Line - Queue (up) Line - Dialogue bit Line - __ drive Line - Word with head, bread, red or dead Line - Group that's waiting for a teller Line - Some poetic feet; boundary, when drawn Line - Phone connection; queue Line - Mcenroe still crosses it Line - It comes with length Line - Mcenroe used to cross it! Line - Wrinkle, boundary Line - Company offering form of transport - empty limousine Line - Long mark; direction Line - Row; track Line - (skin) wrinkle; limit Line - Wrinkle; row Line - Winter sports slope Line - Connector of two points Line - See 14 Line - Group of people waiting Line - Check-in delayer Line - Singles bar conversation starter Line - Business Line - Family business Line - Angler who catches without using a net Line - A job with the railway Line - Dress for the job Line - Work for the railway Line - Queue to get a job Line - Business file Line - Course of action resulting in row Line - See 10 across Line - Family row Line - Reinforce military position Line - See 12 Line - Row produced by short communication Line - Bit of film dialogue Line - Quick letter Line - It may be a cue or a queue Line - Phone connection Line - ... to cover the inside track Line - Dmv staple Line - Equator, for instance Line - Painter, perhaps, leaves ship unfinished Line - Toe the __ (behave) Line - Country dance formation Line - Policy revealed in short note Line - Poem part Line - Tackle's place Line - Actor's request Line - Poem piece Line - Forgetful actor's cry Line - 'a chorus ___' Line - Brief part of a poem Line - It may be dotted Line - Extra's goal Line - Policy to cover on the inside Line - Nuisance at the bank Line - Annoyance at the checkout Line - Singles bar come-on Line - One of a limerick's five Line - Pickup or fishing ___ Line - Checkout hassle Line - Cue card words Line - Shoppers' headache Line - Punch or party follower Line - Hook and sinker's partner Line - An american queue Line - Railway track; wrinkle Line - Fishing cord Line - It may be toed or crossed Line - Sentence in a script Line - Triumph "lay it on the ___" Line - Billy joel "somewhere along the ___" Line - Jefferson starship "layin' it on the ___" Line - Toto "hold the ___" Line - Gerry rafferty "right down the ___" Line - Jimmy buffett "the last ___" Line - Pearl jam walked it on "i got id" chorus Line - Toto "hold the ___, love isn't always on time" Line - Railway track; policy Line - Skin wrinkle Line - One-fifth of any limerick Line - Subway ___ Line - Toe the __ (do as told) Line - Very small part for an actor, but it's a job Line - Any clothing brand Line - Ruler's product Line - Ruler's creation Line - Sample from michelin eatery fed to actor Line - Insulate, as a jacket Line - Brief note expresses policy Line - It's long relative to its width Line - It may be parallel [e] Line - Thing drawn in the sand? Line - 'y = 2x,' e.g Line - What t.s.a. precheck helps people avoid Line - Seafarers cross it ceremonially in number of ships Line - Fashion collection Line - See 9 across Line - Request to a prompter Line - Policy of alliance regularly dismissed Line - One-fifth of a limerick Line - Ticket booth sight Line - Snippet of poetry Line - Airport security holdup Line - Word after finish or foul Line - Assemblage of buses Line - "love your nails," e.g Line - Merchandise grouping Line - Bar queue Line - Group of waiters Line - Row - occupation Line - See 2-down
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Come-on (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - come-on. word on "L". 1 - st. letter L. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter N. 4 - st. letter E.

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