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Atein - Had dinner delivered

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Atein - Had dinner delivered Atein - Supped at home Atein - Had food brought to the room Atein - Had dinner at home Atein - Had a traditional dinner Atein - Had a tv dinner, say Atein - Had a home-cooked meal Atein - Used one's dinner table Atein - Enjoyed home cooking Atein - Ordered room service, say Atein - Saved on supper, perhaps Atein - Had a pizza delivered, say Atein - Dined à la maison Atein - Didn't go out to a restaurant Atein - Eschewed the restaurant Atein - Dined at home Atein - Didn't go to a restaurant Atein - Had an old-fashioned dinner Atein - Boycotted the brasserie Atein - Arranged a dinner at home Atein - Ordered out Atein - Got take-out Atein - Cooked one's own goose? Atein - Had home cooking Atein - Had leftovers, e.g Atein - Had pizza delivered, maybe Atein - Brought home pizza, e.g Atein - Had leftovers, perhaps Atein - Eschewed restaurants Atein - Didn't chicken out? Atein - Eschewed reservations, perhaps Atein - Had leftovers, say Atein - Had pot luck, perhaps Atein - Stayed home for dinner Atein - Had leftovers, for instance Atein - Forwent the bar and grill Atein - Eschewed diner food Atein - Skipped the restaurant Atein - Cooked at home Atein - Had leftovers, maybe Atein - Didn't go out for dinner Atein - Used the dining room Atein - Didn't leave for lunch Atein - Didn't do takeout Atein - Called for a pizza Atein - Called for pizza, say Atein - Didn't dine out Atein - Saved on supper, one would hope Atein - Ordered pizza, perhaps Atein - Had pizza delivered, perhaps Atein - Took an at-home course Atein - Used one's dining room Atein - Didn't go to the restaurant Atein - Declined a restaurant offer Atein - Had pizza delivered, say Atein - Had a pizza delivered Atein - Ordered takeout, say Atein - Didn't take out? Atein - Didn't go to restaurant or pub after eight, say Atein - Had a meal at home Atein - Took home courses? Atein - Canceled a reservation, maybe Atein - Brought something home, perhaps Atein - Didn't run out for dinner Atein - Put away one's own groceries? Atein - Called for a pie, perhaps Atein - Picked up pizza, say Atein - Brought back takeout Atein - Made a sandwich, say Atein - Didn't go anywhere for dinner Atein - Brought home takeout Atein - Avoided restaurants Atein - Dined wearing pajamas Atein - Enjoyed some home cooking Atein - Eschewed takeout, say Atein - Took courses at home Atein - Eschewed a restaurant Atein - Had pizza delivered Atein - Ordered delivery Atein - Skipped denny's, say Atein - Ordered room service, e.g Atein - Got takeout Atein - Had a home plate Atein - Chowed down but not out Atein - Used the dining room table Atein - Had food delivered Atein - Got takeout, say Atein - Stayed home for supper Atein - Opted for leftovers, say Atein - Had supper at home Atein - Brought home takeout, say Atein - Ordered pizza, say Atein - Enjoyed dinner at home Atein - Ending of many a firm's name Atein - Chose not to dine out Atein - Used a drive-thru, maybe Atein - Got room service, say Atein - Made dinner at home Atein - Didn't get takeout Atein - Opted to cook