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Abstain - Forbear

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Abstain - Forbear Abstain - Fast Abstain - Not raise a hand, say Abstain - Decline to decide Abstain - What a celibate will do Abstain - Lay off Abstain - Keep one's pants on? Abstain - Refrain Abstain - Decline to vote Abstain - Purposely have no sex life Abstain - Choose not to vote Abstain - Teetotal Abstain - Sit out the vote Abstain - Skip the vote Abstain - Just say no Abstain - Teetotal, e.g Abstain - Just not do it? Abstain - The seaman will get a bad mark if he is to keep off the liquor Abstain - Will the seaman make his mark in a fast manner? Abstain - Keep away from the mark of the seaman Abstain - How the seaman will get a mark even if he doesn't take it Abstain - Refrain from voting or eating, say Abstain - 'refrain from, voting or eating, say (7)' Abstain - Keep off the mark of the seaman Abstain - Does the seaman keep off the mark? Abstain - Refrain from, eating say Abstain - Refrain from doing something Abstain - Refrain from something Abstain - Keep away from drink Abstain - Do without, as in lent Abstain - Forego,do without Abstain - Choose not to consume Abstain - Refrain, forbear Abstain - A seaman's thanks in how to keep off it Abstain - Keep off the mark of a bee, perhaps Abstain - The seaman is able not to take the bits of satin Abstain - Keep right off it with a stab in it Abstain - What the celibate do Abstain - Hold back sailor mark Abstain - Refrain (from) Abstain - Refrain from Abstain - Possibly ban asti - and other drinks! Abstain - Do not vote using a black mark Abstain - Refuse sat festering in a refuse container Abstain - Don't vote with a black mark Abstain - Don't do it to the first two on the mark Abstain - Refrain that keeps flyers up to the mark Abstain - A bishop and saint contrived to avoid vice, maybe Abstain - Don't have a place for rubbish outside the station Abstain - Don't the upper classes leave a mark? Abstain - Choose not to do something Abstain - Refrain (from voting) Abstain - Withhold one's vote Abstain - Go without Abstain - Formally decline to vote Abstain - Refuse to vote, putting jack on the spot Abstain - Choose not to do Abstain - Not partake Abstain - Don't indulge Abstain - Refrain, given a black mark Abstain - Give backing to Abstain - Give up smoking, say - horrible mark made by tar Abstain - Not vote Abstain - Withhold vote Abstain - Don't vote using a black mark Abstain - Discoloration from tar? cut it out! Abstain - Refrain (from drink) Abstain - Refuse stimulant though muscles ain't developed Abstain - Don't drink a black dye Abstain - Ratings can conceal a decline at voting time Abstain - Don't vote and get a black mark Abstain - Don't vote, but put a black mark Abstain - Don't make a cross or a black mark Abstain - Sit on the fence? you'll get a black mark Abstain - Sit on the fence in a second-class spot Abstain - Don't drink in a spot occupied by british Abstain - Choose to refrain from voting Abstain - Don't vote for a second class mark Abstain - Avoid salt dye Abstain - The way article should be put into a waste-receptacle - fast Abstain - Choose deliberately not to refrain Abstain - Refuse to vote, getting a black mark Abstain - Mark gives support to sailor's refrain Abstain - Sailor stanley accepting one will not vote Abstain - Refrain from giving seaman a bad mark Abstain - Avoid a black spot Abstain - A book mark to steer clear of Abstain - Vote not to Abstain - Don't indulge - you'll get a black mark! Abstain - A bishop and saint oddly have no christmas spirit? Abstain - Act as one in aa putting first of servicing tools automatically in a container Abstain - Stigma following sailor's refrain Abstain - Don't make one cross? Abstain - Tummy muscles ain't out of shape, so avoid getting stout? Abstain - Desist Abstain - One on board facing sign of shame? avoid expressing an opinion Abstain - Drunk sat in a part of the wine cellar -- to kick his habit? Abstain - Refrain from giving sailor dirty look Abstain - Top marks, bad mark? stay neutral, in a way Abstain - Jack in sailor's vessel going around area Abstain - Sailor mark to keep off the rum? Abstain - Choose not to participate Abstain - Avoid Abstain - Take no part Abstain - Refuse to put a cross in a black spot Abstain - Disgrace after sailor will not drink Abstain - In a wine store, head of salvation army not to be tempted? Abstain - Napalm death "i ___" Abstain - Pass a black spot Abstain - Refuse to vote Abstain - Choose not to vote, or drink Abstain - To not vote is a black mark Abstain - Don't vote for a black mark Abstain - Salt mark's not come down on either side Abstain - Refrain from giving sailor a dirty look Abstain - Successfully resist temptation Abstain - Stay away from salt dye Abstain - Bats fluttering in wet conditions first off stay dry Abstain - Ban asti cocktail — don’t drink! Abstain - Decide not to vote, collecting a black mark Abstain - Do without it, as ban involved Abstain - Do without it, as ban involved