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Draw - Tie Draw - Select at random Draw - Challenge to a gunslinger Draw - Western command Draw - Select a winner in a sweepstakes Draw - Gunslinger's command Draw - Performer who fills the club Draw - Take a card Draw - Poker variety Draw - Enticement Draw - Reach! Draw - Kind of poker Draw - Attraction Draw - Gunfighter's word Draw - End even Draw - Shallow gully Draw - Ring result Draw - Sketch Draw - Standoff Draw - "reach!" Draw - Play pictionary Draw - Chess result, sometimes Draw - "___ me nearer" Draw - Oater challenge Draw - Unexciting end of play Draw - Pick a card Draw - Make a sketch Draw - Shout at a shootout Draw - Old west challenge Draw - Etch or sketch Draw - Command uttered in many a western Draw - Art 101 task Draw - Challenge matt dillon Draw - Score the same Draw - Try to fill a straight Draw - Pull your weapon Draw - Make a sketch of Draw - Whip out your gun Draw - Attract Draw - 20-20, e.g Draw - Get water Draw - Challenge in a western Draw - No-win situation Draw - Challenge to an old sheriff Draw - Get ready for a shooting? Draw - Duel action? Draw - Something you can do to the starts of 17-, 21-, 37-, 53- and 60-across Draw - Produce pictures Draw - Western challenge Draw - Tie in chess Draw - Deadlock Draw - Shootout shout Draw - Take from the deck Draw - Club-filler Draw - Possible chess result Draw - Ending where neither side wins Draw - Make pictures Draw - Create a cartoon Draw - Game with no winner Draw - Club filler Draw - Gunslinger's cry Draw - Tournament seeding Draw - Command to a western gunslinger Draw - Stud alternative Draw - Make a face? Draw - Lure Draw - Chess standoff Draw - Inconclusive outcome Draw - Ring decision Draw - Showdown command Draw - Stalemate Draw - Doodle Draw - Select a card Draw - Tie game Draw - Stalemate or tie Draw - It's all the same if you get back there in hospital Draw - Poker variation Draw - Be an artist back in hospital Draw - Go for blood? Draw - Box office need Draw - Bring in Draw - Do a sketch Draw - Attract, as an audience Draw - Showdown directive Draw - A magnet to get your gun out? Draw - Dunkirk began fightback from a no-win situation Draw - Pull upward Draw - Attraction of the lottery Draw - Tie up the guardian's charge? Draw - See 21 Draw - The attraction of the lottery Draw - Get back custody Draw - Approach or pull away Draw - Sketch - tie Draw - Snag Draw - Depict - raffle Draw - Play pictionary, say Draw - Make an image Draw - Start of a tournament ... or the end of a match? Draw - Command shouted in many westerns Draw - Pull out a piece Draw - Take cards, in poker Draw - No-win result Draw - Things you can __ (theme of the puzzle) Draw - Start of a scrabble game Draw - Make lines on a surface Draw - Pull out one's piece for appeal? Draw - No-win situation, something that's decided by luck Draw - Billiards backspin Draw - Command in uno Draw - Challenge from a gunslinger Draw - Old west command Draw - Make picture Draw - Attraction of the lottery? Draw - Raised charge to produce a sketch Draw - He co-wrote songs with brian wilson and produced the byrds Draw - Luck of the ---- (bonnie raitt album) Draw - Attract; sketch Draw - Pull out of the bag, perhaps Draw - Good enough for a point Draw - Made before events that may end tied Draw - Take in (breath) Draw - Take in (a breath), attraction Draw - Pull; take in (breath) Draw - Sketch; attraction Draw - Attraction of daughter, naked Draw - Tie, or pull out Draw - Raffle is very attractive event Draw - The attraction of a minor revolution Draw - Drag charge up Draw - Sketch; pull Draw - Pull out from no-win situation Draw - Take in (a breath) Draw - To speak slowly not altogether an attractive thing Draw - Deduce it's a no-win situation Draw - Tie's liable to fray on democrat Draw - Pull along; sketch Draw - Take out daughter, immature Draw - In a no-win situation, pull out Draw - Take out Draw - Even-scored game Draw - Arrangement of ties is an attraction Draw - Audience attracter Draw - Result of a king vs. king endgame Draw - Create, as a cartoon Draw - Source of deadly unrefined extract Draw - To tow back, charge Draw - 2-2 in game, say Draw - Up the charge for the big attraction Draw - Not lose this attraction! Draw - Democrat's naked charm Draw - Minor setback in the lottery Draw - No-one wins or loses in this lottery Draw - Depict as a minor setback Draw - Pull Draw - Pull out when charge goes up Draw - Minor turn that's a big attraction Draw - Turning to fend, produce a gun Draw - Origin of deadly green extract Draw - The attraction of a match in which no one loses Draw - No-winner result Draw - Take out a tie Draw - Produce a 45? Draw - Gunfighter's "go!" Draw - Tied score; sketch Draw - Department raises conflict - there are no winners or losers here Draw - Popular entertainer gets minor rise Draw - Back part of city in no-win situation Draw - Poker game Draw - Sketch out Draw - Gunslinger's challenge Draw - You can do it to breath or blood Draw - Make a doodle, say Draw - Make a cartoon, e.g Draw - Unholster Draw - Inconclusive result Draw - Action in go fish Draw - Take from a deck Draw - Get weapon out but don't win Draw - No-win situation? Draw - Tie - attract Draw - Do sketching Draw - Allman bros. "win, lose or ___" Draw - Common chess outcome Draw - Main attraction Draw - Common chess ending Draw - Wild west gunfighter's "go!" Draw - Ending with no mate on board tug Draw - Common chess result Draw - Sketch something Draw - Gunslinger's dare Draw - 1-across in the present tense Draw - Raffle that has no winner Draw - Returned conflict diamonds in no-win situation Draw - Deduce or derive Draw - Drag minor back Draw - Gunfight order Draw - Allure