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Decaf - Coffee preference

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Decaf - Coffee preference Decaf - Joltless joe Decaf - Won't-keep-you-up-at-night beverage Decaf - Coffee before bedtime Decaf - Drink before bed? Decaf - Coffee order Decaf - Drink before bed, maybe Decaf - It won't keep you up Decaf - Tame brew Decaf - Joe that won't keep you up Decaf - Coffee for late at night Decaf - Grounds for a good night’s sleep? Decaf - Starbucks order, briefly Decaf - Buzzless brew, briefly Decaf - Coffee choice Decaf - Coffee choice, briefly Decaf - Joltless java Decaf - After-dinner order Decaf - Kind of coffee Decaf - Starbucks order Decaf - Joltless joe? Decaf - Sort of coffee, briefly Decaf - Java at midnight, maybe Decaf - Coffee for bedtime Decaf - After-dinner request Decaf - Grounds for a good night's sleep? Decaf - Starbucks option Decaf - Regular alternative Decaf - Unstimulating java Decaf - Coffee for insomniacs, perhaps Decaf - It probably won't keep you up Decaf - Beverage before bedtime, perhaps Decaf - "unleaded" beverage Decaf - Weak joe Decaf - Joe without the buzz Decaf - Certain joe Decaf - Cappuccino request Decaf - Java choice Decaf - Coffee bar order Decaf - Coffee for before bed Decaf - Denatured coffee, slangily Decaf - Tea option Decaf - Beverage order Decaf - Coffee selection Decaf - Coffee-bar order Decaf - 'unleaded' brew Decaf - Starbucks choice Decaf - Starbucks request Decaf - Joe that's not jolting Decaf - Low-power coffee Decaf - Unexciting drink Decaf - 'unleaded' Decaf - Morning brew order Decaf - Coffee option Decaf - Evening coffee choice for many Decaf - Joe with no jolt Decaf - Orange-handled pot beverage Decaf - Late-night coffee, maybe Decaf - 1-across may be added to it Decaf - Jitter-free java Decaf - Diner order Decaf - Cappuccino choice Decaf - Java class? Decaf - Starbucks selection Decaf - Coffee without the kick Decaf - Latte option Decaf - Common grounds Decaf - "unleaded" coffee, briefly Decaf - 'unleaded' beverage Decaf - "unleaded" Decaf - Coffee winningly served up strong Decaf - Type of coffee Decaf - Declared withdrawal from fa cup without a kick Decaf - Senseless, in one way, to drink cold coffee Decaf - Insensitive to grab cold drink Decaf - Notes gb's been omitted from less exciting cup? Decaf - Coffee dealt with after being knocked over Decaf - Unresponsive when consuming cold coffee Decaf - Unstimulating coffee Decaf - Java disarmed? Decaf - Kind of coffee, briefly Decaf - A kind of joe Decaf - Looked around for a hot drink Decaf - "unleaded" drink Decaf - Tea choice Decaf - Joe sans jolt Decaf - Less stimulating coffee? Decaf - Short coffee order Decaf - Coffee encountered, when tipped over Decaf - Half of 19 down get a key from one of those in coffee shop Decaf - Doctored coffee Decaf - Coffee dealt with, passed back Decaf - Unresponsive, swallowing cold drink Decaf - Faced up Decaf - Unleaded? Decaf - Not-so-jolting joe Decaf - Coffee lite? Decaf - Cup substitute missing kick confronted after upset Decaf - Java with no jolt Decaf - 'low-test' java Decaf - "unleaded" joe Decaf - Kind of coffee, for short Decaf - Style of coffee Decaf - Some coffee or tea Decaf - Coffee without the kick? Decaf - It may be served from an orange-handled pot Decaf - Stuff in an orange-lidded pot, traditionally Decaf - After-dinner drink Decaf - 'unleaded' drink Decaf - Less-jolting joe Decaf - Joe for an insomniac Decaf - Back became reconciled to missing kick in cup? Decaf - It's not exactly a pick-me-up Decaf - Orange carafe's fill