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Recite - Enumerate

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  • Recite - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word C
  • 4 - st. word I
  • 5 - st. word T
  • 6 - st. word E

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Recite - Enumerate Recite - Say by heart Recite - Say the pledge Recite - Quote by rote Recite - Tell by heart Recite - Say poetry, say Recite - Say a poem Recite - Perform, as a poem Recite - Say, as a pledge Recite - Say the pledge of allegiance Recite - Quote from memory Recite - Perform poetry Recite - Say, as the pledge of allegiance Recite - Rattle off Recite - Say from memory Recite - Speak from memory Recite - Read out Recite - Reel off Recite - By the sound of it, seeing about how to deliver 21 down Recite - See it in the lough, in a manner of speaking Recite - From memory you can say it's about the sound of seeing Recite - Have the second sight, by the sound of it, and repeat it Recite - Repeat aloud from memory Recite - Declaim, recount Recite - Repeat aloud from memory, say poetry Recite - Repeat aloud form memory( 6) Recite - Speak lines from a poem or passage from book Recite - Recount, relate Recite - Repeat, recount Recite - Say, as "the pledge of allegiance" Recite - Repeat aloud from memory as for audience Recite - Repeatr aloud from memory Recite - Repeat aloud from memory for audience Recite - Repeat from memory Recite - Repeat aloud from memory, say a poem Recite - Repeat verbatim Recite - Repeat from memory before an audience Recite - Declaim from memory Recite - What does this tell you about the view? Recite - You've learnt to repeat that it's about where the building will be sound Recite - Repeat sound set elsewhere... Recite - Detail military personnel mention Recite - State in order regarding situation, they say Recite - Describe the city in ceremonial ... Recite - Repeat summons to speak in public Recite - Read out form of words about the city Recite - Declaim aloud Recite - Speak by heart aloud Recite - Ire etc (anag) Recite - Narrate Recite - Read out list of ingredients quietly - lost for time Recite - Deliver 25 freely around city Recite - Say over (poem) Recite - Declaim Recite - Read out liturgy around city Recite - Speak (poem) aloud Recite - Repeat (poem) aloud Recite - Repeat (a poem) aloud Recite - Repeat aloud (a poem) Recite - Deliver keys during ceremony Recite - Speak (eg, a poem) Recite - Render verbally Recite - Record half of it with energy and say it out loud Recite - Speak in ceremony outside city Recite - Repeat aloud Recite - Call again to say one's piece Recite - Repeat aloud name supporting engineers Recite - Put in new position, we hear, and deliver lines that have been recalled Recite - State (names, etc) in order Recite - Deliver it for second conservative in case Recite - Go through park with unmarried couple Recite - Deliver from memory Recite - List from memory Recite - Repeat lyrics from memory Recite - Narrate lyrics Recite - Dit à haute voix Recite - Tell church is uplifted in ceremony Recite - Prove one's memorization of Recite - Deliver from office across city Recite - Quote individual in crete novel Recite - Declaim as english conservative joining in ceremony Recite - Deliver publicly