Colt - Revolver inventor

Word by letter:
  • Colt - Letter on C
  • 1 - st. word C
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word T

All questions by word:
Colt - Revolver inventor Colt - Derby prospect Colt - Western weapon Colt - Filly's brother Colt - Kentucky derby prospect Colt - One raised in a stable environment Colt - Corral youngster Colt - Greenhorn Colt - Young equine Colt - Big name in guns Colt - Stable youngster Colt - Stable scion Colt - Kentucky derby winner, typically Colt - Young stallion Colt - Indianapolis athlete Colt - Revolver name Colt - Stallion-to-be Colt - Mare's offspring Colt - One from a stable family Colt - Stallion, once Colt - Gun man Colt - Farm newborn Colt - Belmont entry Colt - Six-shooter maker Colt - Piece maker? Colt - Johnny unitas was one Colt - Young zebra Colt - Neophyte Colt - Indianapolis gridder Colt - Inexperienced one Colt - Young male horse Colt - Peyton manning, e.g Colt - Filly counterpart Colt - Young horse Colt - Frisky one Colt - Kentucky derby racer Colt - Herd youngster Colt - Future stallion Colt - Peacemaker maker Colt - Inventor from hartford Colt - Kentucky derby entrant Colt - Future lucas oil stadium player Colt - Two- or three-year-old, maybe Colt - Revolver innovator Colt - Gun maker Colt - Firearms pioneer Colt - Youngster on a farm Colt - Baltimore-turned-indianapolis player Colt - Frisky stablemate Colt - Male baby zebra Colt - Stallion's son Colt - Young bucker? Colt - Stable boy? Colt - Baltimore pro who moved to indianapolis Colt - Gun maker samuel Colt - Gun creator Colt - Male foal Colt - Gun pioneer Colt - Gunmaker samuel Colt - That makes one sound just a little hoarse Colt - Type of revolver for a horse Colt - A young male horse Colt - Young male horse or cowboy revolver Colt - Forty-ounce brand, with '45' Colt - .45 maker Colt - A gunrunner Colt - Young man inexperienced with a gun Colt - Horse pistol Colt - Horse shooter Colt - Weapon for junior? Colt - Two officers, one gun Colt - Young horse - revolver Colt - Young horse - gun Colt - Male horse under four years of age Colt - Young stud? Colt - Stallion, as a child Colt - Type of revolver and a young horse Colt - Revolver brand Colt - Gelding-to-be, maybe Colt - Derby entrant Colt - Johnny unitas, for most of his career Colt - Single action army, e.g Colt - ___ .45 Colt - Maker of the commando rifle Colt - Youngster's firearm Colt - Young one at the track Colt - Young animal's sleeping-place across lake Colt - Young player with a hefty kick? Colt - Young arab maybe perishing, finishing in opposite end of desert Colt - Revolver left in bed Colt - Gun runner Colt - Pass time shooting with it? Colt - Producer of 1873's peacemaker Colt - Young male zebra Colt - Horse; revolver Colt - Revolver Colt - Does it shoot out from the stable? Colt - Male pony Colt - Horse pistol? Colt - Gunman's horse Colt - Player not yet big gun? Colt - Gun may be mounted Colt - Youngster left in bed Colt - Gun supplied by company officer Colt - Mount for a revolver Colt - Inexperienced person, inexperienced person in bed Colt - Horse that's fired with enthusiasm in a western? Colt - Mare's child Colt - Texan's rival Colt - Foal, or chrysler compact Colt - Wild west weapon Colt - Arabian youth? Colt - My little male pony? Colt - Sam of six-guns Colt - Revolver innovator samuel Colt - Arme à feu Colt - Newborn pony Colt - Former pro golfer/country guy ford Colt - Type of american revolver Colt - Type of revolver Colt - Bronco's offspring Colt - Pistolet Colt - Pimlico runner Colt - On the edges of commuter belt going around leopardstown Colt - Stable newbie Colt - Name often said before this clue's number Colt - Junior player left in bed Colt - Junior player left in bed Colt - Six-shooter name Colt - Six-shooter name
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Revolver inventor (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - revolver inventor. word on "C". 1 - st. letter C. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter L. 4 - st. letter T.

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