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Duh - Simpleton's utterance

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  • Duh - Letter on D
  • 1 - st. word D
  • 2 - st. word U
  • 3 - st. word H

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Duh - "boy, am i dumb!" Duh - "boy, am i stupid!" Duh - "c'mon, that's too easy!" Duh - "c'mon, too easy!" Duh - "everybody knows that!" Duh - "how could i be so stupid?" Duh - "how could i miss that?!" Duh - "how dumb can i be!" Duh - "how obvious!" Duh - "how silly of me!" Duh - "how stupid of me!" Duh - "i can't believe i missed that!" Duh - "i knew that!" Duh - "i should have known that!" Duh - "i should've known that!" Duh - "i should've thought of that!" Duh - "i shoulda known that" Duh - "i'm not stupid, y'know" Duh - "it's so obvious!" Duh - "like, how did i make that mistake?" Duh - "like, no kidding!" Duh - "like, no-brainer!" Duh - "no kidding, stupid!" Duh - "no __!" Duh - "obviously!" Duh - "of course i knew that!" Duh - "okay, i get it already" Duh - "silly me!" Duh - "thank you, captain obvious!" Duh - "that was silly of me!" Duh - "well, obviously!" Duh - "well, of course!" Duh - "well, that's completely obvious!" Duh - "well, that's obvious!" Duh - "well, that's obvious" Duh - "what an idiot i am!" Duh - "you don't say!" Duh - 'any idiot knows that!' Duh - 'boy, am i dumb!' Duh - 'boy, am i stupid!' Duh - 'bravo, captain obvious!' Duh - 'even *i* knew that!' Duh - 'everybody knows that!' Duh - 'gee, ya think?' Duh - 'how could i be so dumb?' Duh - 'how obvious!' Duh - 'how stupid of me!' Duh - 'i *finally* got it!' Duh - 'i am so stupid!' Duh - 'i am such a dope!' Duh - 'i shoulda known that!' Duh - 'i thought that was obvious!' Duh - 'i would have thought it was obvious' Duh - 'i'm an idiot!' Duh - 'i'm such a dope!' Duh - 'isn't that obvious?' Duh - 'isn't that obvious?!' Duh - 'isn't that obvious?' Duh - 'it couldn't be more obvious!' Duh - 'like, i get it' Duh - 'no shit, sherlock' Duh - 'obviously!' Duh - 'of course!' Duh - 'of course, blockhead!' Duh - 'of course, you idiot!' Duh - 'thank you, captain obvious!' Duh - 'that much was obvious' Duh - 'that's obvious!' Duh - 'that's obvious, stupid!' Duh - 'that's, like, preschool level' Duh - 'that's, like, so obvious' Duh - 'um... did u srsly not kno dat?' Duh - 'well, how obvious!' Duh - 'well, obviously!' Duh - 'well, of course!' Duh - 'well, that's obvious!' Duh - 'well, that's obvious' Duh - 'well, yeah!' Duh - 'well, ___!' Duh - 'what a dope i am!' Duh - 'what a dope!' Duh - 'what else could it be?!' Duh - 'who doesn't know that?!' Duh - 'ya think?!' Duh - 'ya think?' Duh - 'yeah, no kidding!' Duh - Bonehead's response Duh - Brow-slapper's syllable Duh - Comment made while slapping the forehead Duh - Cry with a head slap Duh - Dolt's response Duh - Doltish interjection Duh - Forehead slapper's exclamation Duh - Forehead-slapper's cry Duh - Forehead-slapper's syllable Duh - Forehead-slapping interjection Duh - Head-slapping word Duh - Moron's comment Duh - Response to an obvious statement Duh - Response to the obvious Duh - Sarcastic response Duh - Sarcastic retort Duh - Self-deprecating utterance Duh - Simpleton's utterance Duh - Snerd word Duh - Sound often heard after a slap Duh - Stupid response Duh - Word accompanying a head slap Duh - Word that means the same thing if you put 'no' in front of it Duh - Word with a head slap Duh - [forehead slap]