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Lance - Round tabler's weapon

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Lance - Round tabler's weapon Lance - Burst, in a way Lance - Arm of a knight-in-arms Lance - Pop Lance - Thrusting weapon Lance - Tilting weapon Lance - Spearlike weapon Lance - Charger's weapon Lance - Uhlan's weapon Lance - One of a knight's arms Lance - 'n sync member Lance - Cyclist armstrong Lance - Jouster's weapon Lance - Super cycler armstrong Lance - Camelot weapon Lance - Jousting weapon Lance - Tilting need Lance - Army surface-to-surface missile Lance - Cavalry soldier Lance - Pointed weapon Lance - Knight stick? Lance - Medieval charging need Lance - Arm of a knight in arms Lance - Knightstick? Lance - Armstrong on wheels Lance - First name in biking Lance - Tilter's tool Lance - Armstrong who wrote "every second counts" Lance - Puncture Lance - Knight stick Lance - Knight's weapon Lance - Tour de france first name Lance - Sharp weapon Lance - Spear Lance - Cavalry weapon Lance - Seven-time tour de france winner armstrong Lance - "spamalot" prop Lance - Joust weapon Lance - Sticker Lance - Skewer Lance - First name in bicycling Lance - Two-wheeling armstrong Lance - Tilter's need Lance - It may be at a tilt Lance - Tour de france legend armstrong Lance - Armstrong with a bike Lance - Tilter's weapon Lance - Yellow-jersey winner armstrong Lance - Old sticker Lance - Cycling legend armstrong Lance - Tend to a boil Lance - Weapon in the charge of the light brigade Lance - "ivanhoe" weapon Lance - Jousting pole Lance - Jouster's need Lance - Tour de france champion armstrong Lance - Renaissance faire sight Lance - Jousters will stick it to you Lance - Horseman's weapon Lance - Armstrong on a bike Lance - Tilting pole Lance - Tilt tool Lance - Javelin Lance - Jousting need Lance - Joust need Lance - Give him a b.a. to make him like 8 down Lance - It takes him long to get to the point Lance - One takes longer to come to the point than 29 across does Lance - A horseman's long spear Lance - Does it take him long to come to the point? Lance - Gee! this would get long and pointed, by the look of it Lance - The main point of this is to come at the end at length (5) Lance - When mounted, it takes one long to get to the point Lance - Does it take him long to get to the point? Lance - Long pointed weapon of old Lance - A horse soldier's spear Lance - Spear for a horse-soldier Lance - A horseman's spear Lance - Spear carried by mounted soldier Lance - Long, pointed weapon Lance - Old cavalry weapon Lance - Horseman's spear Lance - Long, pointed weapon (5) Lance - Gee! how long one was to come to the point Lance - It takes long to get to the point Lance - What a mail carrier might use in self-defense? Lance - Picador's prop Lance - Unclean weapon? Lance - Weapon whose abandonment may bring promotion Lance - Weapon carried by a knight, but not a lot Lance - Cavalry weapon used in combat originally in a way Lance - Weapon, as one might say, if 19 down Lance - Weapon of knight - item to be sold off Lance - Acne outbreak on head of louis armstrong? Lance - Weapon in a manner of speaking not what's expected Lance - Cycling armstrong Lance - Cut necessitated by knight losing fortune? Lance - Pierce (a boil) Lance - Boy - prick (a boil) Lance - Knightly weapon Lance - Prick (a boil) Lance - Prick (boil) Lance - Renaissance fair sight Lance - Tilting tool Lance - Cyclist armstrong, or what completes the ensemble found in the four long across answers Lance - Medieval weapon Lance - "it's not about the bike" author armstrong Lance - With 58-down, judge in '90s news Lance - Knight weapon Lance - Disgraced armstrong Lance - Renaissance fair weapon Lance - There's a point to this with clean characters Lance - Jouster's armful Lance - Cut corner heading into narrow street Lance - 26's broken arm Lance - The reason for knight fall? Lance - Incise Lance - Fine fabric wrapped round new surgical instrument Lance - Weapon accompanying a lot at the round table Lance - Rider's long weapon Lance - Long weapon; prick Lance - Cairns, for instance Lance - Long-shafted weapon Lance - Cut open fish Lance - Horseman's long weapon Lance - One like pike caught in the country way Lance - Knight having no chance to find weapon Lance - Weapon knight drops a lot Lance - Way blocked by cold steel Lance - Weapon employed by uhlan? certainly Lance - Pole cut open a man Lance - Long weapon Lance - Point carried by spike, as weapon Lance - Pointed instrument pressing name into material Lance - Weapon corporal may have at the front Lance - Weapon making graze - not good Lance - Large one knight carried? Lance - Horseman's long spear Lance - Chap caught short in narrow street Lance - Weapon cossack leader held in a way Lance - Scratching head, look for weapon Lance - There's a point to this in clean translation Lance - Jousting prop Lance - Cut into fabric, inserting new Lance - Corporal, perhaps, getting clean away Lance - Clean (anag.) Lance - He left an anglican church Lance - Weapon provided gratis for the self-employed Lance - Surgical knife Lance - Weapon making oblique contact - not good Lance - At the doctor's, jabber with a man Lance - Pierce Lance - Weapon from cuba dumped in narrow street Lance - & 12 seven-times winner of the tour de france Lance - Weapon conservative found in narrow road Lance - Weapon Lance - Weapon, something for sale put out by knight Lance - Run through cold in country road Lance - Weapon point caught in material Lance - Weapon that gives clean wound Lance - Delicate material coating new weapon Lance - Jouster's jabber Lance - Waterloo weapon Lance - Surgical knife Lance - Knock top off butcher's cutting blade Lance - Medieval times prop Lance - Medieval sticker Lance - Battle of hastings weapon Lance - Fabric wrapped round knight's weapon Lance - Six-time all-star fielder berkman Lance - Light cavalry weapon Lance - Cavalry spear Lance - Clean out weapon Lance - Equipment at a tilt Lance - Weapon held on horseback Lance - Ren faire weapon Lance - Weapon's spike catching knight Lance - Charging weapon Lance - Renaissance faire weapon Lance - Pike's kin Lance - Spike milligan ultimately trapped by 'spike' Lance - Weapon tended to by a squire Lance - Weapon to tilt with Lance - Knight sacrificing great deal to get weapon Lance - Knight's piercing spike Lance - Knight's need Lance - Weapon has knight's fate sealed Lance - Armstrong of the tour de france Lance - Clean dirty weapon Lance - Clean dirty weapon Lance - Weapon kept by clan certainly Lance - Long spear