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Spade - One in a black suit

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  • Spade - Letter on S
  • 1 - st. word S
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word A
  • 4 - st. word D
  • 5 - st. word E

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Spade - One in a black suit Spade - Gardener's need Spade - Bogart's sleuth Spade - Digging tool Spade - One of 13 of 52 Spade - Sam of "the maltese falcon" Spade - Deck figure Spade - Card of a certain suit Spade - Gardener's tool Spade - Hammett sleuth Spade - "the maltese falcon" sleuth Spade - Suit part Spade - Black suit component Spade - One in a suit Spade - Card with black pips Spade - Ditch maker Spade - Part of a black suit Spade - Suit unit Spade - Diamond alternative Spade - Garden tool Spade - Gardener's implement Spade - One of 13 of 52 in all Spade - Ditch digger's tool Spade - Ditchdigger's tool Spade - Hammett's sleuth Spade - Hole maker Spade - Trench maker Spade - Gumshoe sam Spade - Part of a deck Spade - Card symbol Spade - Delving tool Spade - Bogart sleuth Spade - Gardening tool Spade - One in a dark suit Spade - One of 13 in a deck Spade - 'the maltese falcon' sleuth Spade - Miles archer's partner Spade - Dark suit item? Spade - Fictional sleuth sam Spade - Suit symbol Spade - Archer's partner Spade - Black playing card Spade - Black card Spade - Bogart part Spade - Club alternative Spade - Sleuth played by 4 down Spade - Heart beater in bridge bidding Spade - "maltese falcon" detective Spade - Garden shovel Spade - Prospector's tool Spade - Hammett detective Spade - Bogart's "maltese falcon" role Spade - Earth mover Spade - Trench-making tool Spade - Card in a black suit Spade - Mover of earth Spade - "snl" alum david Spade - Small garden shovel Spade - "black bird" pursuer of fiction Spade - Hammett hero Spade - Fictional falcon seeker Spade - Trench tool Spade - Shovel's kin Spade - Shovel's cousin Spade - 'snl' alum david Spade - 'maltese falcon' sleuth Spade - '8 simple rules' cast member Spade - One in a black suit? Spade - Card-suit symbol Spade - Garden tool and card suit Spade - Sturdy hand shovel Spade - Digging implement Spade - Hammett's private eye Spade - More than one such tool would suit one Spade - One may take your heart Spade - Club relative Spade - Member of one of four suits Spade - Black suit component? Spade - Aid for breaking new ground Spade - Home for a bachelor in the southeast, one in a dark suit Spade - Classic bogart role Spade - Part of suit that is found in the garden Spade - One's home in the kent area's good for gardening Spade - Digger Spade - Gardening tool (maybe so called) Spade - Garden digging tool Spade - Tool for this puzzle's title Spade - Jack that's one-eyed and lacks a heart Spade - See 17-across Spade - Garden implement Spade - Object of calling with 18 Spade - Gardener's shovel Spade - Sleuth played by bogart Spade - Trench maker's tool Spade - Gardener's digging tool Spade - Bogart role Spade - 'maltese falcon' hero Spade - One may turn over in bed Spade - Small shovel Spade - Sam the detective Spade - Groundbreaking invention? Spade - Suit of cards Spade - Tool; playing card Spade - This tool is said to be sterilised Spade - Black leaf-shaped symbol on playing card Spade - Playing card Spade - Symbol on a black ace Spade - Thing to dig with Spade - One of four common suits Spade - Trowel cousin Spade - Sleuth sam Spade - Shovel Spade - One in a suit used to dig Spade - Flat blade ultimately going under surface of soil? Spade - Garden aid Spade - Hand shovel Spade - Certain card suit Spade - Trench-digger's tool Spade - One of the top suit in bridge Spade - Part of a suit Spade - 1941 bogart role Spade - Figure in a dark suit Spade - Small type of sketch on english digging up dirt Spade - Marilyn manson song about a playing card? Spade - Marilyn manson song about playing cards? Spade - 'the maltese falcon' private dick Spade - Member of a suit you play with Spade - Fictional falcon finder Spade - Soil mover Spade - Solver as pack member Spade - Shovel, to a card player? Spade - One in four face cards Spade - Garden tool for digging Spade - Example of 47- and of 83-across Spade - Ground breaker Spade - Ani difranco song about gardening (with "a")? Spade - Gardener's groundbreaker Spade - Trench-digging tool Spade - Digger's tool Spade - Literary dick, one in a black suit Spade - Literary dick, one in a black suit