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Fosse - 'all that jazz' director

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Fosse - "all that jazz" choreographer Fosse - "all that jazz" choreographer bob Fosse - "all that jazz" director Fosse - "all that jazz" director bob Fosse - "all that jazz" man Fosse - "all that jazz" subject bob Fosse - "cabaret" director Fosse - "cabaret" director bob Fosse - "chicago" choreographer Fosse - "chicago" director bob Fosse - "damn yankees" choreographer bob Fosse - "lenny" director Fosse - "pippin" choreographer Fosse - "pippin" choreographer bob Fosse - "pippin" tony winner Fosse - 'all that jazz' choreographer bob Fosse - 'all that jazz' director Fosse - 'all that jazz' director bob Fosse - 'cabaret' director Fosse - 'cabaret' director bob Fosse - 'chicago' director/ choreographer Fosse - 'damn yankees' choreographer Fosse - 'damn yankees' tony winner Fosse - 'pippin' director/choreographer Fosse - 'pippin' tony winner Fosse - 'pippin' tony winner bob Fosse - 'sweet charity' director Fosse - -- way, roman road Fosse - 1999 broadway revue Fosse - 1999-2001 broadway musical revue Fosse - Best musical after 'the lion king' Fosse - Best musical of 1999 Fosse - Bob of 'all that jazz' Fosse - Bob who directed "cabaret" Fosse - Bob who directed 'cabaret' Fosse - Bob who directed the 1966 musical 'sweet charity' Fosse - Bob with eight tonys for choreography Fosse - Bob with nine tonys Fosse - Broadway choreographer for "chicago" Fosse - Broadway choreographer for 'chicago' Fosse - Broadway dance hit of 1999 Fosse - Broadway's bob Fosse - Catcher ray of the pete rose collision Fosse - Chicago-born choreographer Fosse - Choreographer bob Fosse - Commemorative 1999 broadway revue Fosse - Director bob who won a tony, oscar and emmy all in the same year Fosse - Director of 'chicago' and 'dancin" Fosse - Ditch Fosse - Ditch made the roman way Fosse - Ditch openings of foreign operas; schwarzkopf sings english Fosse - Foreign office sending ship east to keep canal Fosse - Fortification ditch Fosse - Fortified moat Fosse - He directed minnelli in 'cabaret' Fosse - Long narrow ditch Fosse - Long trench or ditch Fosse - Noted "cabaret" choreographer Fosse - Only best director oscar/tony/emmy winner in the same year Fosse - Ship sunk by enemy discovered in trench Fosse - Some mess often swirling around in ditch Fosse - Starts dropping acid into enemy trench Fosse - Steamy 1998 broadway revue Fosse - Subject of the biography 'all his jazz' Fosse - Tony winner for best musical of 1999 Fosse - Winner of eight choreography tonys