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Clever - Witty

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Clever - Witty Clever - Like bons mots Clever - Sharp Clever - Like crossword solvers Clever - Artful Clever - Cunning Clever - Adroit Clever - Capable of finding a new angle Clever - Shrewd Clever - Nimble-minded Clever - Keen-witted Clever - Ingenious Clever - Astute Clever - See how smart that makes jemmy Clever - Brainy, smart Clever - It's always sharp after a century and a half Clever - Bright enough to get the prize at last Clever - It's always smart after a century and a half Clever - Smart enough always to get about a hundred and fifty Clever - Smart enough to get the prize after a century Clever - Quick-witted, intelligent Clever - Quick at learning, talented Clever - Smart or shrewd Clever - Mentally or physically skilful Clever - Good or quick at learning Clever - Quick at learning and understanding Clever - Smart, adroit Clever - Adroit, ingenious Clever - Bright, quick-witted, intelligent Clever - Smart and ingenious Clever - Quick at learning, bright Clever - Quick-witted, smart Clever - Quick-witted and intelligent Clever - Sharp-witted, intelligent Clever - Quick and intelligent Clever - Smart or quick at learning Clever - Smar and canny Clever - Smart, ingenious Clever - Smart enough to be always under a century and a half Clever - Bright as ever after a century and a half Clever - Always smart after a century and a half Clever - Smart enough to get the prize under one hundred Clever - See if one is smart enough to get the prize Clever - Always the last to be smart Clever - Always after a century and a half this gets smart Clever - Always leave 'er, by the sound of it, after a century and a half Clever - The smart century gets the prize Clever - Smart so to be always below a hundred and fifty Clever - A smart enough hundred to get the prize Clever - About fifty always present smart appearance Clever - Intelligent but caught with jemmy Clever - Quick constable's first to join force Clever - Quick introduction to centrifugal force Clever - Bright Clever - Talented Clever - Bright - ingenious Clever - Intelligent - skilful Clever - Brainy Clever - Intelligent Clever - Smart of jemmy to go after charlie Clever - Able to get a handle on calculus, initially Clever - Talented leading counsel at the bar Clever - Sharp and able Clever - Smart chopper gutted Clever - Smart without a chopper Clever - Shrewd number head for the bar Clever - Box ---, outwit someone Clever - Adroit conservative with means of exerting pressure Clever - Small class, always easy to teach? Clever - Deft, able, bright Clever - Quick to learn about means of exerting pressure Clever - Skilful, adroit Clever - Adroit; smart Clever - Quick-minded Clever - Descriptive of swift clinch, say Clever - Quick to understand Clever - Extremely cheerful and always bright Clever - Quick, skilful Clever - Quick at learning Clever - Smart Clever - About fifty always appear quick-witted Clever - The brainy way to box? Clever - Bright, able Clever - Call heartlessly, invariably appearing quick-witted Clever - Shrewd move by conservative leader Clever - Small class always intelligent Clever - Neat cognac initially on bar Clever - Bright, but there's no answer to chopper Clever - Gifted Clever - Ingenious mechanical device by entrance to castle Clever - Skilful Clever - Conservative party rises to expert Clever - Quick Clever - Knowledgeable Clever - Bright; smart Clever - Able Clever - Bright opening of cocktail bar Clever - Smart of jimmy to follow charlie Clever - Smart card's first used by machine operator Clever - Quick to learn Clever - Quick-witted Clever - Closet's opening needs handle, quick Clever - Revealing intelligence conservative party turned up Clever - Highly intelligent Clever - Handy tap handle Clever - Quick to learn and understand Clever - Capable conservative means to apply pressure? Clever - No fool in class at any time? Clever - Conservative party upset expert Clever - Ingenious key comes with operating handle Clever - Charlie's bar is bright!