Cop - Swipe

Word by letter:
  • Cop - Letter on C
  • 1 - st. word C
  • 2 - st. word O
  • 3 - st. word P

All questions by word:
Cop - Bluecoat Cop - 'bear' Cop - ___ a plea Cop - Swipe Cop - Heat unit? Cop - Acquire, slangily Cop - One of the finest Cop - Lift, so to speak Cop - One with a beat Cop - Robber's counterpart Cop - Badge wearer Cop - One with a beat? Cop - Officer Cop - Apprehend Cop - Filch Cop - Your role in this puzzle [the asterisked clues will help you crack the case] Cop - Booking agent? Cop - Bobby's u.s. relative Cop - Crimebuster Cop - One who walks a beat Cop - "nypd blue" extra Cop - Whistle blower Cop - Traffic follower Cop - Word after good and bad Cop - Flatfoot Cop - Sipowicz of "nypd blue," for one Cop - One of the village people Cop - Law enforcer, informally Cop - Lift Cop - Force member Cop - Good or bad figure Cop - Arrester Cop - Wearer of blue Cop - Walker on a beat Cop - Robber's foe Cop - Take surreptitiously Cop - Citation issuer Cop - Bobby's relative Cop - Officer of the peace Cop - Ticket issuer Cop - One on a beat Cop - Speeding-ticket issuer Cop - One on a force Cop - Whom you might see in your rearview mirror if you ignore the above signs Cop - Beat worker Cop - Radar-gun wielder Cop - Cruiser occupant Cop - One who handles bookings Cop - Patrolman Cop - Cruiser driver Cop - Friday, notably Cop - Beat walker Cop - She might carry a stick Cop - Police officer Cop - Black-and-white driver Cop - Friday, for one Cop - Suspect chaser Cop - Whistle blower, at times Cop - With "a" and 9-down, admit to a lesser offense Cop - Jockey's aid Cop - Unit of force? Cop - Radar gun aimer Cop - Steal, slangily Cop - Back (out) Cop - 54 across participant Cop - One not missing a beat? Cop - Catch Cop - One whose tickets are often expensive Cop - Worker with a beat Cop - Man or woman in blue Cop - One with cuffs Cop - Person with a collar? Cop - Beatnik? Cop - "law & order" role Cop - Five-o member Cop - Admit (to) Cop - Law enforcer Cop - Police officer, slangily Cop - Radar user Cop - He may have a beat Cop - Glom Cop - Member of the force Cop - -- a plea Cop - With 44-across, bargain for leniency Cop - 'naked gun' figure Cop - 'blue flu' sufferer Cop - 'kindergarten --' Cop - 'law & order' extra Cop - Robber's pursuer Cop - Patrol officer Cop - Nypd figure Cop - One cuffing Cop - Arresting figure? Cop - How arresting this could be, per the sound, see you Cop - Firm and soft in force Cop - The police, per this, might make it like 30 across Cop - How the police start 11 down Cop - Guard this Cop - Short policeman Cop - It's said to be 15 across with the police, all right Cop - An american policeman Cop - The arresting hundred get to work Cop - 'this, per the constabulary (3)' Cop - Member of the police force and an arrest Cop - Good or bad figure, in tv dramas Cop - Blue wearer, usually Cop - The heart of decoy work for policeman Cop - Officer of the law Cop - Steal Cop - Emergency help provider Cop - Good or bad figure? Cop - A good and bad one are often paired Cop - Badge bearer Cop - "beverly hills ___" Cop - One on the force Cop - Nightstick carrier Cop - Good __/bad __: interrogation method Cop - Police force member Cop - Station occupant Cop - Rip off Cop - Perp catcher Cop - Rights reader Cop - Shy leaving psycho with local policeman Cop - Get firm with president Cop - Policeman (informal) Cop - Policeman (slang) Cop - Policeman (colloq.) Cop - Constant work making one busy Cop - Call at the start, before surgery gets busy Cop - His work, to pursue crime principally Cop - Almost manage to catch Cop - Policeman Cop - Renege, with "out" Cop - Baton twirler Cop - Policeman (sl) Cop - Policeman (sl.) Cop - Policeman who could manage to drop tail Cop - Steal ... or the one who catches the thief Cop - Fuzz figure Cop - 'blue bloods' extra Cop - Police officer inserted into the three longest across answers Cop - Member of new york's finest Cop - One of new york's finest Cop - With 31-down, get off easier, perhaps Cop - Collar maker Cop - One pounding the beat Cop - Perp pursuer Cop - Arresting figure Cop - Patrol car driver Cop - Serpico, for one Cop - Joe friday, self-descriptively Cop - Buy weed Cop - Pilfer Cop - Adopt, as an attitude Cop - 24-across, for one Cop - Bobby : u.k. :: ___ : u.s Cop - Speeder stopper Cop - Speeding ticket issuer Cop - Whistle-blower, at times Cop - One on the beat Cop - Driver of a black-and-white car Cop - Snatch Cop - Station worker Cop - One who keeps the beat? Cop - One involved with tickets and bookings Cop - Bobby in england Cop - "blue bloods" extra Cop - Beat patroller Cop - 'brooklyn nine-nine' figure Cop - Just fine Cop - Parking lot bluecoat Cop - Police officer (slang) Cop - One collaring a perp Cop - Halfpenny collar? Cop - Crime show figure Cop - Whom a hippie called a "pig" Cop - Perp pincher Cop - Get
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Swipe (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - swipe. word on "C". 1 - st. letter C. 2 - st. letter O. 3 - st. letter P.

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