Peter - One of tom's rivals

Word by letter:
  • Peter - Letter on P
  • 1 - st. word P
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word T
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word R

All questions by word:
Peter - Westernizer of russia Peter - Detective lord ___ wimsey Peter - One of tom's rivals Peter - Nursery rhyme boy Peter - Man of principle Peter - Die (out) Peter - Martyr to nero Peter - One of the fondas Peter - '___ and the wolf' Peter - Nursery rhyme boy whose name is repeated Peter - Last supper attendee Peter - Ist or 2nd book of the bible Peter - Britten opus "--- grimes" Peter - Detective gunn of tv fame Peter - Falk of "columbo" Peter - Fictional rabbit Peter - Great name? Peter - Pianist nero Peter - Role in 'the robe' Peter - '___ pan' Peter - Ueberroth or ustinov Peter - Wane (with "out") Peter - Fonda or ustinov Peter - Pumpkin lover Peter - First pope Peter - Potter's rabbit Peter - A fonda Peter - Sellers of hollywood classics? Peter - Aka simon Peter - Pumpkin eater of the nursery Peter - Friend of paul and mary Peter - Rival of tom and dan Peter - Composer warlock Peter - Title character of a prokofiev favorite Peter - Disciple of christ Peter - Fizzle, with 'out' Peter - Russia's ___ the great Peter - Fizzle (out) Peter - Flying pan Peter - Friend of wendy Peter - Prokofiev character Peter - One of the apostles Peter - Paul and mary's partner in folk music Peter - Pumpkin eater of rhyme Peter - Graves of 'mission: impossible' Peter - Wane, with "out" Peter - One of a new testament twelve Peter - Man with a principle Peter - With 39-across, leader of the lost boys Peter - Last supper diner Peter - '90s "biography" host graves Peter - "great" one Peter - One of the farrelly brothers Peter - Sellers of movies Peter - Actor o'toole Peter - "___ and the wolf" Peter - The denyer Peter - Friend of wendy, john and michael Peter - Dwindle to nothing (with "out") Peter - Man of principle? Peter - __ pan (captain hook adversary) Peter - One of the 'brady bunch' kids Peter - Macnicol of "numb3rs" Peter - Fizzle, with "out" Peter - Lose steam, with 'out' Peter - Ontario's _____demeter Peter - Name repeated in a nursery rhyme Peter - "m" star's first name Peter - 'quo vadis?' speaker Peter - "jaws" author benchley Peter - Nero at the piano Peter - Pumpkin lover of rhyme Peter - Rabbit of kid lit Peter - Nursery rhyme character whose name is repeated Peter - "great" emperor Peter - One of the "brady bunch" kids Peter - Noted pumpkin eater Peter - Pickled-pepper picker Peter - Lord wimsey of whodunits Peter - With 128-across, performer nominated for 112-across (he didn't win any) in all of the answers to starred clues Peter - With 45-across, rival of skippy and jif Peter - Exhaust, with "out" Peter - Early czar Peter - Newsman jennings Peter - Writer benchley Peter - Prokofiev hero Peter - 'great' czar Peter - Wendy's flying friend Peter - Piper of rhyme Peter - Wendy's pal Peter - Friend of wendy Peter - Early czar Peter - Wendy's friend Peter - Rabbit of story Peter - An apostle Peter - Gatekeeper on high Peter - First name of 2-down Peter - Partner of paul and mary Peter - Falk or fonda Peter - Dwindle to nothing, with 'out' Peter - With out, he can dwindle Peter - Is he out with a whimper, not a bang? Peter - The first pope Peter - If he's blue he's off and he may get out at last Peter - He may be going till all is blue Peter - He may get out with a whimper, not a bang Peter - He may get out and fade out Peter - It shows he's going to follow the end of 8 down Peter - He might get out and fade away Peter - He might have got blue at having to be leaving Peter - A saint would be a sham if he were a big stiff Peter - He would get out, not with a bang but a whimper Peter - Is he a bit stiff for this sort of sham? Peter - .the first pope Peter - Some rob ..... to pay paul Peter - Pumpkin-eater of rhyme Peter - He might be blue to be getting out not with a bang but a whimper Peter - The saint may get out bit by bit at last Peter - Actor fonda Peter - Prokofiev's wolf catcher Peter - Ustinov of 'topkapi' Peter - Fudge's brother in judy blume's 'tales of a fourth grade nothing' Peter - Ustinov who played 1-across Peter - '80s baseball commissioner ueberroth Peter - Wolf catcher of classical music Peter - Spider-man parker Peter - Fade (out) Peter - 'family guy' dad Peter - One of a new testament 12 Peter - Keeper of hotel safes, formerly Peter - Safe name for a boy Peter - Safe accommodation detached from college Peter - 16 down's tripe merges into a catastrophe Peter - Look round the stereotypically yorkshire cell Peter - Boy come to nothing when out Peter - Safe time to look around Peter - See 8 Peter - Need part transposed to right key for singer Peter - Boy's name Peter - Safe - name for a man Peter - Boy's name - maybe blue Peter - Apostle - saint - first pope? Peter - Boy's name (maybe blue) Peter - Boy's name - safe Peter - Detective gunn of tv Peter - Heavenly gatekeeper st. -- Peter - ___ parker, aka spider-man Peter - Director jackson Peter - Piper of children's verse Peter - Dwindle, with 'out' Peter - Metaphorical theft victim Peter - With 29-down, nursery rhyme starter Peter - Saint at the pearly gates? Peter - Actor gallagher Peter - Max the artist Peter - One of the brady bunch Peter - Ustinov or ueberroth Peter - Patron saint of fishermen Peter - Singer frampton Peter - One of the wailers of bob marley and the wailers Peter - Actor falk Peter - - grimes (britten) Peter - Peterson or brown jr Peter - Wheeler, who has hooked a top executive role in rugby Peter - Radford, olympic sprint medallist Peter - Play high card before low - it's safe Peter - Scudamore Peter - Discord appearing back to front for trio Peter - Schmeichel Peter - Blue -, ship's flag Peter - - pan, eternal youth Peter - He's to cuddle her majesty Peter - Saint creates trouble ignoring society leader Peter - Given time inside, lord becomes saint Peter - A favourite queen eliza-beth put in prison cell Peter - - sellers, twentieth century english comedian Peter - Safe, as time lord's around Peter - Lord - wimsey (sayers) Peter - Cherished king and emperor Peter - - sellers, comic actor Peter - & 1a horrific scene with upright actor [2-word answer] Peter - Fade out, like marryat's uncomplicated seaman Peter - After caress, i'm not sure he's a saint Peter - And 14 dn latest actor to play doctor who Peter - Idiomatic robbery victim Peter - One of hollywood's farrelly brothers Peter - And 4 across doctor who actor Peter - Captain hook adversary Peter - "upon this rock" apostle Peter - ' - - pan' by barrie Peter - Disciple who denied jesus three times Peter - Saint, first pope Peter - Sir - - ustinov Peter - Leading apostle Peter - One of jesus' disciples Peter - A saint Peter - Chap with time to look around Peter - The chap who put the time into lord Peter - Dwindle Peter - Saint's name Peter - Safe temperature, equal all round Peter - Cephas Peter - Disciple Peter - Rock-like apostle Peter - See 16 across Peter - Disciple who was given the name cephas by jesus Peter - Tory leader captivated by lord mandelson perhaps Peter - & 23 down hermit leader is safe with nobody following Peter - Man�s a favourite with the queen Peter - Young hero (with start of 1 down) is safe Peter - Saint -- last thereof to be taken in by lord Peter - Safe flag Peter - See 14 Peter - Safe; saint Peter - Chap to become exhausted, missing out Peter - Pan on broadway Peter - Cbc's mansbridge Peter - Hero in a prokofiev work Peter - Disciple repentant finally, embraced by lord Peter - ... safe leader, say, rising to a height of incompetence, as a rule Peter - Fizzle (with "out") Peter - ___ gabriel, original singer for genesis Peter - Novelist benchley Peter - Sellers of many films Peter - Brother of flopsy, mopsy and cotton-tail Peter - With 49-down, 'the stunt man' star Peter - Novelist de vries Peter - Sellers of movies? Peter - Pumpkin eater in rhyme Peter - Pan panto character simon Peter - Name repeated before 'pumpkin eater' Peter - One of the brady boys Peter - Actor finch Peter - Saint at a gate Peter - Piper the pepper picker Peter - Man's name Peter - Time to look outside cell Peter - ______ woodcock (ontario serial killer) Peter - Singer cetera Peter - Exploser Peter - Religious leader? archbishop of canterbury, say, covers it ultimately Peter - The monkees' tork Peter - Criss of kiss Peter - Fleetwood mac founder green Peter - Drummer criss of kiss Peter - Bluesbreaker green Peter - ___ green splinter group Peter - Pan in the air Peter - Stuyvesant or minuit Peter - Saint at the pearly gates Peter - Saint recognized as the first pope Peter - Safe one robbed for paul's benefit? Peter - Pan flying Peter - Flag and fade away Peter - Patron saint of people saved Peter - Early religious leader favoured by the monarch Peter - And 16: actor who played hercule poirot Peter - Religious leader in huff about being elevated Peter - He denied christ three times Peter - Fondle that woman, husband's away so it's safe Peter - Pop artist max Peter - A beatrix potter rabbit Peter - Dwindle away to nothing
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One of tom's rivals (*****) 5 letter. - what is this?

***** - one of tom's rivals. word on "P". 1 - st. letter P. 2 - st. letter E. 3 - st. letter T. 4 - st. letter E. 5 - st. letter R.

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