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Zaps - Hits with a stun gun

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  • Zaps - Letter on Z
  • 1 - st. word Z
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Zaps - Annihilates Zaps - Blasts with a ray gun Zaps - Bypasses commercials Zaps - Cooks in a microwave Zaps - Cooks in the microwave Zaps - Electric jolts Zaps - Electrocutes Zaps - Eliminates by remote control Zaps - Gets ready for lunch, maybe Zaps - Heats for a few seconds Zaps - Heats in a microwave Zaps - Heats in the microwave Zaps - Heats up, slangily Zaps - Hits with a ray gun Zaps - Hits with a billion volts Zaps - Hits with a charge Zaps - Hits with a laser beam Zaps - Hits with a phaser Zaps - Hits with a ray gun Zaps - Hits with a ray gun, perhaps Zaps - Hits with a stun gun Zaps - Hits with a taser Zaps - Hits with bug spray Zaps - Hits with high voltage Zaps - Hits with lightning Zaps - Hits with phaser fire Zaps - Hits, raygun-style Zaps - Jolts Zaps - Kills, as bugs Zaps - Lases or tases Zaps - Microwaves Zaps - Microwaves, in slang Zaps - Microwaves, slangily Zaps - Nukes Zaps - Obliterates Zaps - Patio bug-killer sounds Zaps - Prepares, as leftovers Zaps - Puts in the microwave Zaps - Ray gun sounds Zaps - Reheats in a microwave Zaps - Reheats quickly Zaps - Sci-fi effects Zaps - Sci-fi shots Zaps - Shocks Zaps - Shoots with a ray-gun Zaps - Shoots with a sci-fi weapon Zaps - Shoots, sci-fi style Zaps - Shoots, science-fiction style Zaps - Skips commercials, in a way Zaps - Skips past commercials Zaps - Skips past, slangily Zaps - Skips, as ads on a taped show Zaps - Skips, as commercials Zaps - Skips, as tivoed ads Zaps - Sounds of shock? Zaps - Strikes with a laser beam Zaps - Stuns Zaps - Takes out in an arcade, as bad guys Zaps - Touches with a live wire Zaps - Uses a 13-across on Zaps - Uses a laser on Zaps - Uses a microwave on Zaps - Uses a microwave, e.g Zaps - Uses a ray gun Zaps - Uses a ray gun on Zaps - Uses a ray-gun on Zaps - Uses a stun gun on Zaps - Uses a taser Zaps - Uses a taser on Zaps - Video game sounds Zaps - Warms up, in a way