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Rambo - Ex-green beret of film

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Rambo - Superaggressive one Rambo - Sly character Rambo - Stallone title role Rambo - Ex-green beret of film Rambo - Stallone role Rambo - Macho military type Rambo - Three-time stallone role Rambo - Repeated stallone film role Rambo - Stallone tough guy Rambo - 'first blood' character Rambo - Green beret of movies Rambo - 1980's character with a headband Rambo - Half-german/half-indian film hero Rambo - Classic stallone role Rambo - Vietnam vet of film Rambo - Sly character? Rambo - Stallone action hero Rambo - 1980's stallone role Rambo - Iconic commando Rambo - Stallone's macho role Rambo - Stallone character Rambo - One-man army of film Rambo - Movie tough guy Rambo - Sly alter ego Rambo - Five-letter film #5* Rambo - 2008 stallone film Rambo - Sly role Rambo - 'first blood' hero john Rambo - Macho stereotype Rambo - "first blood" character Rambo - Filmdom's "one man army" Rambo - 'first blood' protagonist Rambo - Stallone screen persona Rambo - Sly type? Rambo - Sly sort? Rambo - Role for stallone Rambo - Stallone film Rambo - 'first blood' tough guy Rambo - Filmdom's 'one man army' Rambo - Macho stallone role Rambo - Archetypical tough guy since 1982 Rambo - Brute, one that's ovine and some bovine Rambo - Muscular hero has hit on reason to take bath? Rambo - Macho character having to stuff bouquet under arm Rambo - Aggressive man from crowd at the box office Rambo - Wild mob after the gunners, showing its brutal character Rambo - War veteran stars alongside inadequate lad Rambo - Senseless violent person Rambo - Character given to mindless violence Rambo - Character relying on brute force Rambo - Stupidly aggressive type Rambo - "first blood" hero Rambo - Stallone's commando character Rambo - 'first blood' hero Rambo - Four-time stallone role Rambo - Movie tough Rambo - Stallone's commando role Rambo - Brainless muscleman Rambo - Brainless hero in word-game losing head Rambo - Tough man (films) Rambo - Tough film hero Rambo - Stallone's he-man Rambo - Film series hero Rambo - Recalled mother being engrossed in old british film Rambo - Fanatically militant sort Rambo - No wuss Rambo - Ring pub up about male, violently aggressive male Rambo - 28 film hero Rambo - John --, the character played by sylvester stallone in a series of action films Rambo - Box office after smash action film Rambo - Fictional film character noted for his mindless brutality Rambo - In retrospect bob marley by and large a hero on screen Rambo - Reckless tough guy Rambo - Tough aggressive man Rambo - 'first blood' mercenary Rambo - Stallone antihero Rambo - Four-time role for stallone Rambo - Sly persona? Rambo - Exceptionally tough guy Rambo - Male bodybuilder ostensibly starts to become a he-man Rambo - Stallone film character Rambo - Film series vietnam veteran Rambo - Stallone's commando Rambo - One-man army of filmdom Rambo - Repeating movie role for 51-across Rambo - Film series, starring sylvester stallone Rambo - Macho militant of movies Rambo - Militant sort Rambo - 1982, 1985, 1988 and 2008 sylvester stallone film franchise Rambo - Macho type Rambo - Macho type Rambo - Recurring role for stallone