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Kfc - Col. sanders's place

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  • Kfc - Letter on K
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  • 3 - st. word C

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Kfc - Col. sanders's place Kfc - Fast-food inits Kfc - Popeye's alternative, briefly Kfc - Col. sanders' co Kfc - The colonel's restaurant inits Kfc - Col. sanders place Kfc - The colonel's fast-food chain, briefly Kfc - Col. sanders' legacy Kfc - Place for a bucket of food Kfc - Where you may leave with a bucket Kfc - Fast food inits Kfc - Col. sanders' outfit Kfc - Crispy twister seller Kfc - Place for food in a bucket, informally Kfc - Restaurant with wings Kfc - Co. known for breasts and legs Kfc - 'finger-lickin' good' restaurant Kfc - Col. sanders's chain Kfc - Fast-food franchise that started in s. salt lake, ut Kfc - Seller of colonel's crispy strips Kfc - Crispy twister sandwich offerer Kfc - Its logo is a goateed man in an apron Kfc - "original or crispy?" org Kfc - Place to order a bucket Kfc - Seller of buckets Kfc - 'original or crispy' offerer Kfc - Restaurant chain headquartered in louisville Kfc - Taco bell alternative Kfc - Chain with pieces, briefly Kfc - Letters on a bucket Kfc - '___ no longer permitted to use word 'eat' in advertisements': onion headline Kfc - Food-chain letters Kfc - Col. sanders's restaurant Kfc - "finger lickin' good" sloganeer, and a hint to this puzzle's theme Kfc - Org. with a double down sandwich Kfc - Chain with an extra crispy option Kfc - Col. sanders' chain Kfc - Alternative to popeyes Kfc - 'finger-lickin' good' chain Kfc - Rival of popeyes Kfc - Col. sanders's company Kfc - Sanders' franchise Kfc - "original, crispy or grilled?" co Kfc - Col. saunders creation Kfc - Crispy twister offerer Kfc - Popeye's rival Kfc - 'original or crispy' chain Kfc - Popeyes competitor Kfc - Purveyor of the doublicious sandwich Kfc - Popeyes rival Kfc - Company with a bucket list? Kfc - Colonel's charge, once Kfc - The colonel's co Kfc - Chain that dropped its full name in 1991 Kfc - One of the brands of yum! brands Kfc - Place you might see legs in a bucket Kfc - Double down sandwich maker Kfc - Bucket letters Kfc - Sister of pizza hut Kfc - Where you might exchange tender for tenders Kfc - Chain attached to buckets? Kfc - Yum! brands subsidiary Kfc - Louisville-based restaurant chain Kfc - Tender vendor Kfc - Col. saunders treat Kfc - Fast food initials Kfc - It's finger-lickin' good, if you're into that sort of thing Kfc - Col. sanders' specialty Kfc - Preparer of fast food that's 'finger-lickin' good' Kfc - Colonel's chain Kfc - Chain offering meals in buckets Kfc - Chain whose website has a "find a colonel near you" feature Kfc - Chain whose website has a 'find a colonel near you' feature Kfc - Big seller of buckets Kfc - 'finger-lickin' good' food establishment Kfc - Fast-food chain with a goateed spokesman Kfc - Fast-food chain with a goateed spokesman