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Zap - Knock out, as with a remote

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  • Zap - Letter on Z
  • 1 - st. word Z
  • 2 - st. word A
  • 3 - st. word P

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Zap - "batman" word Zap - Annihilate, arcade-style Zap - Atomize Zap - Be a buzzkill? Zap - Blast Zap - Blast last letter with anonymous pressure Zap - Bolt from the blue? Zap - Bypass the commercials Zap - Cartoon word often seen with a lightning bolt Zap - Comic book onomatopoeia Zap - Comic book sound effect Zap - Comics sound effect Zap - Cook in a hurry Zap - Cook in a microwave Zap - Cook in the microwave Zap - Cook quickly Zap - Cook quickly, in a way Zap - Cook with waves Zap - Delete in one quick stroke Zap - Delete, as a file Zap - Delete, in a way Zap - Destroy, obliterate Zap - Electric jolt Zap - Electrical jolt Zap - Electrical sound Zap - Electrocute Zap - Electrocute, in slang Zap - Eliminate, as a spot? Zap - Erase, as a pc file Zap - Exclamation coined for "buck rogers" Zap - Fast-forward past Zap - Fast-forward past the ads Zap - Fast-forward through Zap - Get rid of Zap - Give a few seconds in the microwave Zap - Heat for a few seconds Zap - Heat in a microwave Zap - Heat in the microwave Zap - Heat up leftovers, perhaps Zap - Heat up quickly Zap - Heat up quickly, as chicken Zap - Hit (colloq.) Zap - Hit with a laser Zap - Hit with a phaser Zap - Hit with a ray gun Zap - Hit with a stun gun Zap - Hit with a taser Zap - Hit with an electric bolt Zap - Hit with high voltage Zap - Instantly fry Zap - Jolt Zap - Jolt of electricity Zap - Jolt with juice Zap - Jolt with volts Zap - Keep changing tv channels Zap - Keep changing tv channels using remote control device Zap - Kill electrically, as bugs Zap - Kill mosquitos outdoors, perhaps Zap - Kill or shoot (in a microwave oven?) Zap - Kill quickly Zap - Kill with a click Zap - Kill, as a bug Zap - Knock out, as with a remote Zap - Laser gun sound effect Zap - Laser sound Zap - Laser-gun sound effect Zap - Last sound some bugs hear Zap - Last sound some bugs hear? Zap - Let the bug have it Zap - Lightning sound Zap - Lightning sound, in the comics Zap - Micro-cook Zap - Microwave Zap - Microwave, in slang Zap - Microwave, slangily Zap - Microwave, so to speak Zap - More than daze Zap - Nail with a ray gun Zap - Nuke Zap - Nuke, as food Zap - Obliterate Zap - Onomatopoeic sound Zap - Patio bug-killer sound Zap - Phaser sound effect Zap - Pose Zap - Put in the microwave Zap - Quick-cook, in a way Zap - Ray gun sound Zap - Ray gun's sound Zap - Ray-gun sound Zap - Reheat in a microwave Zap - Reheat quickly Zap - Reheat, in a way Zap - Reheat, nowadays Zap - Sci-fi blast Zap - Sci-fi sound Zap - Sci-fi sound effect Zap - Shock Zap - Shock from a socket Zap - Shocking sound Zap - Shoot Zap - Shoot with a ray gun Zap - Skip commercials, slangily Zap - Skip over, as ads Zap - Skip over, as tv ads Zap - Skip over, in a replay Zap - Skip past commercials Zap - Skip past, as ads Zap - Skip past, as commercials Zap - Skip, as commercials Zap - Skip, as tv ads Zap - Sound in a 'star wars' shoot-out Zap - Sound of a lightning bolt Zap - Sound of a lightning strike Zap - Sound of a mosquito being fried Zap - Sound of a mosquito biting the dust Zap - Sound of an anti-mosquito device working Zap - Sound of an electronic bug lure in action Zap - Sound of lightning Zap - Sound of shock? Zap - Sound on 'batman' Zap - Static jolt Zap - Stick in the microwave Zap - Strike set back south american capital, not la Zap - Stun Zap - Stun gun sound Zap - Sudden blow Zap - Tase Zap - Tase, e.g Zap - Tase, maybe Zap - Taser sound Zap - Use a laser on Zap - Use a microwave Zap - Use a microwave on Zap - Use a ray gun Zap - Use a ray-gun Zap - Use a ray-gun on Zap - Use a stun gun on Zap - Use a taser Zap - Use the microwave Zap - Use the microwave on Zap - Use the remote Zap - Use the remote, maybe Zap - Vanquish with a ray gun Zap - Warm up, in a way Zap - What lightning bolts do