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Pascal - French mathematician blaise

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Pascal - "pensées" author Pascal - "pensees" writer Pascal - 'essay on conics' author Pascal - 'pensées' philosopher Pascal - Adding-machine inventor Pascal - Blaise --, french mathematician (1623-62) Pascal - Blaise of philosophy Pascal - Calculating machine inventor, 1642 Pascal - Computer language Pascal - Computer language of provincial letter writer Pascal - Computer programming language Pascal - Dad's to ring short mathematician Pascal - Easter holiday's starting off, creating some pressure Pascal - Easter's hour off for french philosopher Pascal - France's answer to da vinci Pascal - French mathematician Pascal - French mathematician blaise Pascal - French mathematician, d. 1662 - si unit of pressure Pascal - French philosopher Pascal - French philosopher blaise Pascal - French scientist; pressure unit Pascal - He wrote 'the heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of' Pascal - Isabel of mathematics fame Pascal - Language named for a mathematician Pascal - Mathematician blaise Pascal - Mathematician from china embracing a leading pair of scientists Pascal - Mathematician's pay scale subjected to cuts Pascal - Mathematician's system of salary grading, having each part cut Pascal - Mechanical calculator inventor Pascal - Pay scale cut for french mathematician Pascal - Philosopher blaise Pascal - Pioneer in probability Pascal - Pressure shown by a short graduated measure? Pascal - Pressure unit Pascal - Pressure unit equal to one newton per square meter Pascal - Probability pioneer Pascal - Relating to sacred festival, not hard for religious philosopher Pascal - Scientist in setup, a scallywag Pascal - Scientist recording pressure over a reduced range Pascal - Seventeenth century french physicist Pascal - Some pressure applied to provincial letter writer Pascal - The old man's name one learner's forgotten -- a mathematician Pascal - Unit of pressure Pascal - Unit of pressure drawing up resin and plant fluid Pascal - Unit of pressure, french philosopher and programming language Pascal - Unit of pressure; french scientist