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Garment - Shirt or dress

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Garment - Shirt or dress Garment - Part of an ensemble Garment - Something to wear Garment - Piece of clothing Garment - Closet article Garment - Item of clothing Garment - Wearable Garment - It's so wearing to have your limb in a chap Garment - How wearing so to get your limb into the fellow Garment - An article of clothing (7) Garment - An article of clothing Garment - Ten to the gram for what you get on Garment - Shirt or skirt Garment - It's worn out great men heartlessly Garment - Coat perhaps for man without a limb Garment - Shirt, say, for fellow member included Garment - Article of clothing Garment - Gown Garment - Article of dress Garment - Man holding weapon stole, perhaps Garment - Fellow has weapon inside coat, say Garment - Without weapon man stole, perhaps Garment - Contents of sleeve in man's shirt, say Garment - Member wearing fellow's coat? Garment - Fellow carries gun? it's a habit Garment - Finally assisting a maiden in torn dress, perhaps Garment - Closet hanger Garment - Any item of clothing Garment - Vestment Garment - Clothing Garment - Chap puts arm in some clothing Garment - Some vulgar mention of item of clothing Garment - Something worn by a man carrying a gun Garment - Toff conceals weapon in piece of clothing Garment - What the fellow, a mr turner, came in wearing? Garment - Grand painting, perhaps, has fellows in costume Garment - A fellow member brought in something to wear Garment - Grant me (anag.) Garment - Clobber bloke holding weapon Garment - Clothing item Garment - Maybe a jacket fellow's hung over part of chair Garment - Man has upper limb stuck in article of clothing Garment - Man with weapon hidden in clothing Garment - Raiment