Ails - Is sick

Word by letter:
  • Ails - Letter on A
  • 1 - st. word A
  • 2 - st. word I
  • 3 - st. word L
  • 4 - st. word S

All questions by word:
Ails - Suffers Ails - Troubles Ails - Isn't feeling good Ails - Is sick Ails - Has a bug Ails - Is near bankruptcy Ails - Is under the weather Ails - Is unwell Ails - Isn't doing well Ails - Is bedridden Ails - Distresses Ails - Needs treatment Ails - 'what ___ you?' (doc's query) Ails - Is green around the gills Ails - Feels bad Ails - Is not well Ails - Feels ill Ails - "good for what --- you" Ails - Afflicts Ails - "it's good for what ___ ya" Ails - Feels fluish Ails - Feels punk Ails - Is down with something Ails - Is laid up Ails - Stays home, maybe Ails - "what ___ you?" Ails - Is peaked Ails - Bothers Ails - "good for what ___ you" Ails - Feels under the weather Ails - Has a temperature, say Ails - Needs a doctor Ails - Hurts Ails - Is green without envy? Ails - Is down Ails - ". . . good for what ___ you" Ails - Isn't up to snuff Ails - Has the flu, e.g Ails - Is indisposed Ails - Is troubled Ails - Doesn't feel so well Ails - Good for what ___ you Ails - Feels unwell Ails - Suffers bodily woes Ails - Needs medicine Ails - Has a fever, say Ails - Is off one's feed Ails - Is out of the pink? Ails - "good for what ___ ya" Ails - Feels poorly Ails - "what ___ you?" (doctor's query) Ails - Takes to the sickbed Ails - Isn't o.k Ails - Suffers symptoms Ails - Needs a doc Ails - Languishes Ails - "what ___ you?" (doctor's question) Ails - Doesn't feel so hot Ails - Isn't fine Ails - Suffers discomfort Ails - Takes sick leave Ails - Isn't well Ails - Is sickly Ails - Isn't really right Ails - Has a cold Ails - Feels lousy Ails - Is 8 down Ails - Feels off Ails - Is out of sorts Ails - Isn't up to par Ails - Isn't healthy Ails - Is hurting Ails - Sounds as if beer id the cause if one is sick Ails - Under the piano one is so sick if there are bucketes there Ails - What's the matter with the sail? Ails - Is ill or uneasy - sail away Ails - Is unwell - sail away Ails - Sounds as if beer's what's wrong with one Ails - Sounds as if beer's what's the trouble Ails - Is bedridden, say Ails - Is sick every second, from a bacillus? Ails - Is out sick Ails - Flags and sail adjusted Ails - Feels sickly Ails - Feels sick Ails - Bugs Ails - Isn't feeling well Ails - Has a bug, or bugs Ails - Has the bug, say Ails - Takes painkillers, say Ails - Requires medication Ails - Suffers from symptoms Ails - Has something Ails - Is in distress Ails - Doesn't feel good Ails - Has a bug, say Ails - Feels achy and weak Ails - Good for what __ you Ails - Feels achy Ails - Sickens Ails - Has a complaint and is lambasting shopkeeper up front Ails - Isn't feeling up to snuff Ails - Is not up to par Ails - Is a ways from all right Ails - Gets sick Ails - Showers in some parts of london causing troubles Ails - Deserted by wife, cries and languishes Ails - Isn't fit enough to have more than one drink, reportedly Ails - Doesn't feel great Ails - Needs a doctor, maybe Ails - Isn't 100 percent well Ails - Feels unhealthy Ails - Doesn't feel well Ails - Is not 100% Ails - Is fluish Ails - Is not feeling well Ails - Needs to take the day off, say Ails - Flags and sail will need adjusting Ails - Is 33-across Ails - Feels blah Ails - With 48-across, memorable al pacino movie line ... or a hint for this puzzle's theme Ails - Plantes potagères Ails - Is home sick Ails - Pains Ails - Isn't oneself Ails - Is indisposed to alter sail Ails - Feels "blah" Ails - Has what's going around Ails - Is out sick, say Ails - Isn't hale Ails - Isn't hale Ails - Doesn't feel so great Ails - Doesn't feel so great
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Is sick (****) 4 letter. - what is this?

**** - is sick. word on "A". 1 - st. letter A. 2 - st. letter I. 3 - st. letter L. 4 - st. letter S.

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