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Aha - 'gotcha!'

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Aha - 'gotcha!' Aha - 'i see!' Aha - 'i knew it!' Aha - 'now i see!' Aha - 'eureka!' Aha - Word teachers like to hear Aha - 'gotcha' Aha - 'so that's what you meant!' Aha - 'yes, i see!' Aha - 'there you are!' Aha - 'so that's it!' Aha - 'the light dawns!' Aha - 'oh, i see' Aha - Opposite of 'huh?' Aha - 'that's it!' Aha - 'so, it's you!' Aha - “eureka!” Aha - Cry upon discovering a puzzle theme? Aha - 'there it is!' Aha - 'got ya!' Aha - You might say it when you get it Aha - 'but of course!' Aha - Cry of enlightenment Aha - Insightful utterance Aha - 'i've got it!' Aha - Sound of insight Aha - Puzzle solver's cry Aha - Brainstorming cry Aha - Solver's shout Aha - 'now i get it!' Aha - Eureka! Aha - Sound of an epiphany Aha - Lab cry Aha - Gleeful cry Aha - "that's it!" Aha - Triumphant cry Aha - Cry of detection Aha - Enlightened outburst Aha - "eureka!" Aha - "i caught you!" Aha - 'so it's you!' Aha - 'i get it!' Aha - "oh, there you are!" Aha - 'well, well, well ...' Aha - Triumphant interjection Aha - Cry of recognition Aha - "i see!" Aha - Figuring-out shout Aha - "i got it!" Aha - 'clever me!' Aha - "i knew it!" Aha - Revelation response Aha - "now i get it!" Aha - What you may say when you crack the case Aha - Cry of discovery Aha - So that's it! Aha - 'i know the answer!' Aha - Sound of discovery Aha - Expression of discovery Aha - Inspired expression Aha - 'got it!' Aha - "so it was you!" Aha - Lab exclamation Aha - Solving cry Aha - "so, there you are!" Aha - "it just came to me!" Aha - 'just as i thought!' Aha - "so there!" Aha - Discovery cry Aha - 'i figured it out!' Aha - 'i found it!' Aha - 'caught ya!' Aha - Triumphant exclamation Aha - Exclamation of discovery Aha - Solver's cry Aha - Response when something hits you Aha - "caught cha!" Aha - "so that's your game!" Aha - Cry after a thoughtful silence Aha - Inspired shout Aha - 'bingo!' Aha - Inventor's cry Aha - Cry of insight Aha - 'that proves it!' Aha - "just as i thought!" Aha - 'so you're the culprit!' Aha - Recognition response Aha - Code cracker’s comment Aha - Cry when the lights come on Aha - "so that's how it is!" Aha - "gotcha!" Aha - "so there you are!" Aha - Sound of a epiphany Aha - Discoverer's interjection Aha - 'now you're making sense!' Aha - Response when something hits you? Aha - 'caught you!' Aha - Cry said while pointing Aha - Moment of realization Aha - 'so there!' Aha - "so that's it!" Aha - Brainstormer's cry Aha - "found it!" Aha - "now i've got it!" Aha - "gotcha" Aha - Epiphany moment Aha - "i've got it now!" Aha - "i totally understand now!" Aha - "i thought so!" Aha - 'take on me' band Aha - "bingo!" Aha - "as i suspected!" Aha - Shout of discovery Aha - 'i have an idea!' Aha - "great idea!" Aha - Sleuth's outburst Aha - Opposite of 'duh!' Aha - "now i understand!" Aha - "here it is!" Aha - Successful solver's shout Aha - Finder's cry Aha - "i've got it!" Aha - "i've figured it out!" Aha - "i see it now!" Aha - "a clue!" Aha - Forehead slapper's word Aha - Type of "moment" of inspiration Aha - Sleuth's cry Aha - "yes!" Aha - "an idea!" Aha - Shout of triumph Aha - "i solved it!" Aha - Cry with eyes lit up Aha - Gotcha! Aha - "well, lookee here!" Aha - Light-bulb moment word Aha - Sound of a light bulb going on? Aha - "i'm onto you now!" Aha - 'of course!' Aha - Melodramatic cry Aha - Light-dawning cry Aha - "well whaddya know!" Aha - "it was you!" Aha - Exclamation of revelation Aha - Dawning shout Aha - 'i suspected as much!' Aha - Solver's syllables Aha - Understanding word Aha - Cry when it hits you Aha - Word of surprise Aha - Inspired cry Aha - "what did i tell you?!" Aha - Epiphany indicator Aha - Exclamation of surprise Aha - Sneak's shout Aha - Sleuth's shout Aha - Comment after getting something Aha - Cry of realization Aha - "i figured it out!" Aha - Cry before 'it's you!' Aha - Exclamation of triumph Aha - Cry of triumph Aha - Sound of surprise Aha - "but of course!" Aha - 'oh, clever!' Aha - "caught ya!" Aha - 'now it's clear!' Aha - Accusatory exclamation Aha - "take on me" band Aha - "now i see!" Aha - "caught you!" Aha - Cry when a light bulb goes on Aha - "caughtcha!" Aha - Cry while pointing a finger Aha - "there's the problem!" Aha - "what did i tell you?" Aha - "i have an idea!" Aha - 'the light has dawned!' Aha - 'can't fool me!' Aha - 'now i understand!' Aha - Word associated with a light bulb Aha - 'mystery solved!' Aha - Puzzle-solver's shout Aha - Fact-checker's cry Aha - "i get it!" Aha - "got it!" Aha - "mystery solved!" Aha - Evidence of inspiration Aha - Cry when seeing something for the first time Aha - Discoverer's cry Aha - Revelation reaction Aha - "of course!" Aha - "now we're getting somewhere" Aha - Detective's cry Aha - Band that won five mtv video music awards for 'take on me' in 1986 Aha - Solution reaction Aha - "caught in the act!" Aha - Gottcha! Aha - 'so!' Aha - "i have the answer!" Aha - Revelatory, as a moment Aha - Opposite of "huh?" Aha - Crossword solver's cry Aha - An ___ moment Aha - "so!" Aha - "i get it now!" Aha - Palindromic exclamation Aha - "now i've got you !" Aha - Unmasker's cry Aha - Troubleshooter's word Aha - Climactic whodunit cry Aha - 'i knew it all along!' Aha - Palindromic sound of discovery Aha - 'that's brilliant!' Aha - "now i know the answer!" Aha - "just as i suspected!" Aha - 'brilliant!' Aha - "i got you!" Aha - Triumphant shout Aha - Idea person's exclamation Aha - Sound made by a cracker? Aha - "oh, i see" Aha - Brainstorm outburst Aha - Comment after getting something? Aha - Only norwegian band to do a james bond theme song Aha - "solved it!" Aha - "caught you red-handed!" Aha - "i suspected as much!" Aha - 'i get it now!' Aha - "got ya!" Aha - 'i caught you!' Aha - Palindromic response to a revelation Aha - 'i get it now' Aha - 'take on me' band playing their final shows this december Aha - __ moment: sudden realization Aha - Whodunit shout Aha - "so it's you!" Aha - Oprah's moment? Aha - Shout of enlightenment Aha - Idea person's cry Aha - Exclamation of insight Aha - "figured it out!" Aha - "got it now!" Aha - "i gotcha!" Aha - ___ moment Aha - Word of insight Aha - 'so that's it, eh?' Aha - Discoverer's call Aha - 'now it makes sense' Aha - 'i understand' Aha - 'i thought so' Aha - Kin of 30-across Aha - 'i caught ya!' Aha - 'i have it!' Aha - 'found it!' Aha - Whodunit cry Aha - 'just as i suspected!' Aha - 'i got you!' Aha - 'so that's your game!' Aha - 'i'm onto you now!' Aha - They did theme to 'the living daylights' Aha - Surprise, surprise! that's what makes the medical officer turn up in nebraska Aha - Pleased with the expression that might get one the o.m. in the states Aha - Expression of surprise, satisfaction or triumph Aha - Exclamation of triumph or surprise, a palindrome Aha - Exclamation of triumph or mockery, a palindrome Aha - "the missing piece!" Aha - Exclamation of discovery or triumph Aha - Palindromic exclamation of triumph or surprise Aha - Exclamation of triumph or surprise Aha - Exclamation of triumph or surprise - a palindrome Aha - Either way, the triumphant express Aha - Bit more to make this usually triumphant Aha - They did theme to "the living daylights" Aha - Code cracker's cry Aha - What a teacher likes to hear from a pupil Aha - Exclamation akin to 17-down Aha - "surprise!" Aha - 'finally!' Aha - Cry of satisfaction Aha - Cry when a light goes on Aha - 'the penny drops!' Aha - Word of discovery Aha - I've got it! Aha - Cry upon figuring out 66-across Aha - It's "eureka!" either way Aha - 'here's the answer at last!' Aha - Bingo alternative? Aha - Exclamation of knowledge Aha - 'i got it!' Aha - Light-dawning remark Aha - Cry made with a raised index finger Aha - 'found you!' Aha - __ moment Aha - It may result from a discovery Aha - 'i see it now!' Aha - "well, whaddya know!" Aha - "i understand now!" Aha - "oh, i see!" Aha - Bingo substitute Aha - 'puzzle solved' Aha - "so that's what that means!" Aha - Realization vocalization Aha - 'take on me' group Aha - 'a clue!' Aha - Light-dawning exclamation Aha - It's said when a light bulb goes on Aha - What this puzzle may make you say Aha - Kind of moment Aha - It might be heard when a light bulb goes on Aha - Word said just before solving a tricky clue Aha - Exclamation when a light goes on? Aha - It may be expressed in a moment Aha - "now it's clear!" Aha - 'oh, i see!' Aha - Shout of inspiration Aha - Nod accompanier Aha - 'found ya!' Aha - 'oh, so that's it!' Aha - 'now i see' Aha - "now i see" Aha - "i have an idea" Aha - -- moment Aha - Cry after an epiphany Aha - __ moment (epiphany) Aha - Expression of surprise finding pathway regularly obscured Aha - They claimed ther sun always shines on tv Aha - Oslo's pop world-beaters Aha - David bowie's kind of film people Aha - Expression of surprise Aha - Cry of surprise from whaler cut short Aha - Something over my head - with no end of puzzlement, finally i get it! Aha - Expression of triumph Aha - What a surprise, as leading horse fails at ditch Aha - I'm surprised obsessive whaler finally failed Aha - Cry of surprise Aha - Word professors like to hear Aha - Word of apprehension Aha - Insightful cry Aha - 'i just thought of something!' Aha - "i just thought of something!" Aha - Sound of a light going on? Aha - "now it's clear" Aha - 'so it was you!' Aha - Going up and down with surprised expression Aha - Surprised expression Aha - Either way it expresses surprise Aha - Mata hari's expression of surprise Aha - Contents of bag she had producing surprised reaction Aha - Puzzle solver's shout Aha - 'i see now!' Aha - Triumphant sound Aha - "take on me" group Aha - Shout of success Aha - Exclamation expressing surprise or triumph Aha - "great idea" Aha - 'now it all makes sense!' Aha - 'the plot thickens!' Aha - Epiphanic, as a moment Aha - "so that's the answer!" Aha - Exclamation accented on the second syllable Aha - I'm surprised a ditch only goes halfway Aha - Sudden understanding Aha - Triumphant reaction Aha - Comment after sudden insight Aha - "so that's what you meant!" Aha - 'you are so busted!' Aha - Cry of realisation Aha - "i've found it!" Aha - I see inside panama hat Aha - 'so you admit it!' Aha - I told you so! Aha - "i know the answer!" Aha - 'i've figured it out!' Aha - I told you so Aha - Shout of insight Aha - Sound of a breakthrough Aha - Puzzler's cry Aha - 'i caughtcha!!!!' Aha - 'now i see what a great song 'take on me' is!!!' Aha - Catching-on cry Aha - Enlightened exclamation Aha - Cousin of 'eureka!' Aha - Caught yah! Aha - Successful puzzler's cry Aha - "there you are!" Aha - 'it just came to me!' Aha - Sound of enlightenment Aha - "can't fool me!" Aha - 'caught you in the act!' Aha - 'as i suspected!' Aha - Epiphanic cry Aha - Epiphany word Aha - Cry with an epiphany Aha - Gotcha Aha - "finally!" Aha - Cry from the enlightened Aha - 'told you so!' Aha - Cry of apprehension Aha - 'by george, i think i've got it!' Aha - 'i thought so!' Aha - 'an idea!' Aha - Band w/famous animated '80s vid Aha - "the sun always shines on t.v." band Aha - '80s norwegian band that went "shying away" Aha - '80s norwegian "take on me" band Aha - "hunting high and low" band Aha - Band w/famous animated video Aha - "take on me, take me on" band Aha - "hunting high and low" band (hyph.) Aha - "thought so!" Aha - 'how brilliant!' Aha - "you can't fool me!" Aha - Pop group whose name is an exclamation Aha - Cry of revelation Aha - 'so that's the story here!' Aha - "the sun always shines on tv" band Aha - Discoverer's shout Aha - "i just discovered this!" Aha - 'now i've got it!' Aha - "oh, so that's it!" Aha - ___ moment (epiphany) Aha - "i've just discovered it!" Aha - 'you can't fool me!' Aha - "i've got the answer!" Aha - __ moment (insightful instant) Aha - Group topped ditch Aha - "i know that!" Aha - What some moments are called Aha - Cry upon getting a tough crossword clue Aha - "take on me" band (hyph.) Aha - "it's clear now!" Aha - "the missing clue!" Aha - Discovery sound Aha - "i see the light!" Aha - Exclamation sometimes spelled with a hyphen Aha - Cracking indication Aha - Cry of epiphany Aha - "so that's the puzzle theme!" Aha - 'so that's the puzzle theme!'