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Refer - Allude (to)

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  • Refer - Letter on R
  • 1 - st. word R
  • 2 - st. word E
  • 3 - st. word F
  • 4 - st. word E
  • 5 - st. word R

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Refer - Allude (to) Refer - Send elsewhere Refer - Hand over (to) Refer - Direct Refer - Send on Refer - Direct elsewhere Refer - Direct (to) Refer - Give someone the business Refer - Allude Refer - Give someone the business? Refer - Send for information Refer - Namedrop, e.g Refer - Send to another doctor, maybe Refer - Use source books Refer - Make allusions (to) Refer - Send (to) Refer - Direct to a source Refer - Make mention of Refer - Call attention (to) Refer - Send for consultation Refer - Not handle oneself, say Refer - Cite Refer - Send for a second opinion Refer - Send to another doctor Refer - Direct, as for info Refer - Consult the dictionary, e.g Refer - Pertain, with "to" Refer - Point (to) Refer - Pertain (to) Refer - Direct attention Refer - Send, as to a specialist Refer - Send to another lawyer Refer - Direct, as for information Refer - Send to a specialist Refer - Make allusions Refer - Direct attention elsewhere Refer - Send somewhere else Refer - Send elsewhere, as to a specialist Refer - Going to and fro one may make this freer Refer - Either way you could make this freer Refer - Either way one may allude to this Refer - Either way, this may make some allusion to the whistler with `er Refer - Either way so to allude to this could make one freer Refer - Either way, one may allude to this Refer - Whichever way you look at this, you may allude to it Refer - Either way one may be able to allude to this Refer - Sounds as of she may come fourth Refer - Either way, one may make mention of this Refer - Will the referee go to 'er for information? (5) Refer - Either way, one might allude to this Refer - This may get freed all the same up and down Refer - One may allude to this, whichever way one looks at it Refer - Allude to what may be freer up and down Refer - Either way one may allude to this to make it freer Refer - Allude to this backwards and forwards Refer - Either way one may make mention of this Refer - One may make mention of this, up or down Refer - Make mention of this up and down Refer - Backwards and forwards for 6 down Refer - Allude to this up and down Refer - Make mention either way Refer - Freer to make an allusion Refer - Advert, cite Refer - Advert, mention Refer - Make allusion, direct attention with words Refer - Either way the referee can get to 'er Refer - Send or direct to a specialist Refer - Pertain or cite Refer - Make an allusion to Refer - Make an allusion, direct attention to by words Refer - Make allusion, or turn to for information Refer - Make an allusion, being freer Refer - Make an allusion, or send on Refer - Make mention of this either way Refer - Either way, make mention of this Refer - Mention this either way Refer - Direct attention (to) Refer - Send (to) for help Refer - Point in either direction Refer - Toke finally taken from joint? pass on to another Refer - Turn to (for information, authorisation etc) Refer - Hand over for consideration (to) Refer - Be relevant Refer - Be relevant (to) Refer - Direct elsewhere heading north or south Refer - Consult, with 'to' Refer - Direct to a specialist Refer - Direct attention to umpire's hesitation Refer - Pass the matter on regarding iron resistance Refer - Cite, with "to" Refer - Send a patient to a specialist Refer - Allude (with "to") Refer - Feature of many a movie house Refer - Make an allusion (to) Refer - Pertain; assign Refer - With no pressure, choose rather to send to a specialist Refer - Fail (an exam candidate) Refer - Go to the third umpire? Refer - Fail (exam candidate) Refer - Send up and down Refer - Advert making a comeback too Refer - Send to specialist, concerned with iron reading barely showing Refer - Allude (to something) Refer - Direct attention of whistle-blower to revolutionary corps Refer - Allude to favour, though not initially Refer - Send someplace else Refer - Consult for information Refer - Appeal to higher authority, anyway Refer - Freer (anag.) Refer - Appeal that may be overturned Refer - Allude to possibility of its going up or down Refer - Relate Refer - Palindromic attribute Refer - Speak of the right to free travel Refer - Consult the match official with hesitation Refer - Whether to the left or right, the umpire displays hesitation Refer - Pertain Refer - Send to - and fro! Refer - Consult Refer - Send to - and fro Refer - Apply to go in either direction Refer - Assign to adjudicator with little demur Refer - Point both ways Refer - Direct this way or that Refer - Relate, one way or the other Refer - Direct to look up and down? Refer - Direct attention either way Refer - Point to man in the middle on one of the wards Refer - Send elsewhere, as a patient Refer - Apply, even after setback Refer - Allude to rising and falling Refer - Send or direct for treatment Refer - Would sooner have lost head than allude to this Refer - Direct elsewhere, as to a medical specialist Refer - Direct, as to a specialist Refer - If special treatment needed, gp might do this in joint, half-heartedly Refer - Allude to former bandmate in interview Refer - Send, as a patient to a specialist Refer - Allude to album title in interview Refer - Send, as to a second doctor Refer - Send to a different doctor Refer - Make allusion (to) Refer - Joint head of enterprise leaves for transfer Refer - Appeal in two ways Refer - Send (to) for a second opinion Refer - Cite, with 'to' Refer - Advert to, mention