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Reigns - Acts as king

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Reigns - Acts as king Reigns - Rules Reigns - Wields the scepter Reigns - Is a monarch Reigns - Wears the crown Reigns - Occupies the throne Reigns - 1910-36 for george v, and 1936-52 for george vi Reigns - Holds the scepter Reigns - Runs the show Reigns - What his majesty does precipitates things, by the sound of it Reigns - Sound as it they're wet as a rule Reigns - As a rule they sound as if it's not so fine Reigns - As a rule they have a wet sound Reigns - As a rule that's what it always seems to do in ireland, by the sound of it Reigns - That does not sound at all so fine as a rule Reigns - By the sound of it, it's not so fine as a rule Reigns - As a rule it sounds wet Reigns - As a rule it sounds as if it's wet Reigns - They rule the gee-gees, by the sound of them Reigns - Rules as monarch Reigns - It sounds wet when one is at the top Reigns - What his majesty does, even it it doesn't sound fine Reigns - Rules over like singer Reigns - Singer who governs Reigns - Rules over, occupies throne Reigns - Rules over as monarch Reigns - Rules as sovereign Reigns - Lords it over singer Reigns - Periods of sovereign rule Reigns - Rules like singer Reigns - As a rule, one has the makings of a singer Reigns - It's not so fine, by the sound of it, when one is on a throne Reigns - As a rule this sounds wet for the rider Reigns - Sounds not so fine as a rule Reigns - As a rule they sound wet Reigns - Rules broken by singer Reigns - Rules the singer breaks Reigns - Holds sway Reigns - Holds the title of monarch Reigns - Periods of rule Reigns - Sits on the throne and showers, we hear Reigns - Obtains 20s broadcast Reigns - Acts as monarch Reigns - Governs Reigns - Governs showers, we hear Reigns - Wayne's ____ (gretzky's dominance) Reigns - Wields power Reigns - Ruling periods Reigns - Rules as a monarch