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Hatch - 'down the ___!' (drinker's toast)

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Hatch - 'down the ___!' (drinker's toast) Hatch - Get cracking, in a way Hatch - Deck opening Hatch - Incubate Hatch - Come out of one's shell? Hatch - Way belowdecks Hatch - Break out, in a way Hatch - Concoct, as a plot Hatch - Devise, as a plot Hatch - Emerge from the egg Hatch - Break out of one's shell Hatch - Down the ___ Hatch - Throat, in a toast Hatch - Rocket entry Hatch - Come out of one's shell Hatch - Concoct, as a plan Hatch - "down the ___!" (drinker's toast) Hatch - Concoct Hatch - Submarine egress Hatch - Floor door Hatch - Contrive, as a scheme Hatch - Utah senator Hatch - Opening in the navy? Hatch - Trapdoor opening Hatch - Emerge from an egg Hatch - Sub entry Hatch - Ship door Hatch - First 'survivor' winner richard Hatch - The way you get on 9 down will get you a little foul, by the sound of it Hatch - Sit on eggs Hatch - Movable cover on ship's deck - batten it down Hatch - Of young bird or fish, emerge from egg Hatch - Get the chicken out this way on board Hatch - It could be a panama church from way out at sea Hatch - Exit an egg Hatch - Plan in shade of doorway Hatch - Brood in straw etc beginning to fly off Hatch - See 19 across Hatch - 17's track opening Hatch - Emerge from shell Hatch - Emerge from egg - opening Hatch - Incubate - opening Hatch - Opening with removable door Hatch - Incubate - plan Hatch - Cook up, as a plot Hatch - Crack an egg? Hatch - Dream up Hatch - Devise Hatch - Contrive Hatch - Break out of one's shell? Hatch - Sub door Hatch - Deck opening; (egg) open Hatch - Trapdoor cover Hatch - Devise rule for opening Hatch - (of egg) open Hatch - Draw fine lines to represent opening Hatch - Shade a problem for lawn when temperature first drops Hatch - Emerge from egg Hatch - Access opening Hatch - Cook up, and serve here? Hatch - Opening that chef uses Hatch - Opening for access Hatch - Enter the world with thick hair, but not on top Hatch - What can emerge from that? chickens Hatch - Mountain goat Hatch - Devise an opening Hatch - Opening car, contrive to emerge in shade Hatch - Goes on ahead to church opening Hatch - Brood Hatch - Breed Hatch - Hair -- with loss on top one gets to brood Hatch - Roof with no opening for loft access Hatch - Concoct an opening in the kitchen Hatch - Minor difficulty with answer for one to concoct Hatch - Originate Hatch - Sit on that chair to eat Hatch - Devise a restricted entrance Hatch - Serving aperture Hatch - Check under lid for opening in deck Hatch - Escape mechanism Hatch - Come out of your shell Hatch - Be egged no longer? Hatch - Develop thick hair? not at first Hatch - Sub access Hatch - "batten down the ___" snow patrol Hatch - Trump up in hotel for a last first-class holiday for leaders Hatch - Think up