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Steams - Ticks off

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Steams - Angers Steams - Changes the water for small groups of players Steams - Cooks at mess function Steams - Cooks clams Steams - Cooks clams, commonly Steams - Cooks clams, maybe Steams - Cooks crabs Steams - Cooks in a healthy way Steams - Cooks in vapour Steams - Cooks over boiling water Steams - Cooks using evaporated water Steams - Cooks with water vapour Steams - Cooks, as broccoli Steams - Cooks, as clams Steams - Cooks, as dim sum Steams - Cooks, as dim sum dumplings Steams - Cooks, as some clams Steams - Cooks, as some vegetables Steams - Cooks, as some veggies Steams - Cooks, in a way Steams - Do they play the game in the ship that doesn't sail? Steams - Does a slow burn Steams - Emits vapor Steams - Emits vapours Steams - Fogs (up), as a window Steams - Gently unwrinkles Steams - Gently unwrinkles, in a way Steams - Gets really ticked Steams - Gives off gas Steams - Have meat in the ship during the voyage Steams - How a ship moves with players on board Steams - Makes furious Steams - Makes irate Steams - Moves that may result in unsound mate on board Steams - Prepares broccoli Steams - Prepares clams, perhaps Steams - Prepares crabs, in a way Steams - Prepares in a wok, as vegetables Steams - Prepares pilaf Steams - Prepares some healthy veggies from inside a sauna Steams - Prepares vegetables Steams - Prepares veggies Steams - Prepares, as mussels Steams - Provokes Steams - Really rankles Steams - Really ticks off Steams - Riles (up) Steams - Rises as vapour Steams - Stalks around answer and loses one's rag! Steams - Tees off Steams - The side gets inside the ship as it goes along Steams - Threshold "heady ___" Steams - Ticks off Steams - Tramp cooks joint Steams - Uses an iron setting Steams - What wardrobe does, at times