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Mantle - Three-time a.l. m.v.p

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Mantle - "the mick" of baseball Mantle - 1956 triple crown winner Mantle - 500 home run club member Mantle - A cloak in which to lament Mantle - A cloak, cover Mantle - Baseball legend Mantle - Baseball legend mickey Mantle - Baseball's mickey Mantle - Cloak Mantle - Cloak and shelf over the fireplace Mantle - Cloak for man carrying books Mantle - Cloak or loose outer garment Mantle - Covering of long hair hiding end bits of tail Mantle - Covering with which chap binds a set of books Mantle - Disguise bloke let out Mantle - Earth layer Mantle - Earth layer below the crust Mantle - Earth's middle layer Mantle - Fellow conceals scripture in cloak Mantle - Gas lamp part; cloak Mantle - Geological layer that's about 1,800 miles thick Mantle - Goes over light cloak Mantle - Great gas when it's worn so lightly Mantle - Hall of fame subject of "the last boy" Mantle - Hall of famer mickey Mantle - He starts to have an "enty in a masculine setting for cover Mantle - His "7" was retired Mantle - His '7' was retired Mantle - It's below the crust Mantle - It's beneath the crust Mantle - It's great gas the way it glows on one Mantle - It's great gas to make light of it if it's worn Mantle - It's great gas when it glows Mantle - Knight maybe put on half of little cloak Mantle - Lament in loose cloak Mantle - Lament over cloak Mantle - Layer below earth's crust Mantle - Layer between core and crust Mantle - Layer of earth Mantle - Layer of the earth Mantle - Layer of the earth between the crust and the core Mantle - Legendary yankee Mantle - Legendary yankees slugger Mantle - Loose cloak Mantle - Loose cloak, shawl Mantle - Loose outer garment or covering Mantle - Mickey of cooperstown Mantle - Mickey of the diamond Mantle - Mickey of the yankees Mantle - Mickey the yankee great Mantle - Not only the lining in bloke's cloak Mantle - Outer garment Mantle - Record holder for world series homers Mantle - Request for 4 down? that's no good Mantle - Robe or gas-lamp fitting Mantle - Runner-up to maris in 1961 Mantle - Sad lament in cape Mantle - Shelf over a fireplace Mantle - Sleeveless cape Mantle - Sleeveless cloak Mantle - Sleeveless coat Mantle - Slugger mickey Mantle - Slugger with a 1956 triple crown Mantle - Slugger with a 1956 triple crown Mantle - So wearing, but great gas with it so glowing Mantle - Switch-hitter with the most career homers Mantle - Symbol of authority Mantle - Three-time a.l. m.v.p Mantle - To have clothing that's glowing is great gas Mantle - Used to be great gas to make light of it Mantle - Will he let this get worn? Mantle - Yankee great mickey Mantle - Yankee legend mickey Mantle - Yankee mickey, born in 18-across Mantle - Yankees legend