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Ashamed - Red-faced

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Ashamed - Chagrined Ashamed - Red-faced Ashamed - Red Ashamed - Guilt-ridden Ashamed - Embarrassed Ashamed - Feeling guilt or remorse Ashamed - Mortified Ashamed - Not exactly proud Ashamed - Far from proud Ashamed - Guilt-ridden, e.g Ashamed - Remorseful Ashamed - Not proud Ashamed - Humiliated Ashamed - Regretful Ashamed - Feeling guilty Ashamed - Conscience-stricken Ashamed - Wracked with guilt Ashamed - Feeling disgrace Ashamed - One can never be proud to be a false editor Ashamed - One cannot be proud of such a false editor Ashamed - He must feel it disgraceful to be such a false editor Ashamed - Not a genuine editor, and not proud of it either Ashamed - Contrite or embrassed Ashamed - One cannot be proud of such a porcine editor Ashamed - One could never be proud of such a false editor Ashamed - One can't be proud of an editor that's by way of being a bit of a pig Ashamed - When edward was like a bit of a pig he was so contrite Ashamed - Having painful regret for behaviour Ashamed - Feeling remorse and guilt Ashamed - 'embarrassed, guilty (7)' Ashamed - Mortified, humbled Ashamed - Afflicted with remorse, feeling sense of wrongdoing Ashamed - Feeling remorse and contrition Ashamed - Feeling bad, having done something wrong Ashamed - Embarrassed, sheepish Ashamed - Mortified or consciencestricken Ashamed - Embarrassed and contrite Ashamed - Troubled by feelings of guilt or embarrassment Ashamed - Sheepish Ashamed - In time, pity makes you embarrassed Ashamed - A bogus journalist feeling guilty Ashamed - A bogus journalist found guilty Ashamed - Feeling guilty, has made reparations Ashamed - Cinders gets wicked dame feeling guilty Ashamed - Humiliated by a spurious education Ashamed - Feeling guilty, so has made amends Ashamed - Cinders made trouble and is sorry Ashamed - Abashed - embarrassed Ashamed - Feeling guilt or embarrassment Ashamed - Disconcerted with embarrassment Ashamed - Feeling bad after unworthy action Ashamed - Overcome by remorse or guilt Ashamed - Contrite Ashamed - Can¿t be proud of morning in a shed Ashamed - A bogus journalist wishing he hadn't done it? Ashamed - Red in the face Ashamed - Feeling such a fool Ashamed - Embarrassed, and then some Ashamed - Turning red, quite possibly Ashamed - A bogus journalist hanging his head Ashamed - Guilty, embarrassed Ashamed - Discomfited Ashamed - Embarrassed, guilty Ashamed - Not proud when deceived about me Ashamed - A phoney party leader being sheepish? Ashamed - Embarrassed by pretence adopted by a newspaperman Ashamed - He's a mad lunatic, and should be mortified Ashamed - A bogus journalist is conscience-stricken Ashamed - Feeling remorse Ashamed - Abashed Ashamed - Contrite after shutting american in a hut Ashamed - Mortified when a frenchman is housed in a hut Ashamed - Sorry to see tree by the sea Ashamed - He's adam (anag.) Ashamed - Like noah's son, edward is contrite Ashamed - Has gone off, wrongly made to feel embarrassed by Ashamed - A bogus journalist felt humiliated Ashamed - A bogus journalist humiliated Ashamed - Cinders gets the wicked dame feeling guilty Ashamed - Like adam's son, edward is mortified Ashamed - Whitewash a mediaeval centre? reluctant! Ashamed - Has made trouble when embarrassed Ashamed - A bogus editor should be mortified Ashamed - First person, having pierced a fish, is sorry Ashamed - Feeling guilty, has made blunders Ashamed - A cast around in the morning, feeling embarrassed Ashamed - Troubled by feelings of guilt Ashamed - A false journalist feeling guilty Ashamed - Embarrassed when actor initially exploits director Ashamed - Feeling remorseful Ashamed - Turning red, perhaps Ashamed - Like ott actor, hollow-eyed and red-faced Ashamed - Beyond regretful Ashamed - Feeling embarrassed Ashamed - Guilt-stricken Ashamed - Sorry there’s no proper leader for the paper