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Transient - Fly-by-night

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Transient - Dicky natters in passing Transient - Drunk natters in passing Transient - Ephemeral article is about to be submerged in river Transient - Fleeting Transient - Fly-by-night Transient - Fugitive fled stir oddly, in temporary cover Transient - Fugitive fled, then is back in camp Transient - Fugitive time flew, still without length Transient - Here today and gone tomorrow Transient - Here today, gone tomorrow Transient - Hotel guest Transient - Impermanent Transient - Is entrant prepared for passing? Transient - Itinerant itinerants lose one itinerant Transient - Lasting a short time Transient - Lasting little time Transient - New entrant is fly-by-night Transient - New entrant is not here to stay Transient - New entrant is temporary Transient - Nine tarts handed out, gone in a trice! Transient - Not staying at inn - rest on the move Transient - Only i travelled in train sent for temporary worker Transient - Passing Transient - Passing a couple of poles to one in river Transient - Passing a couple of poles, i plunged into river Transient - Passing article is hauled back in river Transient - Passing rain's unfortunately penetrating marquee Transient - Passing tennis shot after cunning returns Transient - Passing tennis shot, following return of skill Transient - Passing test, ran in all excited Transient - Passing test, ran in to get drunk! Transient - Passing through at one ten, roughly Transient - Passing trains on network Transient - Passing trains when one's running late, beginning from kent Transient - Passing trains, ten diverted Transient - Passing, short-lived Transient - Rent isn't a problem for one not staying long Transient - Sent train out for a short time only Transient - Short series broadcast one put off Transient - Short time passed then shot around mid-air Transient - Short-lived fugitive Transient - Short-lived violent demonstration dropped mood Transient - Short-termer that's escaped is put back under canvas Transient - Temporary worker finds quarters in passage Transient - Volatile individual among new entrants