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Villain - Wrongdoer

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Villain - Heavy Villain - Stereotypical mustache twirler Villain - Hear 9-across Villain - After fifty it couldn't be less in this direction Villain - Principal fictional baddie Villain - Principal wicked character Villain - No good - i shall shortly be in vain Villain - Not a good guy for a house that's fancy and trendy Villain - Criminal gets in at the back of the house Villain - House in which is a rogue Villain - Rogue does his dirty work in vain Villain - Scoundrel proud to admit cruelty Villain - Bad guy Villain - Baddy Villain - Baddie Villain - One "hissed" in a melodrama Villain - Book baddie Villain - No hero of football team at home Villain - Criminal Villain - Criminal; stage baddy Villain - Criminal at home with revolutionary leader Villain - Criminal with a couple of homes Villain - Criminal sick, without success? Villain - One played badly in football team at home Villain - Bad person getting sick, to no avail? Villain - Bad person in story/play Villain - Criminal is sick - to no purpose? Villain - Rogue soccer club's popular Villain - Wicked criminal Villain - Futile to imprison sick criminal Villain - Football team to harvest criminal Villain - House well-favoured but unscrupulous guy Villain - Evil character Villain - Rogue in home first Villain - Criminal out of house and home Villain - Scoundrel Villain - Rogue Villain - Six in all were hacked to pieces by the scoundrel Villain - Wrongdoer Villain - Criminal laid up in hollow Villain - Holiday home in cornwall? Villain - Costa del sol home, perhaps, popular for gangster Villain - Side batting like blofeld? Villain - Football team elected rogue Villain - Recipient of boos Villain - Proud to capture bad criminal Villain - Person who might finish off a hero Villain - Futile incarcerating evil criminal Villain - Large country house may be popular and good for nothing Villain - Criminal’s nice house and home