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Moth - Sweater eater

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Moth - 'the structure of a play is always the story of how the birds come home to -' (arthur miller) Moth - *one attracted to a flame Moth - Adult silkworm Moth - Annual test on hot insect Moth - Army worm, eventually Moth - Armyworm, eventually Moth - Audioslave song about a sweater-eater? Moth - Audioslave song about eater of sweaters? Moth - Bad thing to keep in the closet Moth - Be he like this by night so huge? Moth - Bit-part in the dream (otherworldly) Moth - Bulb circler Moth - Bulb circler, often Moth - Butterfly cousin Moth - Butterfly impersonator Moth - Butterfly look-alike Moth - Butterfly relative Moth - Butterfly's cousin Moth - Butterfly's kin Moth - Candle circler Moth - Candlelight visitor? Moth - Chrysalis result Moth - Closet concern Moth - Closet cuisine fan? Moth - Closet eater? Moth - Closet invader Moth - Closet pest Moth - Closet problem Moth - Closet trespasser Moth - Cloth-eating insect Moth - Cloth-eating larva Moth - Clothes alterer of a kind Moth - Clothes closet pest Moth - Clothing consumer Moth - Common culprit in the closet Moth - Could be goat starts to meander over the heath Moth - Creature on the movie poster for 'the silence of the lambs' Moth - Cutworm, eventually Moth - Destructive insect Moth - Evening flier Moth - Ex-caterpillar Moth - Fabric foe? Moth - Fabric-eater in a closet Moth - Fairy like 13 Moth - Finally crash following test flier Moth - Flame attract-ee Moth - Flame fancier Moth - Flame flutterer Moth - Flame-fancying flier Moth - Flame-loving insect Moth - Flier among hangers Moth - Flier given sort of test on helicopter initially Moth - Fluttery flier Moth - Fly-by-night? Moth - Fly-by-nighter, typically Moth - Flyer in lunesta ads Moth - Flying insect Moth - Former silkworm Moth - Former woolly bear Moth - Four-winged insect Moth - Gauzy-winged insect Moth - Goes out at night with one of the parents missing in hospital Moth - Grown-up silkworm Moth - Gypsy or luna Moth - Gypsy that flies Moth - Henry and thomas brought back insect Moth - Hole maker Moth - How a fly-by-night begins to be a parent Moth - Insect Moth - Insect attracted to light Moth - Insect drawn to flame Moth - Insect drawn to flames Moth - Insect drawn to light Moth - Insect now initially flying in m ay? Moth - Insect of the order lepidoptera Moth - Insect that shorted out an early computer, spawning the term 'computer bug' Moth - Insect's mum - no very significant female Moth - Insect, mainly nocturnal Moth - Insect; fairy (mnd) Moth - Insect; mnd fairy Moth - Io or atlas follower Moth - Io or gypsy Moth - Io, e.g Moth - It may come to light Moth - It might come out of the closet Moth - It's bad to keep in the closet Moth - Lepidopterist's specimen Moth - Lepidopterist's study Moth - Light circler Moth - Light lover Moth - Light-bulb circler Moth - Light-headed flier? Moth - Light-headed insect? Moth - Light-loving flier Moth - Light-loving insect Moth - Lightbulb circler Moth - Lover of light Moth - Luna, for one Moth - Mainly nocturnal insect Moth - Maker of holes Moth - May, possibly, not name emperor? Moth - Moving back and forth doing the rounds can be a pest Moth - Moving back and forth, doing the rounds can be a pest Moth - Night flier Moth - Night flying insect Moth - Night insect Moth - Night light sight Moth - Night-flier Moth - Night-flying insect Moth - Nocturnal flier Moth - Nocturnal insect Moth - Nocturnal winged insect Moth - One attracted to a flame Moth - One drawn to a flame Moth - One drawn to flames Moth - One drawn to light from other part Moth - One going toward the light Moth - Pest attracted to light Moth - Phototropic flier Moth - Porch light circler Moth - See 1 Moth - See 14-across Moth - Small insect that lays its eggs in cloth or fabric Moth - Something that might come to light? Moth - Sweater destroyer Moth - Sweater eater Moth - Taker of night flights Moth - Test's hard for night flyer Moth - This fly-by-night will get 'er to have 11 across Moth - This leads to masses of tiny holes Moth - Usually nocturnal insect Moth - Wardrobe ruiner Moth - Winged clothing consumer Moth - Winged insect Moth - Wool eater Moth - Wool fancier Moth - Wool lover Moth - Woolly bear, eventually Moth - ___-eaten