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Curt - Rudely terse

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Curt - Rudely terse Curt - Rudely abrupt Curt - Short Curt - Short and to-the-point Curt - Abrupt Curt - Flood of baseball Curt - Brusque Curt - Sportscaster gowdy Curt - To the point Curt - Snippy Curt - Pitcher schilling Curt - Longtime red sox sportscaster gowdy Curt - Rudely brief Curt - Hardly windy Curt - Of few words Curt - Short-spoken Curt - Terse to the point of rudeness Curt - Short and not sweet Curt - Short and not so sweet Curt - Short and to the point Curt - Far from wordy Curt - Snappish Curt - With a in the end it's a hanging matter, in short Curt - In short, the brute will come to tea Curt - In short, may be drawn with a in Curt - In short, with a in the end it's for a hanging Curt - Brusque, short Curt - Brief and terse Curt - Rudely abrupt, short Curt - Brief and brusque Curt - A bit brusque Curt - Terse and laconic Curt - Brusque, abrupt in speech Curt - Laconic Curt - Discourteously brief Curt - Rudely blunt Curt - Short and abrupt Curt - 'glee' character Curt - Clipped (or the start of an air force general's split personality) Curt - Snappy dog bit tail Curt - Looking back, summer shirt for old police force is too short Curt - Clipped Curt - Terse Curt - Far from chatty Curt - Brusquely succinct Curt - Snappy cricket stroke picking up runs Curt - Dismissively short Curt - Shrub with bright autumn colours Curt - Short cut that's about right Curt - Short and trim - about right! Curt - Short dog catches hold of shirt-tail Curt - Concise Curt - Snappy mongrel chasing sort of bone Curt - Romeo making an entrance, cut short Curt - Short axe is about right Curt - Far from loquacious Curt - Austerity measure covering end of year, in short Curt - Marked by rude shortness Curt - Short dog with tail? just its tip Curt - Short but not necessarily sweet