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Immortal - Enduring

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Immortal - About tea one has no scruples forever Immortal - Any mount olympus dweller Immortal - Bad time (it's admitted) to be a god Immortal - Being so dissolute about tea will never end Immortal - Deathless Immortal - Enduring Immortal - Enduring academician like marguerite yourcenar, for example? Immortal - Enduring, like victor hugo or marguerite yourcenar, for example Immortal - Everlasting Immortal - Exceptionally long-lived academician? Immortal - Famous, but wrong about tory leader Immortal - First illuminated in early ms Immortal - Forever celebrated Immortal - Forever lacking in 18 down about tea Immortal - Great person seen as evil over time Immortal - Great wrong embracing maiden Immortal - I'm deadly and famous for a very long time Immortal - I'm going to die famous Immortal - I'm only human but never to be forgotten Immortal - I'm only human, but never to be forgotten Immortal - Imperishable Immortal - Incorruptible? i'm only human! Immortal - Lacking principles, without time for god, for example Immortal - Lasting forever Immortal - Licentious without time, never ending Immortal - Like vampires Immortal - Living forever Immortal - Moral tim (anag.) Immortal - Never dying Immortal - Never more no more Immortal - Not subject to death Immortal - One of enduring fame, but wrong about time Immortal - Personal admission contrary to being imperishable Immortal - Remembered for all time Immortal - Timeless tory leader in blue Immortal - Unable to buy it? Immortal - Undying Immortal - Valhalla resident Immortal - Wrong about time, though unaffected by time? Immortal - Wrong to seize countries, essentially lacking exit strategy?