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Text - Phone-to-phone communication Text - Common teen message Text - Short communication Text - Be all thumbs as a writer? Text - Former partner in race to send word Text - Contact, nowadays Text - Droid message Text - Mobile phone message Text - Course requirement Text - 'u r so funny ... lmao,' e.g Text - 'how r u?,' e.g Text - Message from one who's all thumbs? Text - Words, not illustrations Text - 'r u there?,' e.g Text - Emoticon medium Text - Send a message, in a way Text - Message with an emoji, maybe Text - Old mate featured in times passage Text - Book bag book Text - Contact in a way Text - Send a phone message Text - Written material for study Text - Book set for exam Text - Writing or printing Text - Reduce length of that extended piece of writing Text - Use phone in last extremity Text - A sudden stop Text - From testament, extract inspiration for sermon Text - Words for divorced spouse in race Text - Send message by phone Text - Contact former partner time after time Text - A written work Text - Passage of key vote, time after time Text - Written work Text - Book temporary accommodation (ten, not noon) Text - Words for detached spouse in race Text - Many a twitter update Text - Part of 5-down Text - Modern message Text - Words appearing on a computer screen Text - Short passage from the bible Text - Phone a message to lover after breakup, time after time Text - Short passage from the bible, the words are appearing on the computer screen Text - Wording Text - Script Text - Words of a book Text - Written matter Text - Written communication Text - Words appearing on computer screen Text - Written material Text - Message on mobile Text - Writing Text - Message in time and out of time Text - Written document Text - Kind of phone message nobody hears Text - Writing from time to time Text - Message Text - Passage from the bible used in a sermon Text - Man's attraction, hugging partner lost for words Text - Send a phone message to Text - Written or printed work Text - Class work Text - Emoji holder Text - Campus bookstore purchase Text - Contact, in a way Text - Exchange between cell mates? Text - Phone-to-phone message Text - Kind of book, or what's in it Text - Underlying theme Text - Sent a message to main body Text - It may be skillfully created by one who's all thumbs Text - Message that may include emoji Text - 'omg' or 'lol,' say Text - Small-screen reading Text - Mobile message Text - Phone message, often Text - One might arrive with a beep Text - One way to send a message Text - It might contain an emoji Text - Class book Text - Not a good thing to do while driving Text - Message with an emoji, often Text - How you find your friend at a show Text - Locator, perhaps Text - How you find your friend at loud show Text - College bookstore purchase Text - Dangerous thing to do while driving Text - Message former partner during race meeting Text - Sermon's basis, often Text - "don't ___ and drive" Text - Schoolbook, or much of its contents Text - Thumb thing to read? Text - Many an iphone message Text - Sms exchange Text - Former partner going inside time after time to use phone? Text - Part of a phone plan Text - The words of something Text - One component of a data plan Text - 'c u l8r,' e.g Text - Modern message that is extracted from the bible? Text - Message that may be autocorrected Text - Note sent via iphone Text - '___ me' (modern parting words)