Uso - G.i. entertainment grp

Word by letter:
  • Uso - Letter on U
  • 1 - st. word U
  • 2 - st. word S
  • 3 - st. word O

All questions by word:
Uso - Mil. entertainers Uso - G.i. entertainment grp Uso - Kind of show Uso - G.i. entertainers Uso - Road show grp Uso - Troupes for the troops: abbr Uso - Show presenter, for short Uso - Private club, for short? Uso - Canteen grp Uso - Show presenter on base, briefly Uso - Entertaining grp Uso - Bob hope's wwii gp Uso - Tour organizer: abbr Uso - 'for the boys' grp Uso - Hope's road show org Uso - Gi's hangout Uso - It brought hope to gis Uso - G.i. entertainer Uso - Troupe grp Uso - Active duty entertainers, in short Uso - 'for the boys' subj Uso - G.i. morale booster Uso - Gi r&r provider Uso - Troop morale booster Uso - Wwii entertainers Uso - Bob hope tour grp Uso - Grp. that sends pkgs. to soldiers Uso - Gi show sponsor Uso - Donut-and-dance org Uso - Wartime entertainment org Uso - Military supporter, for short Uso - Gis' r&r spot Uso - Troop troupe?: abbr Uso - Troop troupe: abbr Uso - ___ show Uso - Bob hope tour gp Uso - Gi hangout Uso - G.i.'s troupe grp Uso - Gp. that's done tours in iraq Uso - Grp. that entertains troops Uso - Gi troupe Uso - R&r provider Uso - Org. that's done shows in iraq Uso - Gi haven Uso - Private entertainers? Uso - Morale-building grp. since 1941 Uso - Wartime entertainer group Uso - R&r provider for gis Uso - Gi relaxation destination Uso - Gi entertainers Uso - Army r&r provider Uso - Pfc's r&r provider Uso - Grp. putting on shows for troops Uso - "until every one comes home" sloganeer: abbr Uso - Wartime entertainers Uso - Operator of 17-across, for short Uso - Gi r&r gp Uso - Army support grp Uso - Grp. founded in part by the y.m.c.a Uso - Troop entertainment sponsor: abbr Uso - They troupe for the troops Uso - Hope offerer: abbr Uso - Subj. of the 1991 film "for the boys" Uso - Mil. morale booster Uso - Gi morale booster Uso - Grp. with shows in iraq Uso - Grp. helping those on shore leave Uso - Grp. that entertains the troops Uso - Canteen initials Uso - Troop entertainment gp Uso - Troupe for the troops Uso - 'until every one comes home' org Uso - G.i. hangout Uso - Lounge provider at major airports Uso - Gi show gp Uso - Mil. morale-booster Uso - Support grp. for the troops Uso - Troupe org Uso - Grp. putting on shows for the troops Uso - Tour grp Uso - G.i. uplifter Uso - Bob hope's org Uso - Gi entertainer Uso - Soldier's club Uso - Military diversion? Uso - Troupe for troops: abbr Uso - Troop troupe, briefly Uso - Troop-support grp Uso - Bob hope's entertainment gp Uso - Grp. of major supporters? Uso - Troop troupe sponsor, briefly Uso - They're an entertaining bunch Uso - Show near the front? Uso - Wwii bob hope org Uso - Troop-entertainment org Uso - Gp. stephen colbert did a tour with in june, 2009 Uso - 'until every one comes home' grp Uso - Military morale-boosting gp Uso - Mil. group with the slogan 'until every one comes home' Uso - Show grp Uso - Hope contributed to it for 50 yrs Uso - Kind of tour, for short Uso - "camp show" org Uso - Troop-boosting group Uso - "until every one comes home" org Uso - Support gp. for the troops Uso - It brought hope to the troops: abbr Uso - Gi support gp Uso - Troop support grp Uso - Org. that puts on shows for the military Uso - Gi show grp Uso - Troops' support grp Uso - Gi show group Uso - Troop-entertaining grp Uso - Private entertainers, for short? Uso - Soldier show org Uso - Gi support grp Uso - Operation mail call grp Uso - Bob hope show sponsor Uso - G.i.'s entertainment provider Uso - R&r stop Uso - Gi-entertaining org Uso - Bob hope's longtime sponsor Uso - Mil. entertainer Uso - Gis' entertainers Uso - 56-across' backup, often Uso - Gi entertainment grp Uso - Gi entertainment org Uso - Gis' entertainment grp Uso - Gis' entertainment org Uso - Mil. club Uso - Mil. show sponsor Uso - Gi uplifter Uso - Wwii morale booster Uso - Gp. that helps soldiers see stars Uso - Wwii entertainer Uso - Club for gis Uso - Hope grp Uso - Show on the front? Uso - 'home away from home' grp Uso - 2011 natl. medal of arts recipient Uso - Org. that sent stephen colbert to iraq in 2009 Uso - Troops' support gp Uso - Military support grp Uso - Airport facility for gi's Uso - Camp show sponsor Uso - Troop support org Uso - Major entertainment gp.? Uso - 'until every one comes home' gp Uso - "until every one comes home" grp Uso - 'for the boys' gp Uso - Entertainment gp. in afghanistan Uso - Canteen gp Uso - Camp show org Uso - Private club, briefly? Uso - Gp. that sets up international tours for bands Uso - Morale-boosting org Uso - __ show Uso - Operation enduring care sponsor Uso - Mil. support gp Uso - Service support gp Uso - Mil. hangout Uso - Org. with shows in theaters? Uso - Gis' entertainment source Uso - Troupe for the troops, briefly Uso - Wartime entertainment grp Uso - Gi-entertaining grp Uso - Troop assistance grp Uso - Org. for ann miller, who said 'you try to help them, try to sing and dance ... it's heartbreaking.' Uso - Gp. that holds tours Uso - Gis' entertainment gp Uso - Morale-boosting grp Uso - Private entertainers, briefly? Uso - Troop-lifting gp Uso - Support gp. for troops Uso - Troupe for the troops: abbr Uso - "lifts the spirits" gp Uso - Org. that's hosted errol flynn, wayne newton and stephen colbert Uso - Soldiers' support grp Uso - "every moment counts" gp Uso - Troop support group Uso - Camp-show org Uso - Hangout for ncos Uso - Bob hope's wwii grp Uso - 1941 fdr creation Uso - G.i.-entertaining grp Uso - Pvt. entertainer? Uso - Gi r&r center Uso - Military morale booster Uso - Mil. entertainment group Uso - Gp. that performs in theaters? Uso - Private entertainers' initials Uso - Support gp. since 1941 Uso - Grp. doing private shows? Uso - Military support gp Uso - G.i.-entertaining org Uso - Canteen letters Uso - Military entertainment grp Uso - Entertainer of gis Uso - Grp. that brought colbert to baghdad Uso - Troops-gifts seller Uso - Morale-boosting gp Uso - Entertainment provider for gis Uso - "force behind the forces" tour gp Uso - "always by their side" org Uso - Mil. morale boosters Uso - Gi support group Uso - Donut-and-dance org. of wwii Uso - "support our heroes" group Uso - 'for the boys' support grp Uso - "for the boys" support grp Uso - Troop-entertaining gp Uso - G.i. tour grp Uso - G.i.-entertaining group Uso - Gi-entertaining group Uso - Gi-entertaining group Uso - Grp. with the motto 'until every one comes home' Uso - Grp. that puts on a show
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G.i. entertainment grp (***) 3 letter. - what is this?

*** - g.i. entertainment grp. word on "U". 1 - st. letter U. 2 - st. letter S. 3 - st. letter O.

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