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Isr - Netanyahu's land: abbr

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Isr - Netanyahu's land: abbr Isr - Neighbor of leb Isr - Mt. carmel site: abbr Isr - Neighbor of syr Isr - Where mt. carmel is: abbr Isr - Leb. neighbor Isr - Medit. nation Isr - Medit. state Isr - Mideast land: abbr Isr - Jerusalem is its cap Isr - Country with a blue-and-white flag: abbr Isr - Levantine land: abbr Isr - Frequent negotiator with the p.l.o Isr - Nation since 1948: abbr Isr - Eshkol once led it: abbr Isr - Jerusalem's home: abbr Isr - Sharon's land: abbr Isr - Med. country Isr - 1949 armistice locale: abbr Isr - Mt. carmel locale (abbr.) Isr - Medit. land Isr - Place to spend shekels: abbr Isr - 45-across neighbor: abbr Isr - 10-down ally: abbr Isr - Nation founded in 1948 (abbr.) Isr - Rabin's land: abbr Isr - Syr. neighbor Isr - Acre's land: abbr Isr - Mideast map abbr Isr - Mt. carmel site (abbr.) Isr - See 2-down Isr - Acre's place: abbr Isr - El al destination: abbr Isr - It's on the medit Isr - 1 across' country: abbr Isr - Adversary of 31-across: abbr Isr - Mt. carmel locale, briefly Isr - Mt. carmel locale Isr - Desert land: abbr Isr - It touches the river jordan: abbr Isr - 1967 war participant: abbr Isr - Haifa's land: abbr Isr - Where mt. tabor is, briefly Isr - Neighbor of jor Isr - 1949 un entrant Isr - Haifa locale: abbr Isr - Mt. tabor's country Isr - Land on the medit. sea Isr - Modern site of ancient caesarea: abbr Isr - Mt. carmel site, briefly Isr - U.s. ally since '48 Isr - Foe of hezbollah: abbr Isr - Acre's setting: abbr Isr - Un member since 1949 Isr - Nation estd. in 1948 Isr - Ahab's kingdom: abbr Isr - Land on the med Isr - Haifa's loc Isr - Jaffa's land: abbr Isr - Mt. tabor's country: abbr Isr - Nation on the medit. sea Isr - Its flag features a six-pointed star: abbr Isr - Much of its water comes from l. tiberias Isr - Where mt. tabor is: abbr Isr - Sinai borderer: abbr Isr - Acre's locale: abbr Isr - Country on the med Isr - Country of 15-across, briefly Isr - Mount carmel's locale: abbr Isr - Big exporter of diamonds: abbr Isr - Land that's around 16% muslim: abbr Isr - Home of the ramon crater: abbr Isr - 60-yr.-old state Isr - Medit. country Isr - Livni and netanyahu's nation: abbr Isr - Country whose national anthem's title means 'the hope': abbr Isr - Country on the medit Isr - West bank locale: abbr Isr - Jerusalem is its capital: abbr Isr - Nat. that turned 60 last year Isr - Haifa's country: abbr Isr - Country estd. in 1948 Isr - Mideast land since 1948: abbr Isr - Land that's largely desert: abbr Isr - Hula valley land: abbr Isr - Neighbor of jordan: abbr Isr - Knesset's land: abbr Isr - Haifa's nat Isr - U.n.-created land: abbr Isr - Maccabiah games setting: abbr Isr - Masada natl. pk. setting Isr - Camp david accords signer: abbr Isr - Country of i. rabin Isr - Its anthem is 'hatikvah': abbr Isr - Its highest mtn. is meron Isr - Nation with controversial settlements: abbr Isr - Nation on the med Isr - Arabic is one of its two official langs Isr - Mt. carmel setting Isr - Where oskar schindler is buried: abbr Isr - Tel aviv's land: abbr Isr - Tel aviv's home: abbr Isr - 1-down's land: abbr Isr - Abbr. after acre Isr - Its cap. is jerusalem Isr - Haifa loc Isr - Med. nation Isr - Galilee loc Isr - Loc. of 75-across Isr - El al's primary destination (abbr.) Isr - A neighbor of syr Isr - U.n. member since '49 Isr - Six-day war victor: abbr Isr - Neighbor of egypt (abbr.) Isr - Land bordering the dead sea: abbr Isr - Pres. peres's nation Isr - Us ally since '48 Isr - State bordering syr Isr - Nimrod fortress natl. pk. setting Isr - It has more museums per capita than any other country: abbr Isr - See 32-down: abbr Isr - U.s. ally whose capital has the letters u-s-a in the middle of its name: abbr Isr - Med. land Isr - Tel aviv's country: abbr Isr - It's s. of leb Isr - Homeland of g. meier Isr - El al home: abbr Isr - Shimon peres's land: abbr Isr - Knesset's nation: abbr Isr - Med. republic Isr - Non-eur. u.s. ally Isr - Land on the med. sea Isr - Home to bar-ilan univ Isr - Beersheba's land: abbr Isr - Mount zion's land: abbr Isr - 23-down's land (abbr.) Isr - Jerusalem's land: abbr Isr - Neighbour of syr Isr - U.n. member since 1948 Isr - Follows shahar peer on the scoreboard Isr - Country on the mediterranean: abbr Isr - Neighbour of 54 across Isr - Home of m. dayan Isr - Tel aviv's land (abbr.) Isr - Land south of leb Isr - U.n. member since 1949 Isr - 32-across accords signatory: abbr Isr - Country est. in 1948 Isr - Camp david accords signatory: abbr Isr - Birthright ctry Isr - U.n. member since 1949: abbr Isr - Knesset's land (abbr.) Isr - State since 1948: abbr Isr - Kibbutz locale: abbr Isr - Lod's land: abbr Isr - Mediterranean land: abbr Isr - Mount carmel's land (abbr.) Isr - Nation on the medit Isr - Dead sea country: abbr Isr - Netanyahu is its pm Isr - Tlv airport's locale Isr - United nations entrant of 1949: abbr Isr - Its stamps use kosher glue: abbr Isr - Mideast nation: abbr Isr - Mossad's land: abbr Isr - Eastern med. land Isr - Negev desert land: abbr