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Opt - Go one way or the other

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  • Opt - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word T

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Opt - "x" a box, say Opt - 'chews for this, by the sound of it (3)' Opt - 'x' a box, say Opt - -- for (choose) Opt - Act decisively Opt - Back (out) Opt - Be choosy Opt - Be choosy? Opt - Be decisive Opt - Bow (out) Opt - Call tails, e.g Opt - Call tails, for example Opt - Cast one's vote Opt - Certain pair in bridge Opt - Check "yes," e.g Opt - Check the box (for) Opt - Chews the sound of this for work over tea Opt - Chews this, by the sound of it Opt - Chews with such a sound from the broken pot Opt - Choose Opt - Choose "yes," e.g Opt - Choose (for) Opt - Choose (to) Opt - Choose (with "for") Opt - Choose broken pot Opt - Choose from melting pot Opt - Choose from pot Opt - Choose pop-tarts with no bits on Opt - Choose to back, seizing power Opt - Choose to participate, with 'in' Opt - Choose work time for a meeting Opt - Choose, with "for" Opt - Choose, with 'for' Opt - Choose, with 'to' Opt - Co-___ Opt - Decide Opt - Decide (for) Opt - Decide (to do) Opt - Decide (to) Opt - Decide between possibilities Opt - Decide between possibilities, choose Opt - Decide not to join, with 'out' Opt - Decide on, with 'for' Opt - Decide to be involved (in) Opt - Decide to leave, with 'out' Opt - Decide to take, with 'for' Opt - Decline, with "out" Opt - Decline, with 'out of' Opt - Decline, with 'out' Opt - Do some picking Opt - Don't participate, with "out" Opt - Drop (out) Opt - Elect Opt - Elect (to) Opt - Elect, with "for" Opt - Elect, with 'for' Opt - End or act of shutting Opt - Final tribute killed in the first 'hunger games' named after a roman statesman Opt - For (choose) Opt - Get off the fence Opt - Get off the fence, so to speak Opt - Get off the fence? Opt - Go (for) Opt - Go for it, with 'in' Opt - Go for with the ball, getting a point Opt - Go one way or the other Opt - Go one way rather than another Opt - Go with, with 'for' Opt - Have preference for something Opt - Hold in the highest esteem Opt - How, after a century, one might choose to be this sort of christian Opt - I and mum find it best for the top to be broken Opt - If i'm a bit more,that's all for the best Opt - Indicate a preference Opt - Make a call Opt - Make a choice Opt - Make a choice (for) Opt - Make a choice and compete regularly Opt - Make a choice, with 'for' Opt - Make a decision Opt - Make a pick Opt - Make a selection Opt - Make choice Opt - Make one's decision Opt - Make the call Opt - Make up one's mind Opt - Make up your mind Opt - Make up your mind for half of those in the bar Opt - Not participate, with 'out' Opt - Not req Opt - Org. with two orbs in its seal Opt - Participate, with "in" Opt - Pick Opt - Pick (with "for") Opt - Pick a card, e.g Opt - Pick a card, say Opt - Pick an alternative Opt - Pick from pot Opt - Pick or choose Opt - Pick out from the top twenty Opt - Pick, with "for" Opt - Pick, with 'for' Opt - Plump for Opt - Plump, overly plump, truthfully, when first seen Opt - Prefer, choose Opt - Put "x" in a box Opt - Quit, with "out" Opt - Road reversal Opt - Say no, with "out" Opt - Say no, with 'out' Opt - Select Opt - Select (with "for") Opt - Select a ball-point Opt - Select as an alternative Opt - Select half of 23 across Opt - Select one Opt - Select top model Opt - Select, with "for" Opt - Select, with 'for' Opt - Settle old vacant plot Opt - Settle on (with "for") Opt - Show a preference Opt - Show a preference for something Opt - Show preference for something, make a choice Opt - Stop dilly-dallying Opt - Stop shilly-shallying Opt - Stop waffling Opt - Stop wavering Opt - Take a pick Opt - Take one's pick Opt - Take your pick Opt - Turn it down, with "out" Opt - Vote (for) Opt - Vote yes or no Opt - With 30-down, kind of clause Opt - With 76-across, choose not to take part in Opt - Withdraw (with "out") Opt - Withdraw, with "out" Opt - Withdraw, with 'out' Opt - Word from the french for "choose" Opt - Word from the latin for "wish for" Opt - Word with "out" and "for" Opt - __ for (choose) Opt - __ in (choose to participate) Opt - __-out clause Opt - ___ for (choose) Opt - ___ out (decline) Opt - ___ out (quit) Opt - ___ out (stop subscribing) Opt - ___ out (withdraw) Opt - ___-in (like some mailing lists) Opt - ___-in clause Opt - ___-out clause