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Yangtze - Chang, alternatively

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Yangtze - (eastern) river Yangtze - *river spanned by the three gorges dam Yangtze - A river in eg new zealand - tay, perhaps? Yangtze - Any zinnia initially get freakishly big flower? Yangtze - Asia's longest river Yangtze - Asian river Yangtze - Chang, alternatively Yangtze - China's biggest banker Yangtze - China's largest river Yangtze - China's longest river Yangtze - China's longest river now known as chang jiang Yangtze - China's main river Yangtze - China�s longest river Yangtze - Chinese principle's first to trust most of buddhist sect - it has a chinese course Yangtze - Chinese river Yangtze - Chinese river (z, not s) Yangtze - Chinese river, aka chang jiang Yangtze - Chinese river; get zany (anag.) Yangtze - Chinese river; tyne zag (anag.) Yangtze - Former name of china's longest river, now the chang Yangtze - Get zany eccentric into the river Yangtze - Great flower in manly nature article, unknown for its heart Yangtze - Greatest current asset of the people's republic Yangtze - How zany to have such a big china flower and get with it Yangtze - It has its outlet in the east china sea Yangtze - Longest asian river Yangtze - Longest river in asia Yangtze - Longest river in china Yangtze - Longest river of asia Yangtze - Major chinese river Yangtze - Major currency of china Yangtze - Major watercourse ends in busy area when flowing out - suez, maybe Yangtze - Perhaps giving tyne no end of gaze - it's a big river Yangtze - Principal river in china Yangtze - Principal river in china, also called chang jiang Yangtze - River flowing from tibet to the east china sea Yangtze - River of china Yangtze - River spot in which i'll get lost, say? no circumnavigating backs Yangtze - River voyage danger? ditch dozens in the centre Yangtze - River; get zany (anag.) Yangtze - See 62-down Yangtze - Sight from shanghai Yangtze - Site of the three gorges dam Yangtze - Stan getz failing? no way! first, there's a yen to see him in flower! Yangtze - Suspect unknown double agent as long-distance runner Yangtze - Tay, e.g., confused with nz river Yangtze - The . . . . . . . kiang is china's principal river Yangtze - The largest chinese flower Yangtze - The principal river of china Yangtze - Three gorges dam site Yangtze - Two unknowns penning article on great european river