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Preens - Prettifies

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Preens - Prettifies Preens - Shows pride in one's appearance Preens - Congratulates oneself Preens - Gussies up Preens - Primps Preens - Acts like a peacock Preens - Fixes feathers Preens - Acts foppish Preens - Makes oneself appear smart Preens - Lingers at the mirror, say Preens - Dolls up Preens - Dresses up fussily Preens - Fusses in front of a mirror Preens - Hogs the mirror Preens - Prettifies oneself, as in a mirror Preens - Gets ready for a date, perhaps Preens - Grooms, as feathers Preens - Smooths ruffled feathers Preens - Grooms Preens - Runs a bill through Preens - Uses a mirror Preens - Overuses the mirror Preens - Be scornful up under the piano as one primps oneself Preens - In a postscript, never turn up and primps Preens - Never back in the postscript and settles the ruffled feathers Preens - Grooms oneself in a vain manner Preens - Grooms, as a bird would Preens - Trims feathers with beak Preens - Arranges as a bird does its feathers Preens - How one prides oneself that it's never back in the postscript Preens - Prides oneself there's never a thing up in the postscript Preens - Smoothes one's feathers Preens - Spends time at the mirror Preens - Fixes feathers for hens, where the h is! Preens - Fusses by a mirror Preens - Fusses over one's appearance Preens - Fusses in front of a mirror, say Preens - Smooths one's feathers Preens - Makes oneself smart Preens - Titivates Preens - Fusses at a mirror Preens - Does a peacock impression Preens - Grooms (oneself) Preens - Dresses down Preens - Congratulates oneself when one writes about in Preens - Beautifies Preens - Gets ready for the prom, perhaps Preens - Works on one's plumage Preens - Hogs the mirror, say