Operas - Some mozart art

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  • Operas - Letter on O
  • 1 - st. word O
  • 2 - st. word P
  • 3 - st. word E
  • 4 - st. word R
  • 5 - st. word A
  • 6 - st. word S

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Operas - "aïda" and "carmen" Operas - "carmen" and "elektra" Operas - "carmen" and "norma" Operas - "carmen" and "otello" Operas - "carmen" and" salome" Operas - "don giovanni" and "don pasquale" Operas - "einstein on the beach" and "nixon in china" Operas - "fidelio" and "orfeo ed euridice" Operas - "fidelio" and "otello" Operas - "jenufa" and "alceste," e.g Operas - "macbeth" and "otello" Operas - "norma" and "don carlo" Operas - "norma" and "turandot" Operas - "ring cycle" quartet Operas - "stiffelio" and "don carlos" Operas - "tosca" and "turandot" Operas - 'anna nicole' and 'nixon in china' Operas - 'carmen' and 'aida' Operas - 'carmen' and 'elektra' Operas - 'doctor atomic' et al Operas - 'einstein on the beach' and 'nixon in china' Operas - 'falstaff' and 'fidelio' Operas - 'falstaff' and others Operas - 'faust' and others Operas - 'la boheme and la traviata, say (6)' Operas - 'lakmé' and 'lulu' Operas - 'norma' and 'don carlos' Operas - 'orlando' and 'otello' Operas - 'wozzeck' and 'jenufa' Operas - 13 across finds foundation for the divas Operas - 14 across for work and song Operas - 22 mozart works Operas - All-singing productions Operas - As rope makes parts in them for 11 down Operas - At the stage of being vocal Operas - Car men among them all for show Operas - Car men make one of them Operas - Car with men for one of them Operas - Composition of 'der ring des nibelungen' Operas - Cos¿ fan tutte and the magic flute Operas - Covent garden offerings Operas - Covent garden performances Operas - Cultural entertainment Operas - Donizetti's oeuvre Operas - Dramas set to music Operas - Dramatic musical productions Operas - Dramatic musical works Operas - Dramatic musicals in which words are sung Operas - Dramatic works set to music Operas - Eg faust, salome Operas - Glass works Operas - Glass works? Operas - Gluck works Operas - Goes around to exercise for irish cycling race with series of four cycles famous in the ring Operas - Goes around to exercise for irish race with series of four famous in the ring Operas - Have nothing against stewed pears: they can be grand Operas - High-culture entertainment Operas - Invoices for work times? Operas - Janet baker's specialty Operas - John adams productions Operas - La boheme and la traviata, say Operas - La fenice productions Operas - La scala offerings Operas - La scala performances Operas - La scala productions Operas - La scala shows Operas - La scala stagings Operas - La traviata, aida Operas - Leitmotif settings Operas - Lincoln center offerings Operas - Lincoln center productions Operas - London coliseum shows Operas - Making a comeback again in silly soap productions Operas - Men follow the car for one of such times of work, perhaps Operas - Men follow the car for one of them Operas - Met events Operas - Met expectations? Operas - Met fare Operas - Met offerings Operas - Met performances Operas - Met production responsibilities? Operas - Met productions Operas - Met requirements? Operas - Met set Operas - Met shows Operas - Meyerbeer output Operas - Might music make short work of long times? Operas - Might the car get men for one of them? Operas - Mozart en a écrit beaucoup Operas - Mozart en a écrit beaucoup Operas - Music hall presentations Operas - Musical dramas Operas - Musical performances Operas - Musical plays Operas - Musical productions Operas - Musical shows of pesaro Operas - Musical works, in historical times, introduced by old piano Operas - Nabucco and tosca Operas - Nothing to do with parking times for the singers Operas - O spare these dramas Operas - Oeuvres dramatiques Operas - Old queen chopping vegetables works in covent garden Operas - One of them is a car with men under it Operas - One such may be for car men Operas - Palais garnier offerings Operas - Performances at 104-across Operas - Performances of puccini Operas - Plays in which the words are sung Operas - Poetically open artist's shows, featuring singers Operas - Price venues Operas - Productions that showcase 15-across Operas - Puccini productions Operas - Puccini specialties Operas - Puccini works Operas - Puccini works, e.g Operas - Ring components Operas - Ring quartet Operas - Sap with the ore for song Operas - Shows at the met Operas - Shows medical procedure a number of times Operas - Some are grand, some are light Operas - Some dramas set to music Operas - Some mozart art Operas - Some musical shows Operas - Some pbs programs with subtitles Operas - Some pbs specials Operas - Some reasons for glasses Operas - Some shows work, at times Operas - Some singers are poetic backing musical works Operas - Son on piano in old-time musical performances Operas - Spear carriers' milieux Operas - Stage dramas Operas - Stock of certain companies? Operas - Sung dramas Operas - That car with the men under it is one of them Operas - The magic flute, don giovanni etc Operas - The music's played as they're played Operas - The work that takes a lot of time - and a lot of music Operas - Theme of this puzzle Operas - There may be soap ones with soap around 'er Operas - These shows are a poser Operas - These shows are a poser, oddly Operas - They could be soap with soap around 'er Operas - They get to the stage of times for work Operas - They play with the music Operas - They reach the stage where 31 across gets to 29 across Operas - They require libretti Operas - They will have 'er singing in the soap Operas - They're on the met schedule Operas - They're seen at venice's la fenice Operas - They're written by 1 across Operas - This puzzle has plenty of them Operas - Times for music after work Operas - Times for musical works Operas - Times for playful work in 13 across form Operas - Times for work - and song Operas - Times for work and for music Operas - Times for work and for show for 27 and 28 down Operas - Times for work for music and song Operas - Times for work for musical works (6) Operas - Times for work on such as 6 down Operas - Times of work for car men, for instance (6) Operas - Times of work for music Operas - Times of work for such as car men Operas - Times of work for works of music Operas - To sca car men? Operas - Tosca and lucia di lammermoor Operas - Unlikely fare for philistines Operas - Verdi creations Operas - Verdi output Operas - Verdi works Operas - Verdi works, e.g Operas - Wagner works Operas - Where spear carriers perform Operas - Work for 15 across 18 down, perhaps Operas - Work on the times with music Operas - Work times are long for such as 12 across Operas - Work times for song Operas - Work times in a musical way for show Operas - Work times set to music Operas - Work with the times - all for show Operas - Work with the times is all for show Operas - Works by 26-down Operas - Works like romeo and juliet, othello and hamlet, for example Operas - Works of carl maria von weber Operas - Works with libretti Operas - Works with librettos Operas - Works with singers Operas - Zero quiet periods in staged entertainments
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Some mozart art (******) 6 letter. - what is this?

****** - some mozart art. word on "O". 1 - st. letter O. 2 - st. letter P. 3 - st. letter E. 4 - st. letter R. 5 - st. letter A. 6 - st. letter S.

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